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French tutor (from Paris France) you will have the real French learning

I teach French language mixed with some coaching. My goal is to make a positive impact in your learning experience. * You will not write or take any notes. * You will not try to remember. My method of French Tutoring is based on understanding, not memorization. You will be surprised at the speed of mastering French conversation that you will achieve.

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Caring and passionate French immersion teacher available, ready to help you today!

I base my lessons on where the student is at. My sessions are structured depending on the individual goals of each student. When possible, I incorporate French oral language games into lessons to make them more engaging for the student.

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Certificated French Immersion teacher looking to teach all subjects in French to K-6 students in Surrey BC

My teaching methods are: -differentiating instruction focused on using the right resources and explaining the concept in a way that satisfies the academic needs of each individual student; -using one-on-one intervention on reading and writing that enables the students to recognize the different syllables in a word and connect them together to have a meaningful understanding of the...

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French Teacher helps students to improve their writing, reading & communications skills in french.

My teaching method is based on the assessment of the level & needs of the students first. Once, I have established the key points of what is required to help improve the confident & ability of the students to get where he needs to be.

La Prairie
(6 reviews)
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Nomad French teacher looking for students to teach. Bilingual, native french and english speaker, I have all the qualifications needed to teach.

I try to be a fun teacher and use humor the most I can. I try to make exemples that are easy to get and close to my students. A new language can be tough to learn (french has so many grammar exceptions ...), that is why I focus on creating a stimulating class oriented on conversation and understanding. In my class, you will learn how to speak fluently and write.

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French teacher with 5 years of experience Comprehénsion écrite et orale. Production écrite et orale

Enseignement aux adultes ainsi qu’aux enfants. Cours privés sur place ou à distance (en ligne). Préparer le programme ainsi que les plans de cours et le matériel d’enseignement.

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Former hotel manager helping others open a new window to the world through language

I beleive in well structured lessons. repetition is key but fun is never away from my classes. If it is not fun, it is not worth it. My typical class is structured around learning and producing while having fun and sharing.

West Vancouver
(10 reviews)
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West and North Vancouver French Native Teacher with Degree in French and Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the UK.

I am working with each student and tailor lessons that will develop their full potential. I reflect on feedback and adapt continuously my method, cognitive or constructive, finding out how my student learns the best (auditive, visually or in action).

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Native French Speaker from France gives French lessons for all levels in Victoria

I love mixing understanding, reading, listening and writing exercises in my French class. But the most important thing is to adapt to the student's needs, therefore I will spend some time in my first class to assess what aspect my student wants to improve the most and where I can help.

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Marie speaks 3 languages and gives French classes and lessons for students in Fredericton.

The student approach learning is a method the student to learn easily. I used this method successfully. The teacher's primary role is to facilitate student learning and comprehension of material and to measure student learning through both formal and informal forms of assessments.

Quinte West
(1 review)
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French native with linguistics, phonetics and literature expertise offers lessons in Trenton and Belleville area

I like to adapt my lessons to the person I teach. I consider her needs, background and previous knowledge. For me, it is important to fing logic in what we learn, so I put great attention into explaining that logic. I have studied the French language History. So, when needed, I can explain why some words are written the way they are. It makes it easier to learn and to remember.

St. Catharines
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French graduate gives lessons to master the beautiful language in St. Catharines

I currently work for a tutoring agency that caters to elementary and secondary students. However, I would be delighted to work with older individuals as well - it is never too late to learn! My tutoring style varies depending on the student.

(1 review)
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TUTORAT & AIDE EN FRANÇAIS! Besoin de pratiquer le français pour conversations orales ou par écrit (via le chat online/clavardage)? Besoin de corriger/réviser vos travaux? Fini les soucis! :)

Les besoins et les attentes des étudiants sont prioritaires. Dans un premier temps, il s’agira d’établir clairement ce que recherche l’étudiant, l’objectif visé et le niveau de progression attendu. De là, les cours seront adaptés, en respectant le rythme d’apprentissage de chacun.

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French speaker graduate gives french classes (communication, writing, oral, comprehension) in Edmonton.

I love teaching french. At the beginning of the lesson, I will correct the homework, then we will work on a new subject and we will do some exercices. At the end of the lesson, I will give to the student a homework for the next day.

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Native French speaker with 30 years teaching experience gives French classes in Burnaby

My role as an educator is to make the student understand, react and take action. To that end, I believe that all students are capable of learning, albeit at different rates and at different motivation levels. A good educator is one to bring out the best out of all students. At the beginning of the school year, I set the tone for the class with my expectations in a fair and clear manner.

St. John's
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French and English tutor , all levels , gives individual or group instruction in St. John's

I try to bring outside events into my teaching wherever possible. I have been active all all levels of day school and have taught adult classes. I believe in adequate practic and analying the material. I helped my own children throughout their education, including university.

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French-Speaking university graduate gives French lessons in and around Amherst NS

My teaching methods are based on student's individual personality and communication styles, I adapt my approach to the needs of my students instead of the opposite. I have a transparent approach with my students and build my curriculum on their actual needs instead of having a universal curriculum for everyone.

