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Passionate, life-long history student gives history lessons for high school students in Winnipeg.

I have a great affinity for storytelling, and am very good with words (including voice acting). When combined with my extreme passion for history and learning as a whole, as well as my love for interactive learning, my lessons would primarily consist of interactive storytelling and lecturing.

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The Future of Environmental studies lies in knowledge of Geography in the world today!

My teaching methods give clarity problems with online base approach, give evaluation and assessment to future enhance understanding. I like to teach others because of my ability to impact knowledge, and the passion to do so. Classes are meant for grade entry 12 and university level one. Audience ready to gain knowledge to save the future planet.

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Recent graduate of technical GIS program eager to share planning theory in Canada

My methods encourage 'human-centred design' as a style of considering the end user of any product, idea, or process required. This is valuable for geography when considering the context of how and why world events impact the global community politically, socially, creatively, and economically.

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Im a teacher of life and real understanding and would like to teach that.........i spent alot of my life walkin the path while others talk it......so i have the real answers......not assumptions

I talk to the class and get them to ask questions and argue logic with them....i enjoy talking about logic....as people understand only the path thy have walked ....as they live in their own reality bubble ........we tend to miss alot..........

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Criminology and Political science double major student gives classes for students in Toronto

My teaching methods include flexibility and fulfilling and going beyond academic expectations. A typical class or with a student one-on-one would be helping students with homework, literacy skills, analysis, and essay writing skills. My classes are meant for elementary school students or high school students.

Matthew j.l.
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Founding Editor of a history/geopolitical/philosophy journal based out of Montreal would like to teach a method of investigation that leads to discoveries

My teaching methods are based upon an investigation into method and context. How can you begin a search of something unknown unless you have a certain concept of what it is already inside of you? The issue of recognizing the difference between a true discovery generated from inside you vs. a mere opinion take from the outside is vital for any investigation into history, politics, etc...

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Philosophy Grad Student gives Essay Writing lessons for high school or university students via webcam

I approach my lessons with a flexibility towards my students needs. If you are struggling to understand a particular concept in your English class or are unsure how to write a good introduction, we can focus on the particular issue for as long as it takes for you to be confident.

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Philosophy graduate teaching high school and university students in social sciences and humanities in Belleville, Ontario

Education is vastly important. I find too many students do not realize the power of education. I like to inspire people to want to perform better because it helps build them up and become a better person. I use logic, open conversation and open-mindedness to teach my lessons. I enjoy tutoring ages 12 to 112.

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Political and Gender Studies Student with a focus in Philosophy and Theory

I base all sessions in discussion of topics in order to further understanding of material by reinforcement and relation. By generalizing particular theories in various situations, students can gain a more comprehensive knowledge of the material. This, both started and finished with a review of material in quick lecture form, is how a class would proceed.

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Montessori Teacher with Oxford University Certificate minoring in Philosophy Teaching in Kingston

I follow the Montessori pedagogy in fostering independence which can be used for both children and adults. I have a calm approach to teaching that includes giving students time to think and explore their options through the lessons. I am extremely organised and find it easy to create lesson plans and long term educational goals to reach throughout classes.

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Liberal Arts Tutor with Specialization in Humanities and Philosophy: Writing, Editing, and Research in Ottawa

I offer individual teaching plans based on the needs of the student. Learning outcomes include: How to interpret source material, proper academic writing techniques, how to conduct research, editing and proofreading skills, constructing a compelling thesis, and meeting assignment deadlines.

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Two are better than one! Do you want to work for someone or become a boss?

A true master is an eternal student! Work hard plays hard. You only live once...carpe diem. Here comes the sun.

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Experienced philosophy tutor (PhD) offering online help with philosophy, English, and writing projects

I work to make sure my students have a thorough understanding of the material through a variety of different learning techniques: short written responses; question and answer sessions; creating new examples to explore difficult concepts. It is important to me to understand the different obstacles to understanding faced by different students and to work through those together.

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I have more than 10 years experience helping students write better essays.

I focus on your full degree, and cover Bachelor's and Master's degrees. I currently cover Business, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Philosophy, and History degrees.

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Recent UofT Philosophy graduate available for philosophy and humanities tutoring in Toronto

My teaching methods are adaptable and dynamic, depending on the subject matter. I frequently employ both theory and practice in approaching difficult materials and concepts, ensuring lessons are interactive and in-depth. I enjoy inspiring and encouraging students to become well-rounded in their school/life balance.

