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Concurrent Education student with 10 years of experience gives art lessons in Toronto.

As a teacher, I approach my lessons with a student-centered method. I focus on how individual students learn and apply what will best suit their needs. I will go above and beyond to help a student reach their full potential.

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Local Montreal artist offers step by step lessons to beautiful miniature sculptures.

My approach to teaching is very simple, hands and works on a step by step basis. My lessons are fun and differ from the super technical lessons with "fancy shmancy" tools and techniques. The steps towards a beautiful, miniature, french macaron (among so much more) are this way! Since I have stopped teaching, I have begun building a following on Instagram where I share my creations.

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Printmaking Graduate looking to teach an array of different fine arts and graphic arts techniques!

My teaching methods are divided between experimentation and technique. I believe it is incredibly important as a creative individual to give yourself the opportunity to make mistakes and messes, that is where majority of the masterpieces are developed.

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Fine Art Student teaching in London Ontario, flexible schedule, all ages welcome

I like to open the floor to students to show me what they like first and i explore the themes, challenge them materially and with new ideas .

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Professional sculptors offer sculpture lessons in their studio located in Bowness. We have experience working in small and large-scale projects in diverse materials.

Our lessons are based on a project of interest that the student wants to develop from beginning to end. The lessons are given in a relaxed atmosphere where we are all working at the same time and sharing ideas. Problem-solving and flexibility are fundamental in completing a successful project.

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Visual Artist and Art Therapist offers art classes in spanish and english in Lethbridge, Alberta

I have studied a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Post Grade in Art Therapy. My classes are meant for all ages and for individuals with or without disabilities. I teach a varied of subjects such as painting, drawing, sculpure and I enjoy working with recycle materials.

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Artist can teach drawing, painting, pastel, acrylic or oil tread painting, sculpture, in School or municipality of Valleyfield and or Montérégie

Usualy i split in two groups students who paint from thoses who draw because the lessons and the requirements are not the same. I strongly suggess to thoses who wants to paint to take a least 6 months of drawing before, but it's not an obligation. We take 10 weeks maximum to execute a painting in a two hour session each week. But some students are faster.

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Sticks to masterpiece, 5-15 yrs ,15 yrs+ experience, patience, understanding, flexible, budget friendly

I start with basics or line , shading and colors . move to mediums and media that can be used and so on.use of graphite pencils ,charcoal, acrylic paints and oil pastels , water colors and much more . Supplys for each lesson can be provided at extra cost . turn lesson into diy crafts for age level.

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Animation artist specialized in clay gives adults and kids a blessing time

I base my art on sensuality and tactile approach, with a strong knowledge of human body anatomy. Both kids and adults can reconnect with their first love hobby without any fear of results. Classes are meant for beginner artists, adults who want a better performance in sculpting, kids ready to discover the power to create they have in their hands.

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Graduated Architect gives drawings and paintings lessons for primary or secondary school' students, in Montreal, Verdun.

We would let creativity express itself after a short debrief of the student interests! I would support and lead the student trough is imagination to the sheet of paper. I grew up in an artists family. We all began drawing very soon... My techniques improved along years and became very efficient in my architecture studies. I got a master degree in architecture almost two years ago.

St. Albert
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I was born to a family of artists and I am looking to help the creativity blossom in everyone.

I like to show people how i like to do something and then I watch them doing it, I tell them how they are doing things right rather than wrong to make them more prideful in the outcome of their work. I feel it is the best way to teach and learn something new.

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High School student provides with basics of water coloring, sketching and painting

I have been taking art classes from last three years and now can help others learn it too. For anyone between ages 9-12. The class will have a drawing boot camp before getting into individual arts.

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we learn better with a professional and it is a good investment

Bonjour, Designer, consultant et professeur depuis plus de 10ans, je propose mes services pour : design produit, design intérieur et mobilier, design transport, architecture, photo, dessin à la main, CAO, DAO, conseils aux inventeurs, méthodologie, ergonomie, marketing, cout, aides aux devoirs pour étudiants en design...

Paris 17e
(9 reviews)


This is what I teach: MAYA (all levels except skinning and rigging) ZBRUSH (all levels) PHOTOSHOP (all levels) PHOTOGRAPHY (all levels) in both French or English. (Bilingual) Rather than a long speech, I let you judge for yourself about my skills: (concealed information) Regarding photography, I won several international competitions.

San Sebastián de los Reyes
(7 reviews)
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Plastic artist. Professor of Fine Arts. I give Anatomical drawing classes. For those who want to add knowledge and want to learn to draw the human figure. Ideal for live model drawing. Re

Theory and practice. Concepts applied. Without copying since that only drags basic errors and does not correct. Technique or exercises to release the hand. Losing fear to the blank sheet. Enhance skills. Focused on the style of each student. It is important to work on the basis of each one and not try to mold all the students equally.

