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Prince George
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Certified Nutritionist with 4 years of teaching experience for Graduate students in India and gives nutrition and dietitics lectures to high school students in Prince George. I love to organise and im

My entire teaching methodology revolves around two words i.e. Personalised learning. The learning is specific to the individuals interest and skills. I plan and implement innovative teaching techniques that helps the student understand both theoritical and practical aspect of the subject.

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Unique, Radical & Personalized; Holistic & Sustainable partnerships towards well-being. (Wpg. MB) Specializing in allergen-free foods, plant-based healing, empowerment & revitalization

Awareness surrounding the powers of biology in creating our own medicine internally. Our bodies know what to do but most people neglect the fact that we need to support this wisdom. Instead, we sabotage our own natural ability to heal ourselves. “Let food be thy medicine.

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Experienced Online Health and Nutrition Expert Helps You Lose Weight, Eliminate Diseases and Transform Your Body

My methodology is based on the ketogenic lifestyle and specifically getting the human body into nutritional ketosis, which is the healthiest state we can be in. I work with clients on working through some of their difficulties with food and negative body image.

Mary rose
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Being healthy in our everyday life will give us enjoyable life In our future

I base my classes on visual effects. I am preparing charts if needed to teach my students and also actual recitation if my students understand my lesson in each session of my class. I also giving quizzes which will help the student to remember my lesson.

Thunder Bay
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Recent Nutritional Sciences graduate in Northern Ontario providing nutrition and health coaching!

I am a huge advocate of individualized, personalized approaches to health, and creating changes that will be sustainable in YOUR life long-term. You can expect our classes to be very personable - like a conversation with a friend - as we discuss your personal concerns, lifestyle, and health goals to create an action plan we are both happy with pursuing.

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A balanced nutrition is a boon for health and genetic system. It is highly recommended.

My teaching methods are flexible. I start every aspect of science from very basics and go to in depth of subject.

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Certified holistic nutritionist assists you to reach your health goal with support

My method of teaching is to build friendship with the students rather than teacher-student relationship because I believe that teaching and learning go in both ways, students learn from teacher, and teachers learn from students. I focus on individuality and I take time to understand each student's learning style in order for them to get the best out of the class.

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Pre Med Masters student tutoring Nutrition, Personal Training, Fitness and Human Sciences

I believe in presenting the big picture to students first, in order to know where the end goal is for a subject or lesson. Next, breaking the learning material into steps that are attainable and manageable for all students. Balancing these principles with adequate practice is essential to efficient and effective learning.

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Biology related to our actual of practical of life UAE my qualification is MSC.BED FROM MUMBAI UNIVERSITY & total 6 years experienced

My teaching methods are correlations with real life education and its practical value and i give them skills for education and enhancement of the subject.

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Nutrition and Food Science specialist with more than 4 years of experience gives health and wellness lessons in Montreal

My teaching methods are very flexible and are always adapted to the needs of the student. In a typical class, we may go over different cooking techniques, teach you how to select your ingredients and food products, and give you tips on how to improve your diet. Because nutrition recommendations change with age, I believe that everybody can benefit from my classes from children to the elderly.

Dr navdeep
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We should live not for eating but we should eat to live

I always try to find the problem of individual because everybody has its own body chemistry and their changes. Keeping in mind the biological changes with respect to our food,life style,and environment I try guide the individual for best life style that he can adopt.

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Nutrition is essential to all of us. without it life is useless

Simple tasks and understanding what you read . pictures and explanations, making it easy and enjoyable. Class discussions and games to make the students comfortable. I take pride in my teaching and students whoever wants knowledge of nutrition and it values can join.

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Health science student helps you lose weight, fast and healthy in Ottawa

My teaching methods are simple and real. I base my saying on my own experience and what I have been through and think that is better. I also like to teach people in ways they can not only know about something but learn and memorize what they learn because they have learned to understand it relating it to their own life.

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Hello. My name is Monica. I am an Educational Assistant with 20 years experience, working with the school board In Saskatoon. My wish is to help individuals learn the English language.

I like working one on one using books, games, going for walks, going to the library and going to a shopping centre. We go to the library and shopping centre using public transit. I work at the students pace. There is no rush. Learning should be fun.

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Nutritionist diploma of london fitness of all kind health is wealth ... Now in paris

Personalized nutrition programs for pea loss, bodybuilding, athlet, etc. 1-3months of durations according to the results.

