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I am a professional coach certified in career development, personal , advanced and professional .

For the past 20 years and after I had helpd hundreds of people, I was able to learn that, in order to be successful as coach, I had to master certain skills and, they are: effective communication, active listening skills!

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Professionnal, hospitality and food and beverage management, human ressources passionate, montreal,

my teaching methods are personalized! i will NOT hesitate to share with you all of my experience.

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Skilled with International applications! Currently living in Vancouver and studying Political Science and Economics at The University of British Columbia

As I am a student myself, I will be extremely approachable and will have a better understanding of your situation. Willing to give hours of personal attention for reasonable rates.

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Young Adult with advanced career experience who will help you get the job of your dreams

I will base my lessons on your needs. I will continue to assist you throughout your experience in finding your dream career and will be able to continue to give advice down the road. I an knowledgable of various job recruiting sites and methods and will be able to show you new paths to get you that dream job.

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Experienced teacher and industry expert looking to help inspire and educate others

I believe in a student-centric teaching methodology. Everyone learns and retains knowledge differently, and it is because of this that I teacher requires to learn about their students and vary their teaching and evaluation methods to optimize the learning outcomes.

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Professional Career & Life Coach to help you navigate life transitions with strength and vision!

Coaching session duration: 1h The coaching structure involves: - exploring your main topics of interest or current life situation - devising your next step - tracking your progress -being accountable for your actions / goal setting Throughout the coaching process you will learn about your patterns, employing your strengths and gaining new perspective.

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Human Resources professional with 35+ years of experience gives career transition advice

I employ an approach called Accelerated Learning employing a smorgasbord of learning strategies. My learners create the learning. They have fun and are able to apply what they have learned in class to the real world. I am engaging, have a great sense of humour and empathetic to students needs.

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Kitchen professional with over 10 years experience cooking, 5 years hiring for all areas of the industry.

I base my methodology on how I personally have been approached with CVs/Cover Letters when placed in charge of recruiting. As well I work from my own personal trial and error when applying to positions.

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Mtech and MBA student with three years of professional experience gives job search and resume building skills along with leadership skills

My teaching method is efficient in approach, and I will bring the rich insights of experienced professionals from different sectors. My classes are meant for all enthusiasts who are going and want to enter the professional world.

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Highly educated individual with abilities to lead you towards your dream career

My teaching methods are based on communications, reviews and feedback. Your application package will be carefully reviewed and transformed into a succesful submission.

Niagara Falls
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Need help finding your dream job? I will help you find your best fit

I will look at different websites I will type in your job choice and I will see which ones would best suite you

Thunder Bay
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Want that summer job or internship? Virtual Career Coaching and Resume Critiques via Email!

I am a patient and empathetic individual who can assist you with that job search or resume building! I have been unemployed myself, I've been that student searching for a summer job and frustratingly coming up short, I've cried when I've lost a job opportunity and triumphed when the perfect one "fell" into my lap (hint: it didn't actually, but I used the skills and knowledge I've acquired along...

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“There is no tomorrow to remember if we don’t do something today.” We all need help finding the right job/opportunity. We can together define the right steps to achieve your goals. See you in class !

My teaching method are structured step by step which are based on your sheer skills, knowledge, interest or experience; putting your best foot forward to get the best opportunity.

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Masters in Business Management • Sales professional • Content Creator • 6+ experience in the sales and Marketing industry. Looking forward to helping everyone to learn more in various aspects.

Technique will vary according to students needs and comfort. I generally focus on presentations and ppts and a discussion session too.

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Building people. Building Careers. Hitchikers Guide to make your careers' biggest decision

Teaching involves basic study material, real life case studies, applying to live jobs and providing continuous feedback to each and every individual

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Certified Human Resources Professional in Toronto offering CAREER COACHING, LIFE COACHING & PERSONAL COACHING.

Are you a college or university student overwhelmed by your program? Let me help you decipher your academic journey. Are you a new graduate looking to bridge the gap between school and work, or going through a career change? Let me help you improve your interviewing skills and discover your new direction.

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Willing to help anyone looking for jobs or develop their career. Help build leadership skills and develop personality.