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Experienced, qualified, bilingual (FR/ENG) teacher offering French and/or English language lessons in Charlottetown - all needs, all levels, all ages.

My classes depend on the need of the customer/student. Initially, I would do a needs analysis of the student to really hone in on the critical needs, then develop from there. In terms of methodolgy, my teaching is very much student-centred.

(1 review)
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LEARN FRENCH with a professionally designed READING, WRITING AND SPEAKING full program

I have designed a French curriculum that will teach you the in's and out's of french. Each lesson is carefully crafted to incorporate reading, writing, and oral expression/comprehension.

(2 reviews)
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OCT Certified French Teacher in London with Extensive Classroom and Tutoring Experience

I base my classes on your specific needs. I work one-on-one, creating goals that we will achieve together. Knowing exactly what YOU want helps me to design a curriculum that meets your specific needs. I can plan individually to meet the need of any student from children going into kindergarten, to adult.

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French Lessons from a French-Canadian student in French Teacher's Education Online/ In-Person

I will base my lessons around the needs of the individual and their areas requiring the most improvement, however an emphasis on certain aspects of the language that will be most useful in real-life will be present throughout, so as to ensure that you build the confidence and knowledge you will need for a purely French setting.

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Very Experienced French Tutor born and raised in France, Available On-line worldwide. 5 Masters.

Born and raised in France. Live in Montreal (Canada). 5 masters ( in Administration, Political Sciences, Project management, 2 Executive MBA). Very experienced French Tutor. Tutor Pupils, Students and Adults. Help them improve french level, be more confident achieve academic and professional goals. Can tutor worldwide via on line platform.

(1 review)
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I am a university student (UofC) and I am fluent, experienced and certified in French. Beginners are the most welcome, as are people trying to improve their french. Flexible hours!

I like to approach the subject smoothly as learning French should be fun. With various exercises and good french speaking, I will try to make the student like what he is doing, and become very good in it. I also have my syllabus to help someone(particularly students beginning in it) adapt to this new language without being too overwhelmed.

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French lessons are offered for all levels in Hamilton and surrounding areas.

I believe reading and writing are as important as speaking and listening to people or movies. I use the dictionary with my students so that they get used to harder words. I read with my students and then discuss the topic with them afterwards to test their understanding as well as their speech.

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French girl from Quebec helps Portage La Prairie people to speak French

My teaching methods are based on how to be able to communicate in French with others. I will help to improve your accent to spell words correctly and use the right words to speak with others. I am very patient and if you don't understand something I will try to find an other way to make you understand.

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Engineering student who gives french lessons to students from Elementary school all the way to high school.

One thing that I learned when studying a language is that you have to speak it. After getting the basics for each lesson, I'll make up scenarios where the student can use what he just learned. I feel like that's the best way to get comfortable in every language you're trying to learn.

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Young, funny french girl gives English, Spanish and French lessons with smile :=)

Hi ! my name is Julie, I am from Paris :=) . I have a Master's Degree in translation and during 3 years I gave foreign languages classes to children and adults (in France). When I have a student, I create a good relationship with him and all my classes are different. I already had disabled people so I can adapt every lesson I give.

Red Deer
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Helping with french homework. reading, writing and speaking. G 1 to 6, All are welcome.

I listen well to the need of the student, I explain three times my point then ask question about it, I repeat as long as they need. grade 1 to 6 is my favorite... I love kids and that what makes me successful, I love to give knowledge and understanding about each subject. Sharing is a big deal, I love when they get involved and discuss for more understanding.

(1 review)
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I was French teacher in Congo in high school, now I have a Diploma College in Business Administration.

Consider students and use respectful tasks. Show flexibility in grouping students. To form heterogeneous groups (according to aptitudes, interests, etc.). Ensure that all students have text that they can read by choosing texts of varying levels of difficulty. Ensure that all students can respond meaningfully by offering them a choice of media.

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Perfect! Manon is an excellent tutor. My daughter who is in grade 11, increased her overall mark in French by 10% after only 2 lessons with Manon. After 3 lessons, she is excited to be able to have a conversation in French. Thank you Manon for increasing her...

Christina , Student
5 days ago

Perfect! I can see a clear improvement in my French after 2 months of lesson with Mary. She fully experienced in teaching, and she can make everything seems simpler than it really is. I'm glad to have her as my tutor.

Nicole, Student
1 week ago

Perfect! Anne-Catherine set a lesson time with me and never showed up. She has not informed me that she is canceling the lesson. It goes without saying.... A total waste of time and a disappointing experience

Michelle, Student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! A talented teacher, with a clear french accent, some people just has a good way of passing the language to others. I feel that I am good in french when I am with her. Flixable with the time table. She understands the needs of students and works on...

Saed, Student
1 month ago

Perfect! We are so happy to have found Elsa. Her temperament and way of tutoring with my son (12 years old) is fantastic! She explains things very clearly and takes her time going over tasks that are more difficult for him and gives recommendations for what...

Pascale, Student
2 months ago

Perfect! Highly recommended!! Francis was an excellent tutor, thoughtful and very dedicated. The lessons were structured yet flexible which allowed customization to my individual needs. He took the time to make sure exercises were both relevant and...

Mohammed, Student
2 months ago

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