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Comics and Cartooning tutoring from a working artist with 25+ years experience.

I got into teaching at first to supplement my income, but find I enjoy the work sometimes more than making art! It's been a pleasure to share my experience and knowledge, and make a point of teaching the students I have rather than a fixed curriculum. I focus on what they need to overcome hurdles and try to find ways that will help them best overcome hurdles.

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Passionnée par l'art, le dessin, et influencée par la bande dessinée depuis toujours , diplomée d'art graphique, je souhaite partager mon savoir dans le fun, et développer la créativiter de chacun .

Ma méthode est avant tout de prendre du plaisir et s'amuser. Ecouter la volonté de chacun afin d'aider à développer, corriger ou donner un autre regard grâce au savoir et aux divers support . Cela peut partir de "j'ai envie d'apprendre à dessiner " , donc connaitre les outils, les proportions, l'observation ... à l'évolution apprendre diverses technique, créer, imaginer, ....

Prince George
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Character designer in Prince George offering Tutoring for interested Comic makers and Animators

I believe in Teaching for the person, which is why I work on a one on one basis to get to know you, your style and help you learn in the way that will best apply to you.

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Artist giving illustration and color design classes online to help break artists out of their comfort zone

I would like to teach artists on their time when they're feeling ready or when they need help with their art.

North Bay
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Aspiring Artist of 9 years gives art lessons to students in North Bay

My methods are free-flowing and can be fitted to each individual.

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Freelance illustrator, basic perspective,anatomy and as well as other related illustration skills

What I teach depends on the student's interest. The lessons are divided in two section. The first one is theory on various subjects based on what you want to learn. The second part is practical and you'll get to apply what you just learned.

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Student with 10 years of drawing experience offering drawing lessons at home in Calgary

I usually like to know what the goal of my students are and go from there. If there is something they are hoping to focus on, I can provide help in that area. Otherwise I will offer choices on what I think would help build the skills.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts student teaching drawing and painting lessons in Nanaimo!

I would give each student specific assignments based on their skills and interests. I encourage drawing from life and master studies for they are essential in building a good skill set. I would teach my students drawing skills as well as observational skills, for it is important for an artist to not just draw what they see, but also understand the logic behind it.

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Aspiring Animation Student Offering Illustration and Cartoon Drawing Lessons for Beginners and Up

I've been designing characters since I was in highschool. Once I entered college, I learned the human anatomy and its accurate proportions to help me create appealing and fun characters. Learning geometric shapes also plays an important factor. We will be going over the absolute basics until you are confident and want to advance. I will be providing critiques along the way.

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Algonquin College animation student looking to spread knowledge of drawing, painting and design

My teaching methods are practical and organized, and follow a simple lesson plan. They are flexible to the artistic level of the client. My past experience with teaching has been to small groups of youths, wherein we learned about: breaking down objects into basic shapes and volumes, basic colour theory and tones, the basics of character design, and much more.

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Drawing, painting, and mix media tutor (OCAD Illustration major) in Toronto, excellent experience and academic understanding.

Drawing and painting well is primarily a matter of thinking and seeing in a way that allows you to translate real objects onto a 2d surface. No artists has ever perfectly trained their eye, and their are many techniques to help artists draw, and subsequently paint, with greater observation and efficiency.

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I am a published Illustration student providing traditional and digital lessons to develop your unique artistic voice.

Hi there! I'm Shee, current Illustration student at Sheridan College. I've been published in many comics anthologies, including those from Dark Horse, kuš!, and klub zin. I give lessons in drawing, painting (watercolour, gouache, acrylic), comics, and digital media including Photoshop and other painting programs such as Clip Studio.

Pinantan Lake
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Experienced digital artist gives art theory lessons from their home in Kamloops

I like to approach my classes based upon what my student would like to learn-- then build upon what skills they already know.

São Judas (São Paulo)
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Traditional Illustrator Artist teaches Manga Drawing, Watercolor in Practice in SP and ABC

My teaching method adapts to the level of the student that is, regardless if it is basic or advanced and we continue with classes separated by themes and we persist in the subjects that the student presents more difficulty. Use the student's hobbies to teach, making him comfortable and lively with development, always passing lessons for the day.

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Freelance Illustrator and Comics offers courses in drawing and comic making in Jakarta

I have an illustration and comic class. each class can start from 5 years to adulthood. My teaching method is to provide material, question and answer sessions and exercise. level in class illustration: - fundamental = learning to make lines, shading, text, and drawing shapes.

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Illustration Graduate offering Art and Design Tutoring up to University level in Essex

With teaching, I like to work on something that the student is passionate about. We all make our best work when we care about it, so ensuring that the student is working with a medium and/or subject matter that they enjoy and care about is paramount to both their learning and progression.

