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Explore your creative side with painting classes in Canada

The decision to start painting can at times seem very daunting. Many people are reluctant to start, under the false belief that you need to be naturally talented in order to excel at painting. But this could not be farther from the truth! The only things you’ll really need are an enthusiasm and commitment to learn and the right teacher to guide you. 

Painting can be an extremely rewarding experience, allowing you to express your creative and artistic side. Whether you want to paint portraits or landscapes, abstract or realist paintings, everyone can master painting techniques and improve their creativity. 

Before you start painting...

Before getting started with painting, you may wish to consider what kind of classes you are looking for. Are you an absolute beginner and want to get started or do you already have some experience painting and need some help perfecting your skills? Are you interested in developing your skills in watercolour, oil or acrylic painting? There are thousands of programs to choose from across Canada, so you’ll be sure to find something suited to your specific needs. 

Before getting started, you may want to consider why precisely you want to start painting, as this will determine the type of  classes, equipment and program you wish to undertake. 

There are several important factors to consider when starting painting: 

  • What kind of paint should I be using? (Acrylics, Oils or Watercolours?) 
  • What kind of brush should I use? 
  • What materials do I need ( paint, canvas, 
  • What surface should I paint? 
  • What palette should I use? 
  • What paint colours do I need? 
  • What do I want to paint?

One of the most important factors think about when you start painting, is what kind of painting you wish to take. 


Acrylics are usually recommended for beginners, as they are considered more easy to use relative to other types of paint and do not require any specialised supplies. They are also generally less expensive, and are easier to clean up than other forms of paint. On the other hand, they tend to drive a little faster. 

Oil painting 

Oil painting is another option used widely by professional artists. Oil tends to be more versatile as it has varying times and consistencies, that allow you to employ a number of different painting techniques. 


Lastly, watercolours are generally considered the most difficult of the 3 to master and are generally not recommended for absolute beginners. This is because the nature of the paint can be quite unpredictable, and the fluid nature of water can make it difficult to correct any mistakes and hard to control. It also requires a number of supplies such as including watercolour paints, brushes, masking fluid, masking tape, and watercolour paper. 

Painting Classes in Canada 

There are so many painting classes in Canada to choose from, so whether you’re an absolute beginner or you’re already a seasoned painter but need some help perfecting your skills, you are sure to find a program suited to you. 

Depending where you are in Canada, you may opt to take painting classes with art schools, art galleries or museums, universities, school art programs, community centres and libraries. 

Art Galleries and Museums

The Art Gallery of Ontario offers a number of four and eight week courses for students of all levels of experience. The Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton, even offers art history workshops and drop-in classes. 

Community centres 

A number of community centres across Canada offer affordable classes for all different levels and types of art. You may opt for weekend or evening classes or special workshops. Check your your local community centre or municipality for classes, but be sure to book quickly as spaces tend to book up fast. You may also want to check with your local library which may organise art workshop and drop-in painting sessions, allowing you to learn in small groups within your local community. 

University Programs 

Many universities across Canada offer arts and painting classes to the general public. For example the OCAD university in Toronto offer a range of painting and drawing classes. Check out the website for universities and colleges to see whether they may offer painting lessons near you.

Online Programs 

There are a number of online resources and you may even decide to take painting classes online from the comforts of your own home. There are countless ‘introduction to painting’ videos which will teach you basic techniques and allow you to work at your own pace. There are even a number of applications which you can download on your smartphone or tablets to help you develop your painting skills. For example, word-famous galleries such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York or the Louvre in Paris, offer free apps to help you get inspired by world famous art. 

Learn painting with a private teacher 

Learning painting with a private tutor is one of the most effective and affordable ways to master your painting skills! In comparison to formal group classes, which are often unaffordable and packed with students, private lessons provide individualised instruction to really help you progress. By working with a private tutor, you can customise your lessons to address the specific techniques you’d most like to work and on a schedule which is most suitable for you. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself when looking for a private tutor: 

  • What experience do they have? 
  • What materials do they work with and what materials will I need?
  • What does their schedule look like? 
  • Do they offer lessons at my level? 
  • What is their teaching methodology? 
  • What rate do they charge for their lessons? 
  • Where do they teach? Are they available to teach in my local are? 

On Superprof, you’ll be sure to find a suitable tutor in your area or online. Search through thousands of teaching profiles, and you’ll be sure to find a tutor that offers lessons at a price, level and schedule which is suitable for you. 

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