My teaching methodology is an easy approach where I would listen to what exactly my students need is and give the right direction they should move towards so that they would have a successful career, while helping them with their resume and any other profession related documents

Dollard-Des Ormeaux
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I can help you write a resume/cv that can catch a companies "eye" and get a foot in the door.

I adapt to each student needs. I work with participant doing role play to help them get familiar and comfortable with the interview process. I help students build a resume that will outline accomplishments and work history. I can also point you in the direction to get your resume translated from English to French.

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Veteran Self Employed Business owner offers his 40 plus years hands experience

I teach from a hands on, in the trenches approach. I instruct from the perspective of what is required to be successful from a practical, let's start working tomorrow approach. Theory is important, but at the end of the day, we all needs results in the real world.

(10 reviews)
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Your Career - the easiest way to learn is based on constructive and open discussions

As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I help my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. In doing so, I consider the students' motivations and skills in order to optimise their success.

(3 reviews)
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Multi-Stage Career Transitioning, Job Research & Recruitment Expertise With Bristol Located Entrepreneur

I believe that the knowledge I have can be adapted to work with all stages of building your business. Through relaxed conversations and a goal-driven approach to making progress. I can help you understand what you need to do in order to get the job of your dreams, a role that suits your needs, skills & preferences.

Paris 9e
(2 reviews)

Digital strategy consultant for a major consulting firm, I am giving preparatory classes for business school entrance competition and consulting firms interview

Given the topics’ specificity, I favor an ultra-personalized approach. However, 3 main steps can be highlighted: 1) Inventory: understanding the learner’s true needs (path, target, strengths / weaknesses) 2) Personalized action plan definition with theme sessions (self-branding, CV, storytelling of a cover letter) and simulations (case interviews, motivation interviews, etc.).

Anant vijay
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Learn with me. How to love your life? Career Maker & Life Coach

Starts with Listen > then Think > Again Listen > Write all about you (Make a Note) >>> Then give you the best solution for you and teach HOW TO DO IT? Sometimes, You feel, you can't, But I am always here to guide...

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Management consultant with 15 years of experience helps in preparing for job interviews and power point presentations

The method of work depends on your objective but will always start by analyzing your academic and professional path in search of the identification of stories and examples that best characterize the value that you bring for your future employer.

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Will you like to stand out from the rest? Then join me on a career coaching professional development journey, tailored just for your coaching requirements. Offered face to face, Skype or via telephone

Career coaching together, using an effective lovely combination of coaching & NLP tools, techniques & models to successfully achieve your professional career goals & aspirations. Our tailored coaching session will be inspiring, fun & relaxing, either face to face, via Skype or over the Telephone.

(5 reviews)
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Education Lecturer & Teacher gives mentoring or coaching sessions to pre-service teachers

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and not sure how to cope with the pressures of life and Uni? Are you struggling to get motivated, feel inspired or find purpose? Do you feel like you stuck in a rut? Do you need help to gain control back in different areas of your life?... It's ok...

Ciudad de México
(3 reviews)
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Specialist in brand creation and management. I give advice on brand and organizational climate and culture.

Talks and in-person advice or video calls, we detect together the needs or opportunity areas and draw up an action plan. My offer is an integral accompaniment, from helping you land and strengthen your business idea, going through the creation of your brand and your adventure towards the goal you set.

(15 reviews)
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Psychologist job interviews (English / Spanish), speaking classes and official exams (native accent / free trial)

The methodology consists of designing a personalized interview based on the position, the company, the country, the CV and other aspects, and work it to learn to project in the answers our most favorable personal and professional profile, always from the sincerity. I also teach conversational classes (NATIVO accent) and prepare official exams VERY EFFECTIVELY (95% approved).

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Coaching in professional development in Sèvres (92), Doctorate of Management (Panthéon), 25 years of experience, bilingual French / English

25 years of teaching experience in business college, I accompany people who wish to make a personal or professional transition.

(2 reviews)
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Success sessions, coach for all types of people and objectives. I discovered how far you can get.

During my life I discovered very interesting things in the Bible and authors related to self help. I know everyone is a little tired of listening to these things but it keeps my interest in being able to transmit to people a single infallible technique.

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