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Learn to harness the power of the force using Qigong energy healing

i teach private, semi private or small groups either online, in home, in corporate settings, gym settings or outdoors. All ages and fitness levels are welcome. I use a Variety of internal techniques from traditional kungfu and taichi, so it can be done within a small space. Lots of deep breathing, stretching, meditation and visualization is used.

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Former Neuroscientist turned Yogi offering lessons in healing, ranging from weight loss to connecting to the soul

Depending on what needs assistance, I will use a wide-range of techniques. Over online communication I guide people into looking at the pains without bias and untangling the beliefs and patterns that are creating the pain. This has been shown to help create a sustained and permanent painfree sensation, rather than being a transient and temporary bandaid to a symptom.

Ponta Delgada
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Online Private Sessions of Reiki Energy Healing to develop your Emotional Intelligence

I'm a person who believes in the ability of people to embody their highest potential and reflect our most humane qualities. These sessions are for those who wish to change their lives, regardless of the area, and are willing to commit to themselves and their journey.

Paris 4e
(8 reviews)

QI GONG TAI JI: feed the energy of the body and mind

10 years of practice : ASCAM, Beijing Sport University, IQ Institute therapeutic gong Beidaihe Hebei Academy of Kung fu wudang) Formed energy Arts in Body Time (Paris) methods: Nei Yang Gong, Pets Wudang Dao Yin Tai ji quan yang style)

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
Edgar arturo
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Professional Meditator offers Mindfulness, relaxation and meditation courses at home and online

I offer 8 and 10 weeks programs for adults and teenagers in which I facilitate the oriental techniques of the inner knowledge for western people who live in the city, through activities, exercises and dialogue to develop wellbeing, self-knowledge and mindfulness awareness

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Qi gong for the face and body means connecting your mind to your body, allowing you to build new pathways, and to look and feel more youthful. I teach a fun class on how to strengthen the muscles of t

This course starts with getting to know the goals, needs, and experiences of my students. Qi Gong is a highly personal form of body meditation that incorporates breath, focus, and movement. I will teach to the individual level and needs of each student. I will bring empathy and care to each lesson.

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Yoga for Life Krya Meditation, Yoga for Kids, Cleveland, OH (Old Brooklyn), Yoga Teacher

I am a two time certified yoga teacher. I have been teaching since 1999 in the Dominican Republic, and many of the grade schools, middle schools, recreation centers, and in Metro Health Hospital. I was certified with Sivananda Vedanta Yoga Teachers Training Center in The Bahamas and with YogaKids.

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Meditation and internal work class. Explore and enhance your inner self to improve your physical, emotional and mental aspects of your health. You will learn a variety of exercises and techniques spe

I take a very holistic approach dealing with everything, giving you the tools that you need to improve yourself. Everyone of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. If you have a physical problem such as an illness or pains in your body; stress, anxiety, depression or any other mood related problems.

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Restauranteur believing real food is healthy living and accommodating all dietary requirements

Classes are based on personal needs of student/s and accommodate to methods best for them to help change habits. Everyone’s lifestyle is different. Habits define our actions, it’s learning/understanding why something does/doesn’t work for you.

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8 years Reiki Master/Teacher and Profound Spiritualist Educating students on Personal-Development and Self- healing techniques. Your infinite potential await you.

I base every single lesson from an holistic stand point. Everyone is naturally an healer of all sorts, music, energy-work, massage, etc. My intentions are to help you reawaken the divine part of you that permeates within all living things.

Campinas (São Paulo)
(4 reviews)
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Lessons in traditional Chinese medicine. 10 years experience. Presencial, or virtual plataform.

10 years of experience in the field. Scholar of ancient Chinese culture. Intended for those interested in topics such as Feng Shui, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Astrology and IChing. Apostilled method, which follows the 5 Chinese metaphysical arts: Medicine: 医 (Yi), Mountain 山 (Sha), Divination 卜 (Bu), Destiny 命 (Ming), and Fisiognomonia 相 (Xiang).

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Mindfulness instruction, through person-centred services, available through the Association of Mindfulness Arts (Community Interest Company)

We are a non-profit, supporting people towards the personal understanding and experience of mindfulness practice, and the difference it can make to your life - whatever you seek to achieve.

(10 reviews)
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Coauch and martial arts master teaches internationally recognized qigong, tai chi, relaxation, meditation, self-healing in Mallorca and the rest of Spain, specialized in teaching

At 7 years shows their interest and search with different Masters in the way of martial arts. Begin your workout through various disciplines both competition in the field of contact sports and work culture and refinement of the internal energy (chi) and meditation. You are having enjoyed the wonderful instruction of renowned and talented teachers.

San Diego
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San Diego yoga teacher and healer offers fitness for Body, Mind, and Spirit: Yoga, Chi Gong, Mindfulness, and Meditation

Yoga, Ch'i Gong, Mindfulness, and Meditation classes can be taught to individuals and to groups. Paul has studied at Yoga Centers and Meditation Ashrams for many years. He can introduce beginners to Inner Fitness; He can also advance your practice in a short period of time.

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Wing chun and qi gong lessons available from me. 13years experience in.