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Student of French philology gives drawing classes in Murcia and at home

Drawing is the universal language since it expresses ideas that everybody understands in a graphic way. I can offer you techniques to improve your drawing, how to blur, highlight details, how to draw faces, anatomy. Learn basic things to draw portraits, anime style, painting, etc.

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Graduated in Fine Arts offers drawing, painting, comics and manga private tutoring

We will do some initial tests to determine your level and talk about your needs as a student. We will work with practical exercises that will help you learn the most important techniques and tricks. I offer distance support to students in special cases. I also offer myself to give online classes if necessary.

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Cartoon and Comic art student, and aspiring manga artist offering lessons and support in all areas of drawing! Although primarily working in the manga, i have experience in photorealism, landscapes an

I base my classes primarily around the student. There is not a strict regiment and i wont force you to draw anything you don't wish to. My classes range from learning how to develop and structure your sketchbooks for GCSE and A-Levels, through to hobbiest artists and other aspiring comic artists that need guidance in drawing, publishing and advertising.

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Illustrator and Professional Concept Artist with extensive experience in videogames, t-shirts and advertising gives DRAWING classes in Gijon (asturias)

Do you want to improve or learn to Draw and paint, in an easy and dynamic way? then sign up and I'll show you all the tricks to get this and much more! If you are new to this, this will be my methodology.

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Creative Artist and hobbyist provides drawing lessons for any and all interested

I like to think of my students as myself when I was, and still am, improving my art. I go about my lessons by providing the many techniques I tried throughout developing my own style and routine, letting them decide what works best for them and delving deeper into whatever that may be.

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2D digital artist, gives digital illustration course and digital manga course on Photoshop

My method of teaching is rather to approach the subject freely then to put it into practice because it is with a lot of practice we become a good painter. My classes are aimed at young people (from 17 years old) and adults.

Herne Bay
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Experienced animator and cartoonist offering lessons on everything from digital sketching to animation

I am an informal teacher meaning that my lessons are less stressful than others, we will work at your pace and level so there's no need to worry about how well you currently draw or animate. I mainly work with less experienced artists, beginner to intermediate.

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Art student offering varied drawing, painting and printmaking tuition to GCSE Level in Birmingham

I like to structure my lessons around relatively simple exercises to improve technique and confidence, alongside theory and art history guidance that will come in useful in future study, and pertains to the topic at hand. I pride myself on being friendly and approachable, and love curiosity in all its forms. I'm currently only looking to tutor hobby students, or those aiming for GCSE level.

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Art (Anime & manga drawing techniques) & Design (Illustrator & photoshop) in London with a Artist & Industrial Designer

The Graphic Design knowledge is important for Artists and for Designers then Know the tools such as Illustrator and Photoshop are very important. We are going to have some sessions more talking about specific art techniques or just graphic design techniques.

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Artist/Animator coarse,s for beginners or artists in a rutt, Helping inspire inspiration.

Kinesthetic Learning, Although i am happy to share past experiences to help guide a student and will set up how to videos for ease of learning. i believe most experience is gained through trial and error. In a kinesthetic learning environment, students perform physical activities rather than listen to lectures or watch demonstrations.

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Inde Artist and Writer Manga / COmics - Graduate Artistic Director of 3D Animation Cinema

My courses will be focused on learning the basics, anatomy, posing, using references, as well as learning how to understand how to draw volumes. Drawing is also very digital today so the discovery of drawing programs will also be part of my teaching.

Villa Devoto
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Illustrator and student in Animation Filmmaking offers Drawing and Professional Illustration classes. All ages. Traditional and digital media. Storyboard, staging and characterization.

My classes are dynamic, aimed at absorbing knowledge through experience. In addition to the concepts and theoretical knowledge, we solidify them in class applying techniques and exploring through the exchange with students.

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Student of the "art and design" career gives classes in digital and traditional drawing.

Practice makes perfect, as it is already said. I like to leave drawing activities under concepts. All very relaxed and very easy to learn. My course is aimed at any audience, but especially teenagers from 13 to 20 years who are interested in learning to draw and the aesthetic drawing. Do you like digital art? Sleeve? Type Tumblr? I can teach you.

Vila Nova de Gaia
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Student gives drawing / visual arts classes in vila nova de gaia

I base my classes on the desires / needs of the students. I approach the matter in a structured and gradual way. Target my classes to everyone who wants to learn. In my classes there is a little theory and a lot of practical work.

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Perfect! Francine is extremely patient and kind. She is also extremely knowledgeable and skilled in what she does. She goes over the basics and reviews what you already know, and waits until you're confident enough to continue. Overall she's an amazing...

Britney, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

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