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Computer Courses for all levels. Introduction to computers, internet. Photo montage video. Etc ...

Hello, My name Emmanuel, I own a computer repair company, and also courses on Nancy. I was interviewed at the age of 8 years by Europe 1 for developing a website / forum at the time. This speaks volumes about the fact that I am passionate about IT. That's why after I joined the tray engineering school CESI in Villers-les-Nancy. This is where I learn programming.

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Social networks - the easiest way to learn is based on constructive and open discussions

As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I help my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. In doing so, I consider the students' motivations and skills in order to optimise their success.

Paris 17e
(8 reviews)
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34 yo woman, nice, reliable, with good teaching skills, suggests computer courses

You do not understand anything about computers? You have the feeling that IT is too complicated for you? You would like to understand how to use it, thanks to a patient teacher? Or more preciselty, you may want to improve your skills on a key software? I am at your disposal to explain AT YOUR OWN PACE how to use your computer. Eventually...

São Paulo
(63 reviews)

Learn how to set up your Facebook, LinkedIn or WhatsApp, giving your profile security and an informal or professional presentation

* Classes for students of all ages and all levels. * Teaching methodology based on the practical configuration of students' social networks and orientation to motivate self-learning through use.

Paris 11e
(3 reviews)
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Project Manager gives course of approach to Computer and Mac environment (plus iMovie and Social Networks)

Get started in the computer world without worries! Strong working in the computer and grew up during the technological boom of the 2000s. I was able to test and use the novelties by specializing in certain uses.

(3 reviews)
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With Sandy, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and social networks will have no secrets for you! Paris and IDF

/// How the course will happen? The course will happen theoretically also to assess the level with the discussion, but especially a lot of practice and it will be based on your type of computer: Mac or PC with the scenario to go up autonomy gradually as needed and levels.

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Web marketing specialist provides training courses to individuals or groups in internet marketing

You are student in business school, a professional or an individual and you want to deepen your knowledge of web marketing / ecommerce? I propose methodology courses and corporate case studies to teach you to control all the levers (SEO, emailing, social networking, display, affiliate, google analytics etc ...) and know how to build an effective web marketing strategy . Courses focused on practice.

Villa Urquiza
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Specialist in Digital Marketing for private classes of Strategy in Social Networks

During the first class the idea is to know what knowledge you have on the subject to develop the following classes from that. Each class will be personalized, open to consultations and practical cases will be made in relation to the student's business or a suggested topic.

(6 reviews)
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Social Media Manager specialized in Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads for Companies

I am a Social Media Manager in my own consultancy: Standup Consulting. Whether you are in social networks for professional purposes or if you use them for personal purposes, I will show you a series of online tools with which you will get the most out of your time and your actions on the network.

Rio de Janeiro
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Graduated in Computer Science from FAETEC, I teach Internet Initiation for the Elderly, children and anyone else who wants to learn how to navigate the wonderful virtual world without risk of catching

I approach the subject in a structured way, first we start with what the Internet is, that old story of how it came about, where it came from, what emerged, so that the student has a basis for the Internet's power to change the world around them.

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Student in Bachelor of Economics gives August computer and school courses: Mathematics, Economics, French, English Haute-Savoie

I enter my classes according to the specificities of each but I have a systematic protocol to allow a better understanding. My main goal is to make sure that it is the student who improves and that he can address in a precise and serene way each difficulty.

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Programming technician. Office Management (Word, Excel, etc.), computer repair and software creation in Celaya, Guanajuato.

I like to adapt to the needs of the student in terms of topics as well as prepare in advance the classes for a better use of time. Review of both; theoretical and practical part for a better understanding of the subject in question. Classes for people from 5 years old and up with any level of knowledge.

Maria gabriela
(2 reviews)
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Computer Engineering student for Computer classes for Beginners, oldest people or laypeople

I believe that with patience and practice it is possible to unravel the myths and mysteries that hide behind the screens of computers and cell phones. When necessary, in addition to the practical examples, the preparation of step-by-step handouts to better illustrate what is being done.

(1 review)
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Social media trainer and coach helps you with your social media accounts

I always adapt my lessons to the student(s): what is their main question, the learning goal, the level. I show and tell things, give many examples and let people prefer to get started.

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Engineering Student teaches Mobile Devices and their technologies in the Interior of SP.

I like to plan my classes after doing an interview with the student and evaluating the level of knowledge about the subject. After that I organize material composed of theoretical content, practical and fixation exercises, both for the class and as homework.