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Tuition Classes in Kolkata for Nutrition , Dietetics, Sports Diet , Renal Diet and Diabetology

I understand the different needs of each different and I use my technique accordingly . Classes are for B.Sc to M.Sc Nutrition students . I accommodate maximum 15 students at a time. One to two classes in a week.

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Personal trainer - Nutritional physical educator in Barcelona. Weight loss and exercise

Hi I'm Tony, science degree in physical activity and sport expert on improving health through exercise and nutrition. I also call me Body & Mind Health adviser. My goal is to improve your health as long as you want to improve your lifestyle and have mutual trust.

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Self-Development, Personal Development, Well-being, Spirituality, Relaxation and Dietetics - to Bonneville (74)

I am self-taught in the field of personal development. It is my pleasure to give you advice tailored to your situation. Through my course, you will gain self-confidence, find happiness and enjoy your life. Anyone wishing to improve and enhance everyday life can contact me.

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A confident registered nurse who knows the management of lifestyle diseases and can educate about medical topics

I like personal individual classes for nursing subjects as well as IELTS modules.I also clear all the doubts about nursing subjects,I got 7.

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Improve your health and your life through nutrition basics taught by a nutrition and training expert

Contrary to popular belief, human physiology is much more complex but the principles or basis of those are simple. It is not easy to believe that something so complex can be taught by basic and simple methods but it works. Why? because its easier to grasp a concept or understand its functionality if the core basics are clear, like in any other subject.

Burleigh Waters
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Accredited Practising Dietitian on the Gold Coast giving holistic, practical and personalised lessons in health and wellbeing

My 'more than food' approach encompasses not just the 'what' of eating, but the 'how', 'when', 'where' and 'why'. With so much information available on the internet, I can help you navigate and sort the myths from the facts.

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I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, coach people to live a bigger, bolder life that leads to health and abundance, impacting the world.

My Coaching Approach In Deatils : (concealed information) My Weight Loss Concepts: (concealed information) Traditional doctors/physician/nutritionist contribute to healthy living but they don’t necessarily have the time or resources to help their patients build healthy habits and change their life style habits on a day to day basis.

A. López Mateos
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Student of Physical Activity and Sports teaches the foundations of food and exercise to achieve a lean body considering biochemistry; nutrition and sports training bases.

I partially use the Socratic method when working in a theoretical way; so that a simulated knowledge is generated in the person; and not just an information monologue. I prefer to generate participation and reasoning of the student to be able to put it into practice; in addition to bringing this to a more personal level for each person.

Ciudad de México
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Dietitian teaches about nutrition and human health. Online and south of México city.

I have a degree in nutrition and I want to improve the quality of life of people with scientific knowledgment. I like to teach based on didactic and visual exercises because in that way you can complete the learning process and I am always looking for feedback.

Dr deepak
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My teaching method is to correct the basic life style related errors...and to improve the personal knowledge about their disease.very friendly environment will be created and the client will get professional training along with the expertise of a doctor..so dont wait and start grab the opportunity now....

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In order to maintain health balance diet is as important as doing the physical exercise

The methodology of teaching is based on conceptual understanding of the subject, Basic knowledge sharing,Interactive session,Descriptive session on subjects which includes video presentation,detailing,practical supportive sessions followed by question & answers. There is a conclusive session wherein there is a recap & review session.

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Health and its management through Nutrition,diseases,regulation and control measure at any level of student community

Oral talk:Life governing factors ,nutrients, antinutrients and their roles in regulation of life processes.Detail account of all 6 life saving nutrients like cabohydrate,lipids,protein,vitamins,minerals and water.Role of each of these constituents in detail will be taken up.Similartly role of antinutrients such a fibres will be discussed.

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An enthusiastic and passionate Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with experience in a multitude of settings!

My method is an interactive style to education. Most often times, people learn best by applying the knowledge they are gaining to real life situations. I base my educational sessions and classes on building a trusting relationship with my audience and relating to them. I approach each topic with great care and at the very basic level.

San Luis Potosí
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Nutritional Clinic knowledge in diet therapy and change of habits, as well as sports nutrition

I like to teach in the way that is most convenient for everyone who wants to learn, I know that not all of us learn in the same way and based on it I leave to share my knowledge.

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Hospitality professional offering key insight and support in nutrition and stress management at work.

My teaching method is therapy based, where a health and/or stress related problem or concern is identified and divulged, a wishlist and goal established, followed by the moulding of an effective game plan which I will encourage you throughout.

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