My teaching methodology is to program the body slowly. And the mind will pick it up easier that way.

(2 reviews)

Sophrologist and certified EFT practitioner RNCP Rueil Malmaison and Ile de France

Sophrologist graduated from the French School of Sophrology of Montpellier and certified EFT practitioner. My degree is registered National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP).

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Certified Pranic Healer from the Worldpranichralingfoundation/Philippines and Certified AST Holistic Manager and Wellness

Our Technology and Techniques and Based on the Theories from the Vedic Philosophy and the Chinese Ki Prana vital energy force .

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Integrative disciplines exploring the human condition as it relates to

I work with students ranging from graduate level to fifth grade. It is important to see the main points of a subject. I assign homework, expect effort and can only ask people to do their best. My teaching method involves relating a topic to something the student finds familiar. I believe I need relate how they perceive.

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Students interested in alternative medicine, complementary medicine, traditional medicine in all over the world

I am a physiotherapist, interested in complementary, traditional, integrative and alternative medicine. I live in Turkey and London, i work in my private office.

Surfers Paradise
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YOGA & INTERNAL ARTS on the Gold Coast with Debbie Zan stretch expand

I teach the “Yoga of Commonsense” - contemporary, therapeutic, practical & custom-tailored to individuals; from gentle to challenging - safe & fun

David wael
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Private classes of chikung and taichi in Madrid. Diploma in the University of Shanghai, China. 3rd of the world in Taichi.

More than 20 years teaching classes. My methodology is based on traditional and modern methodology. Traditional, it comes from the teachings of China. Modern, it comes from my studies in the different universities. Adaptive, I adapt to the level and demands of customers. Empatica and fun.

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A qualified Naturopath giving exercise classes of Energy in Moving Qi Gong in London

I'm teaching a very powerful method based on Qi-Gong. This version is practiced mainly for its therapeutic benefits, which include reducing stress, promoting balance and flexibility. The exercises are more a moving meditation. The point is on breathing and energy moving to increase energy level and straighten the inner organs with healing power.

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Personal training for breathing exercises, yoga and Qi Gong in Munich by qualified teacher

I combine the various elements of breathing exercises, Yoga & Qi Gong in a unique training that is individually tailored to each student. Depending on needs and any complaints I use appropriate exercises. They all have in common that they harness the energy system of the human body. Working with energy is much more than just a spiritual idea.

Carolina inés
(1 review)
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Tai Chi, Cosmodinamia, Relaxation, Meditation and Breathing Techniques in Madrid. I teach classes at home, group or individual. Improve your days!

I like to share the tools that my Masters have transmitted to me, for the welfare of our bodies / minds. I invite you to share a class with me and learn to understand us as the whole that we are, working on breathing, concentration, well-being, balance, both corporally, as well as mentally and emotionally. Work to be strong and flexible, like a bamboo.

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Easily Learn to Relax mind and body using self hypnosis,meditative,releasing tension skills

I am a Therapist with 20 years experience helping people to improve their lives and enjoy learning knew skills. My lessons firstly assess where you are at, and what you wish to change. Maybe you are unable to sleep, perhaps you have obsessive thoughts, maybe life seems to be racing away, perhaps it's impossible to complete the work or speak in front of collegues.

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Vinyasa Yoga, Qi Gong and Meditation with Wilmien Bos (Spanish + English)

Private sessions are a great way to truly experience the practice, tailor made for your needs. This directly effects your well being, mentally, emotionally and physically. Most of my clients come to me to relax and release some tension and stress. Yoga and meditation are great ways of relaxing.

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Professor of Chi-Kung, he teaches private or group lessons for people who want to improve their physical, mental-emotional and spiritual level. Combining various techniques of Qigong, Meditation, Taic

My approach is to help the person in an integral way. Working the physical part with exercises to condition your body, mind and emotions for control and emotional management, and the spiritual part so that the person can connect with their essence and all its potential. You can work from the physical or mental level, depending on the person and what you want to achieve.

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Professional Qigong Instruction online & in person from a tutor with 20 years experience

Generally, I teach students what they need to know - based upon discussions around their aims for learning. For example, some people require flexibility while others want relaxation and stress relief. Qigong is so versatile that it can encompass all things.

Paris 10e
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Taoist Qi Gong - Mantak Chia - Universal Tao, He Dong Gui-ling

I propose courses of Qigong, Tai Chi, meditation according to the Taoist principle of Mantak Chia (Universal Tao). The practices are based on the connection heaven / earth, inking, series of movements to circulate, strengthen the body and mind become the gardener of his inner landscape .... the inner smile, the 6 sounds the microcosmic orbit, Tao Yin ... I adapt the course to the person ...

(2 reviews)
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Qigong classes in Madrid (metro Puerta del angel), style Ba Han Sheng

Classes aimed at anyone wanting to improve their physical and emotional health. Including disabled of any kind (exercise needs adapting) and / or chronically ill, qi gong is a therapy in itself of great importance in Chinese medicine. Chi kung is a tool that helps a lot to improve health, to restore calm and reduce stress. It is a moving meditation.

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