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đź’¸ How much does a private ESL teacher cost in Montreal and surroundings?

In Montreal, the average price of ESL lessons is $26.


Tutoring rates for ESL lessons will vary depending on:

  • the experience of your teacher
  • where your lessons will be (via webcam or physical location)
  • the number of classes and the duration of each session
  • the goal of your classes (do you need to pass a language exam or want to get an ESL certification?)

97% of our private tutors give the first class for free. Check out the rates of our ESL teachers in your region.

👨🏼‍⚖️ How many tutors are available to teach ESL lessons in Montreal?

In Montreal and surroundings, 302 private teachers are available to offer private ESL lessons


To find your private tutor, check out their teaching ad to find out more information about their classes.


Choose your ESL course from our range of more than 302 tutors.

🌎Why should I take private ESL lessons rather than English?

In Canada, ESL stands for English as a Second Language. It's a study program for international students who are native speakers of a different language. Whereas English covers topics such as literature, text comprehension and interpretation, essay writing etc., ESL tutoring will help you acquire (or improve) the standard language skills of speaking, writing, reading and listening. In Canada, an ESL tutor will also help students understand and learn any other school subject in English. If an ESL class is what you need, on our platform you can find thousands of qualified English native speakers available to provide ESL lessons. Our brilliant ESL tutors will plan ESL classes tailored to your level and ensure a smooth and stress-free learning experience. Don’t forget that you can easily book an online ESL tutor as well!

✒️ On average, what score did ESL teachers in Montreal get?

From a sample of 62 scores, students scored their ESL tutors an average of 5.0 out of five.


A customer service manager from the Superprof team will be here to find a solution (via phone or mail during weekdays) if you have any concerns about your tutoring sessions.


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âť“Why should you take ESL lessons in Montreal?

Learning to speak English fluently has a number of advantages. The ability to communicate in another language will open up many doors for you in terms of employment, travel and culture. Other benefits of learning English include increased job opportunities and improved writing skills.


Take ESL lessons to learn more about the English language with a qualified tutor. With the help of your tutor, now is the perfect time master the English language more efficiently.


Whether you want to take private lessons from home or online, choose your teacher and book your ESL classes today.


A messaging service is in place for you you to get in touch with private teacher to schedule your ESL classes whether you want to learn frome home or take online classes.


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Do You Need An English Tutor In Montreal?

English is said to be one of the most complicated languages. The English language can make no sense at times. The use of verbs, grammar exceptions, phrases and phonetics makes English complicated. This and a million other reasons. 

It’s no surprise that sometimes we need help in English even when it’s our first language. We have all written reports, cover letters or proposals and we start to wonder if we’re putting the right punctuation in. Or if we’re using the right grammar.

You shouldn’t have to worry about grammar, punctuation, or vocabulary. You should be able to let your content be noticed. We’ve all read something that’s poorly written. It makes it hard to read. You don’t even focus on what the writer is trying to say you just focus on the bad. 

This is why it’s nerve-wracking when you’re writing reports for your boss or submitting a cover letter to a future employer; you're worried about your English skills. Did you spell a word wrong? Did you use the right there, their or they’re? Does your sentence structure make sense? 

This is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.

There is a way to put this fear behind you and feel confident in your English abilities.

There can be a time when you send in reports confidently or send in that cover letter knowing they will focus on what you wrote.

Hire A Superprof English Tutor

Our tutors at Superprof are dedicated to helping you enhance your English abilities. They’ve spent 100s of hours studying, learning and perfecting they’re craft and now they want to help you

Our tutors have helped 100s of other students with their English skills. They’ve dealt with students just like you. People that have struggled with sentence structure, punctuation, grammar and the list go on. Hiring a tutor at Superprof means you’re getting a qualified tutor that’s ready to help you.

When do you need a tutor?

Anybody can benefit from an English tutor. We don’t always use English living in Montreal, but it does come up. From the words we write or the conversations we have, we still use English. 

A few reasons to hire a tutor.

  • Stop being nervous about grammar, vocabulary, punctuation
  • Feel confident handing in written material
  • English isn’t your first language 
  • Improve your English mark
  • Start writing better 

All of these reasons above you’ll benefit from using a tutor. You can feel confident about your abilities. You can stop feeling nervous about grammar, vocabulary or punctuation. You just have to make the choice to hire a tutor today. 

Enhancing your English skills will help your personal and professional life. 

Should You Use Spell Check Or Other Software?

The easy answer is no. This software can be great for quick fixes like missed periods or repeated words, but they don’t read the context. It can pick up on the wrong word choice or replaces what it thinks is a miss-spelled word. If you’re not careful this software can leave you with more issues, then when you started.

3 Benefits of Hiring a Tutor

There are numerous benefits of hiring a tutor. It’s doesn’t mean you have poor English skills. Everyone can always improve their skills. We always should try to improve.

  1. Be Confident 

The feeling of nervousness or uncertainty when handing in reports doesn’t feel good. It creates a lot of fear for ourselves. Let’s face it, none of us want to feel this way. Your tutor is going to give you the confidence in your writing. You’re going to be able to automatically write what you say. You won’t feel worried about handing in a cover letter or proposal. You’ll have the confidence. 

  1. Be Heard

Don’t let your hard work go out the window. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours writing something and everyone focuses on the bad parts of the written material. This could be improper sentence structure, vocabulary, grammar or more. Your tutors going to help you enhance your English skills. You’ll be able to be heard.

  1. Be Proud

You’re not always looking for feedback when you write, but you can still take pride in knowing you have an amazingly written report or cover letter or essay. Your tutor is going to give you all the tools you need to succeed. By the end of your sessions, you’ll have a sense of pride every time you hand something in. 

Take Control Of Your English Skill

The best software to catch mistakes or improper sentence structure is you. Instead of putting faith in software, just have faith in yourself. You do have the power to be able to enhance your English skills. All you have to do is start using a tutor. 

So, Montreal are you ready to have confidence in your English skills? Start writing without fear of errors.

What do you want to learn?