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Let's play philosophy hard, let's have some deep fun, come on !

I am good at spelling out philosophical ideas in stories and at making you understand how philosophy feeds and brings fun into our life. 3-5 people are the best number of participants in the class. Anyone is welcome to my class.

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Post-secondary student majoring in philosophy in Kelowna, BC helps high school students with philosophy logic.

My classes are meant for students that are just starting to learn about philosophy. I can help them understand arguments from other philosophers with diagrams and other examples. I can also help high school philosophy students with being able to decide if an argument is valid or invalid.

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Social sciences student gives philosophy and ethic classes for primary and high school student in Montreal

My teaching method is based on experimentation and creativity. I leave a lot of freedom to the students about the methods they want to use. My goal is for students to develop a critical spirit, to learn to argue well in writing and to develop their research skills.

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University graduate gives psychology and philosophy lessons in Toronto area and online

My name is Brittney and I have graduated with a BA (honours) in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy. I have been passionate about both subjects since I was in high school, and hope to spark this same passion in high school students today. My teaching method is simple: concise lecture notes given in context, and one-on-one help for students who need more personal assistance.

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Doctor of Philosophy - 10 years of experience in higher education - individual courses in philosophy, methodology or logic

Doctor of Philosophy, I taught at the university (Bachelor, Master) from 2007 to 2017. My private lessons are for high school students (preparation for the bac, methodology of the discipline), students (preparation for competitions and examinations), or adults wishing to discover philosophy (and the grandiose notions of world, spirit, self, etc.) it mobilizes.

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Student in L2 of philosophy and L2 of anthropology in Toulouse, I offer help and courses for high school students in sociology and philosophy.

I am a student in dual studies at the Jean-Jaurès University of Toulouse in anthropology (sociology option) and in philosophy. I followed an ES course in high school and got my bac with mention with 16 in philosophy and 17 in sociology.

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Crash course in Critical Thinking (by a Master of Arts in Philosopy)

To master the art of critical thinking, you will learn to abstract from your own opinion and form stronger opinions. You'll be able to retorics and false and sound arguments. Via a Socratic dialogue (the right questions) I challenge you to articulate values ​​and reasons behind your opinion on several (preferred topics). Together we will examine their justification.

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Professor of Philosophy in Goiânia, focus on High School, pre-college and ENEM

Philosophy classes for high school students and/or pre-university entrance examination/ENEM. Lectures with reading of works of Philosophy and History of Philosophy, besides auxiliary texts and commentaries on the fundamental points of each author studied, with more focus on related authors in evaluations, vestibular and ENEM.

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Student in philosophy in Nice, provides courses in philosophy in Nice and around.

Hi, Currently studying philosophy at the Nice Faculty of Letters, I provide philosophy courses. However, having basic knowledge in all subjects, it is possible for me to help all types of homework. Great lover of books, help with reading and / or writing (spelling, grammar ...) are as much a part of my ability.

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Philosophy and History lessons for all levels of education in the province of Rimini

I start from the needs, difficulties and shortcomings of the student and build an ad hoc path to help him achieve the desired level of preparation. The lessons are dialogued, the student learns asking questions and responding to the teacher's observations: the goal is that the student himself wants to learn.

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Help and tutoring with humanities, reading-writing and languages ​​(Spanish, English). In person or online.

The methodology is personalized depending on the needs of the students. I emphasize reading and writing and the way in which complex texts can be interpreted. In the teaching of languages, I try to make the sessions dynamic making sure that the theory is learned through immersion and practice.

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Learning philosophical reasoning for university students and graduates of any profesional discipline

I am a lecturer in Philosophy currently on my PhD at Lancaster University. From my wealth of experience as a lecturer for more than four years, am sure my student will have the best story to tell in their chosen career.

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Critical thinking: verbal reasoning and analytic writing. On Switzerland. Theoretical and practical training.

Skills in verbal reasoning and analytical writing are essential to succeed in studies, career and for social life. These skills can be trained. As lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Geneva I have developed a unique theoretical and practical training in verbal reasoning and analytical writing skills for my students.

Dom Joaquim
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Professor of Philosophy at the College of St. John the Baptist (SC). Education: Degree in Philosophy.

The Philosophy class should be approached, in the beginning, in a simplified way and then to advance in the textual studies. My methodology is, first of all, to introduce the subject to the student before moving on to philosophical theories and textual interpretations.

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