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The price of painting courses in Ottawa is around $25.


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Life is Art, Paint Your Dreams : Studying Painting in Ottawa

Ottawa is Canada’s capital city. This city is also home to the government of Canada and guarantees attractions and sightseeing that are to some extent, full of history. You can go to the beautiful Parliament Hill, where you can find the city’s magnificent neo-Gothic buildings situated in the southern bank of the river in Ottawa.

Another majestic landmark that you can visit in Ottawa is the Notre-Dame Cathedral that has its towering spires ruling the city skyline. Other activities you can do in Ottawa include boating in Rideau Canal which is known as the largest winter skating rink in the world or just cruising along the Ottawa River. It’s reasonable to say that Ottawa is an excellent place to visit anytime.

Aside from the beautiful scenery, Ottawa has a lot of great schools that you can choose from. The city provides high-quality English and French public education, with students in Ottawa scoring on average compared to provincial averages in most areas of writing, reading, and mathematics. It’s also a great place to learn Fine Arts, especially Painting.

Where to Study Painting in Canada


Ottawa Art Academy


Ottawa Art Academy focuses on academic representational realism. It’s easier for students to study the basics and foundations of painting and drawing. If you are capable of seizing reality, then you can craft anything you can imagine. They use traditional, time-tested, approaches from the 19th-century - from how you recognise and combine colours, to how you sharpen your pencils.

Their classes accommodate a wide variety of ages and skill levels: from complete beginners, experienced artists, and retiree’s to youths just starting high school. With appropriate guidance, you can learn how to paint and draw no matter what’s your age.


Algoma University


If you’re searching for a place to study painting but want more personal learning experience, you may consider enrolling at the smallest university in the province of Ontario, Canada, which is Algoma University. With classes limited to 75 students, the university concentrates more on discussions and fewer lectures.

You can complete Algoma University’s Bachelor of Arts - Fine Arts Program within three years or as a four-year course. You will be able to receive a complete education in the history and analysis of arts while obtaining personal feedback from the teachers. The location for learning painting at Algoma University is also perfect because students are exposed to the same beautiful nature that inspired the famous Group of Seven painters.


University of Waterloo


The University of Waterloo is globally acknowledged for its engineering programs and technology.  Nevertheless, the U of W’s Arts division is admired for its fine arts which favored international students.Students can build up a critical perception of arts through printmaking, sculpture, painting, and other disciplines.

Thompson Rivers University

Thompson University students in the Visual Arts prefer to work in 2D tasks as an option for Drawing Certificate and Painting.  The courses include a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Visual Arts Diploma as well as a Bachelor of Arts with Visual Arts Minor or other degrees in university all at once.

The Certificate lets the student select various samples of 2D media core such as drawing, oil acrylic, and painting.  Besides, students can also practice collage, life drawing,  and gathering that allows a solid preparation in contemporary 2D art practices.


Great Benefits of Painting




Some great benefits of learning how to paint are that we tend to appreciate nature. Feeling motivated in finishing what we have started, learning something new, socializing, laughing, and feeling passionate about something good.


Culture and Art Appreciation


We can understand art better if we talk, study, and practice about it. People are inspired and reflected by the works of others and allow themselves to get the benefit of this kind of connection which leads back to the creation of mankind.


Concentration and Brain Activity


Brain Hemispheres both left and right can be refreshed through painting and drawing. Starting to learn painting regardless if it's painting what we observe or using photographs, the brain tends to record images that you tried to recreate. This process increases concentration and excesses memory. It is helpful for someone who suffers from memory loss.




Working in a relaxed and non-competitive environment will allow the students to draw nearer to greater individual accomplishments. it will build up their self-esteem and personality.  This is important to a person with traumatic conditions, mutually dependent, and seniors who want a hobby that can strengthen their self-determination and self-esteem.




Painting is a world full of possibilities, it is a personal activity in virtual class, workshops, or group painting outings where students set foot unto their world. The inspiration in their imaginative mind will let the students be isolated positively from the real world.  It will generate relaxation, allows mental rest which lessens stress, and gives a feeling of happiness. This is important to a person with nervousness and aggressive conditions.


What Makes a Good Painting Tutor


An experienced and qualified teacher in Art


Teaching is a work of art itself.  An indefinite that can’t be mastered easily.  It’s not like, if you admire the work of an artist then she will be a great tutor. An effective class builds upon the teaching skills of the tutor.

Still, it’s not just about teaching. There’s a lot of character traits to consider.

  • Lots of dedication, patience, humour, and enthusiasm
  • Sensitive to your learning needs and individual aspirations
  • Not biased, boastful, without ulterior motive, and cares with your learning needs
  • Should never hurt you with judgment
  • Has Huge respect for creativity

Their paintings should inspire you


A studio setting painting is more typical and you’ll feel that you are somehow involved rather than to see them in the gallery wall hanging. Lots of paintings are a story of how other painters express feelings toward the other painter.




A great mentor will listen thoroughly to your learning needs.  Exploring and talking simultaneously is one of the most suitable ways that the practice of painting in front of a subject passes on. Books can never be a replacement for someone’s input.




Every artist must be determined to make her style progressive, daily if possible. So, they must have a lifelong commitment to learning since learning is unending. Painting is a humble business and we must be ready to acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them. Even if it hurts, it will train us on what we don’t desire to paint.


What do you want to learn?