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Tutors with an average rating of 5.0 stars and more than 24 reviews.

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Great prices: 95% of tutors offer their first class for free and the average lesson cost is $23/hr

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đź’° How expensive are computing courses in Montreal and the surrounding areas?

In Montreal, the average price of python lessons is $23.


Tutors rates will vary depending on:

  • The experience of your computing teacher
  • Where your lessons will be held (online or the student's place)
  • The frequency of your lessons and the duration of each class
  • The goal of your classes

97% of Superprof tutors offer their 1st lesson free.


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👨🏼‍⚖️ How many private teachers are available in Montreal to teach python courses?

87 teachers are available to teach python courses in Montreal and the suburban areas.


To find your private tutor, read their cv to find out more information about their courses.


Choose your course from our range of more than 87 python teachers.

đź’» How can I take classes online?

On Superprof, you can learn python online with a private tutor. Whether you need help preparing for your job interviews, are struggling with coursework or would just like to improve your computer skills, our tutors can help you.


Many of our teachers also offer private online tuition. Around 80% of the private teachers on Superprof give python classes via webcam and most of them give their first lessons free!


To find the available online lessons, just enter your subject criteria into the search engine and select the webcam filter to see the available teachers who are currently offering online courses in your desired subject.


Online courses via webcam offer you more advantages. You can plan your classes to fit around your schedule and online lessons are often less expensive as the teacher does not need to travel.


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✒️ How do students rate their python teacher in Montreal?

Students gave their python tutors on average 5.0 out of 5 from a sample of 24 ratings.


A customer service manager from the Superprof team will be available to find a solution (by phone or e-mail from Monday - Friday) if you have any queries about your lessons.


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🎓 Why should you start private computing lessons in Montreal?

Computing is one of the toughest subjects in high school. Many pupils struggle with computing throughout the school year, whether at primary level, secondary or higher. This is why additional python support is so highly sought after.


With the help of a private computing tutor many students are able to excel in this subject.


Take python lessons to learn more about the different computing concepts with a experienced tutor.


Whether you want to take private lessons from home or at an outside location, pick your private tutor and book your course today.


A messaging service allows you to get in touch with your teacher to organise your python lessons whether you want to learn from home or take online classes


Make use of our search engine to find your python teacher from among 87 teachers in Montreal.


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Learn Python in Montreal with Top-Notch Private Tutors

At Superprof, you can access a vast pool of first-rate expert tutors to guide you through an exhilarating adventure into the world of Python. You’ll have the flexibility and freedom to schedule your classes and choose what aspect of Python you want to learn. All our python tutors are passionate and informative teachers – most even offer free classes to first-timers.

Our python tutors will guide you using a wide range of tools and techniques depending on your unique needs. You’ll get loads of prerecorded videos, software, tips, and tricks. With such a multifaceted and user-oriented approach, our python tutors can prepare you for just about anything, from academic excellence to high-performance careers in data science and programming.

We’ve received rave reviews from students as a testament to the effectiveness of our private lessons. From people who’ve never written a line of code before to those trying to specialize in certain aspects of the language and everyone in-between, our student base comprises people across the spectrum.

Take your Python skills to the next level by beginning your private lessons today!

Why Learn Python in Montreal?

Python is one of the most popular programming languages – almost on par with high-level languages like Java and JavaScript. It’s renowned for its versatility, easy readability, and a massive suite of tools. PyPI, the official Python Package Index, boasts over 200,000 Python packages, including pandas, a data analysis library that supports SQL databases, and Django, a framework for rapid web development.

Thanks to its incredible versatility, Python is applicable to a vast range of fields, from data science to web development and app development. Python’s versatility is also underpinned by its support for numerous programming paradigms such as functional, procedural, and object-oriented programming.

As such, python is a gateway to software development, equipping you with skills for tasks across all levels. With our Python lessons, you can learn the basics of software development and also set yourself up for advanced applications like web development and data science.

Learn Python Faster with Cutting-Edge Private Lessons

Our tutors will be in tune with your personal needs, providing the right level of support across every step of your journey as a Python developer. They’ll work with you on academic projects, personal projects, and even professional developments.

You’ll get to watch tutorials and then raise questions about anything you didn’t understand during live sessions.

What’s more, our tutors are always abreast with the latest industry trends and best practices. You can rest assured you’ll be learning cutting-edge techniques and tricks. In most cases, our tutors normally jump straight into Python 3 with little or no introduction to previous versions.

But ultimately, the aim is always to equip you with coding skills for both present and future challenges.

Python Career Opportunities

The demand for Python developers has been on a constant rise over the past few years. Every day, tens of thousands of python-related jobs are posted on job sites across the internet. On a site like Indeed.com, over 40% of Python-related jobs offer salaries of $100k per year or more, with many senior-level python developer positions offering over $200k per year.

Also, our tutors prepare you for roles like Python development, Python programming, Python database development, full-stack developments, etc. This significantly increases your chances of getting noticed by dev team managers.

Our private Python lessons will also prepare you for the age of big data and business intelligence, where companies with the best talents edge competition. Across industries, there’s a growing demand for Python-savvy business analysts, data scientists, and software engineers.

With the right level of dedication and consistency, you can acquire Python skills to take on these opportunities within a matter of weeks! Most of them are home-based, so you can begin an exciting Python career after finishing your private classes without ever leaving the comfort of your couch!


What Can You Learn With Our Private Python Classes?


Our private tutors can walk you step-by-step through the basics of Python development to advanced topics like data science and machine learning, and neuronal networks. They’re also highly informative – they can delve into other related subjects like computer science, computational thinking, as well as real-life industrial applications to help you better understand a point.

They’ll help you scale through any aspect of Python that’s giving you a hard time in classes.

Some topics you can expect to learn include:

  • Python syntax (from Python 1 – 3)

  • Basic algorithms

  • Data structures

  • Data types

  • Django and Flasks for web applications

  • Data analysis

  • Data visualization

  • Debugging Python code

  • Decorators

  • PyTorch for machine learning

  • Natural Language Processing (NPL)

If you have zero experience with coding, you can ask your tutor to begin from Python 1 – though this has now been totally put out of circulation. Python 2 is also outdated with an arcane syntax, though some businesses still depend on it for their legacy infrastructures.

However, in most cases, our tutors just jump straight into Python 3, which is more modern and versatile with more powerful features.

How Superprof’s Private Python Lessons Work

Step 1: Register for your Account

Log on to Superprof’s official website and sign up for an account (if you already have one, enter your credentials on the login page).

Step 2: Select a Tutor

Go to Superprof’s Python private lessons Montreal page. Choose your skill level and then scroll down the list of tutors that we’ll recommend for you. Tap on any tutor to view more details about them. You’ll find their CV, personality types, training options, pricing, etc. Choose a tutor with the most suitable offer and complete your booking.

Step 3: Schedule your Classes

Once you finish booking, your tutor will be notified. You can then expect a response in few hours or a day at most. You can then plan out a convenient study schedule and as well as study goals.

Step 4: Begin Practicing

Your tutor will require you to download various programs on your computer, including the Python software as well as developer tools like PyCharm, PyTorch, etc. These all free to download. Once you have all of them set up, your classes will then start rolling in.

What do you want to learn?