(2 reviews)
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Offering competent, friendly advice on computer and software problems, as well as an introduction to the digital world, social media, online shopping and simple Internet tasks

The lessons are based on personal needs. I first see what "Level" you are at and then decide together with you what to do next. You have problems with the PC or want to know details about specific topics and are able to use Skype? Then I can also help remotely on the webcam.

Le Kremlin-Bicêtre
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Computer Services Business founded in 2004, 20 years of experience with professionals and individuals

Assessment of the initial level (novice, beginner, initiated or advanced) then set up a schedule based on availability and learning abilities. Direct involvement with practical work, and implementation of concrete examples. Progression is based on the student reactivity and dedication.

São Paulo
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Basic Internet, computation and smartphones for adults and seniors | home classes São Paulo

Classes aimed at beginners in the world of computers, smartphones and internet, aiming to train and prepare students in a dynamic and practical way to access and use with efficiency social networks, email, word, excel, chats, online shopping and etc.

Alhaurín de la Torre
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I give private computer classes on office automation, internet and social networks

I rely on being face to face with the student and that he does things, not that I see how it is done. The lessons would be practical, that is, while learning, useful things are done for the student in question, not exercises that he will never revise later.

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I work in the Marketing sector and specialize in Social Media Management, I live in Florence

The lessons are aimed at those who want to take care of Social Media Strategy, but also to those who have a small/medium company and want to integrate social networks in their marketing strategy, the teaching will take place both in person and also through multimedia content

(1 review)
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Student in Accounting gives introductory course to computers on computer, tablet, phone

My teaching method is based on listening: I adapt to your needs in order to meet them at best. Serious and patient, my only goal is that at the end of the course you are autonomous on what you want to master (computer, tablet ...).

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Student of security and computer technologies in engineering school offers courses to people interested in informatic skills

I first start with the need of each client, which is their goal, according to that I start with the basics if necessary and if you have knowledge, you can move much faster, always doing whatever is of good quality.

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Digital Marketing to work in international companies online and Management of social networks for remote clients

The course will prepare you to work in the multiple companies that are looking for online marketing experts for USA and to evaluate the competences and develop SEO, SEM and Social Networks strategies with support material written with online classes via Skype.

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Specialist teaches Social Media and Marketing classes for severa areas in Florianópolis.

I have been in the academic field for eight years and I have had different experiences throughout this period and therefore I can have a more macro view at the moment of teaching. I believe that the important thing is to give the students the tools to accomplish the tasks on their own and so it is important to understand the objective of the student in the moment of teaching the lesson.

Belo Horizonte
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Mathematics / Physics classes, among others. Student of Engineering UFMG. Elementary / Middle School Teaching

Methodology applied to the student, through solved exercises, in order to figure out possible ways to solve problems, so that the student can learn the path and be able to reason alone and apply them in subsequent exercises. Focused on book exercises and old school exams.

(1 review)
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Student teacher giving computer courses and audience targeting on social networks at home in Moselle or remotely

I'm an economics student who masters the information and communications technology. Having a high level of mastery of basic computer skills, I am able to provide a complete and structured training.

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Architecture Student offers courses in computer science, drawing, and architecture theory/history

Currently in 3rd year of architecture studies, I offer general computer courses, introduction to various software (AutoCAD, InDesign, Photoshop) and drawing. Young and dynamic, I can adapt myself to the needs of each student, and I'll try to answer expectations and questions.

São Paulo
(3 reviews)
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Private Computer Courses for Beginners and Seniors - Higher Education in 2006

Lessons by appointment, in person or via the Internet. Be independent. Help for use of mobile / smartphone, tablets, notebooks, computers, TVs and other applications. Learn to use or ask questions on Facebook, Instagram, email, Whatsapp, Twiter, bank over the Internet, the Google product search, Internet shopping and others.

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Internet and Computing at 360 degrees: courses for beginners and advanced level

Digital marketing technician for important Italian companies, I offer lessons in computer science and internet at 360 °, responding to all the needs of study: from beginner to advanced level. The techniques and methods of teaching are based on the study and immediate application in the field following reasonings that will lead the student to approach any tool simply by using logic.

Santa Fe
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Community Manager offers classes to enter the world of social media

I am Esteban, I am dedicated to digital marketing. I did virtual courses taught by the SLIM Foundation and by Google. To begin, it is essential that you get acquainted with social networks and technologies, that is why classes are very practical and unrealistic so that you hold hands easily and start to take advantage.

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