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Young graduated from the school emile cohl gives painting lessons, graphic design, illustration, cartoon, sketch, drawing from observation, any particular level home on Lyon

Hello, Graduate School EMILE COHL, Lyon, and graduate school IPESAA (Montpellier) I give lessons for all levels, adapted according to the needs and desires! --------------------------------------- ALL LEVELS DURING DRAWING I offers classes for ALL , beginners / students / confirmed: - Illustration - Comics - Graphics and desktop publishing (photoshop, illustrator, indesign) - Painting - Sculpture...

Greater London
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London based artist gives Lessons in drawing for art school portfolio preparation

I’m a London based artist who teaches short courses at Central St Martins. I also teach privately, one to one either in person or by Skype. My specialities are drawing, portfolio preparation, 3d and sculpture. I have taught all age groups from 6 year olds to 70 year olds but mostly my students are preparing for art college.

Boars Hill
(2 reviews)
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I am an encouraging and inspiring qualified art teacher with over ten years of experience

I like to inspire and encourage my students to experiment and challenge themselves to create exciting and innovative outcomes which I know through experience is a quality that universities really value. Whilst adapting my tutoring according to the individuals needs, I enable my students to develop their confidence and enjoyment of the subject at their own pace.

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Glasgow School of Art master degree graduate gives contemporary art tutorials and art workshops in Glasgow

I am recently graduated with Fine Art Master Degree from Glasgow School of Art. I can help with both practical solutions and backing up your work with research and discussion. I can offer critique and methods to build critical thinking in art. From Art History to Critical Theory, Contemporary Art is a large and growing study.

(3 reviews)
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Live drawing and digital painting lessons in Florence from a graphic illustrator

Would you like to learn how to turn your idea in an artwork? I'm here to help you! I offer live drawing lessons for figure out how to watch and develop your ideas on paper. Also, if your are more "technologic", I can intruduce you in the magical work of digital painting mostly with Photoshop on a graphic tablet.

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(◕‿◕) Artist / Teacher / Curator gives art course / drawing / video / entry to art school (◕‿◕)

During my experiences and my year of study in master at the HEP (University of Teacher Education Lausanne) I was able to test and refine my teaching methods. I promote "project pedagogy" because in my opinion "learning by doing" allows a better understanding and a strong anchoring of knowledge.

Darling Heights
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Visual Arts teacher give art lessons to primary and high school students

my teaching methodology is use the tools, methods and techniques that can be used in making art works. I want to teach students that want to learn the basics of drawing, painting and printmaking. Usually, this means looking at using the various media and techniques to make individual artworks.

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Highly experienced Art and Design Student, looking to teach students who are going into the Visual Arts!

My teaching method is to get to know the individual first, see what they need help with, and then go from there. I am experienced in various subjects involving the visual arts and would be more than happy to help develop other students abilities.

Esplugues de Llobregat
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Secondary education teacher. Specialty Plastic, Visual and Audiovisual. Extensive experience in drawing and sculpture, crafts and English

Wide experience in the artistic field: from the commercial and / or sales sector, the social one, to the educational one. Work places of high responsibility in accordance with the academic training received. Primary and high school classes have been taught. Especially reinforcement classes. Professor and creation of an artistic workshop at the Center for Solidarity Action for a year and a half.

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Graduate of Boulle School in woodcarving and artist offers courses in drawing, modeling and sculpture at home for Paris and the suburbs.

We will begin by determining together your needs and axes of progress. Depending on your goals I will establish a step-by-step teaching with a structured approach to basic drawing, modeling and sculpture. I will invite you to encourage the expression and development of your personal graphic style if you so wish.

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Art student with over 8 years art experience offering tutored art sessions that include drawing, painting, sculpting, art history and cartooning to anyone of any age!

My name is Amy Donegan I am a 19-year-old art student and would love to be able to teach anyone of any age key art skills whether it be for personal, educational or therapeutic use. I am knowledgeable and skilled in all areas including drawing, painting, still-life, sculpture, fashion and textiles, photography and art history.

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Graduate offering 3D Model and Prop making lessons in and around London

I take an individual approach to each project as the process will be unique.

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Artist, graduated with a prize at the WDKA, prepares for the art academy

I base my lesson on what I see that the student(s) needs to be at a good level in order to be accepted at an art academy. A lesson is often a combination of a lecture, conversation and assignments. I often use pop culture, which young people already know, to explain theories.

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Student in musicology gives private lessons of art (drawing, music) in Grenoble

I like to approach the free methods, we can create the working methods together according to your needs, and also we can use the classic methods (the complete artist, sketch, etc ..

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Let's sculpture awesome art in chalk by making "impossible" to "Im possible " .

A perfect teacher is the one who makes his students also perfect. I follow that principle, as of my class, my teaching method is showing how sculpturing is done in chalk, methods, and live demonstration.

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