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Oral and Written English Tutor at UBC- Fluent in English and Experience Working with Kids

I will work with you to outline what you want to achieve from our lessons and will create a plan that will best accomplish your goals. I am very flexible and am willing to modify classes to best fit your needs. I am looking for students who require assistance with combatting grade-level English reading, writing or oral skills.

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Master graduate gives ESL lessons to students of all ages in Toronto

After a preliminary introductory class, where we discuss the level of student's English and his/her aspirations on what he/she would like to improve the most, I devise a course according to British textbooks according to student's level.

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7+ years experienced Indian Virtual home based ESL trainer gives one-to-one Spoken English, IELTS and classes related to English language with all subjects tuition available for elementary students on

My teaching methods are basically customized as per the requirement of an individual's learning needs as every learner has its own level. I completely focus on the weak points of the candidate which afterwards deal with my creative learning strategies. My classes are designed for every age group and professional.

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I'm a Medical Office Administration Student and would love to teach English to the people that need my help.

My teaching methods are direct instruction, inquired based learning, personalized learning and also kinesthetic learning. I like to take my time and go slow and help other people as best as I can with learning English.

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Certified TEFL Instructor teaches English as a second language to all levels

I like to induce autonomous learning in my students, where they set their own goals, and I adapt my methods in order to help them achieve their learning goals. I will use multiple methods in my teaching in order to develop a multitude of language areas and skill sets.

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English tutor for newcomers in Winnipeg for Filipinos and Spanish speaking people

First I will ask you a few questions to see how well your English is and I will base the class according to your skill level. My method is getting to know you and make sure you have a great experience.

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Journalism student giving ESL and English comprehension lessons to newcomers in Halifax!

My teaching methods adapt to the needs of the learner. I work with textbooks to practice grammar and vocabulary, but also focus on conversation. My typical class would start off with a short conversation to warm up and discuss what the student is interested in learning.

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Liberal Arts and Languages Grad offers Elementary and Secondary English Tutoring in Sherbrooke

My teaching method is to approach the students with an open-mind and kindness to ensure they are comfortable trying different exercises. Learning is something that should be fun, and I hope to encourage my students to get excited about their school work.

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Urban Planning Graduate that gives English & French Lessons for Every Level!

I am a native english speaking Urban and Regional Community Planning graduate with over 16 years of French language and literature experience.

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English teacher and translator with 30 years of experience available to improve your English communication skills

Language acquisition is like riding a bike. You have to practice to learn. My method is dynamic and interactive. My students are motivated to use the language as it is most practical in their lives. Games and role-playing are integral parts of each lesson plan.

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English Tutor in Ontario, Canada. TESOL certified, friendly, funny and patient individual excited to help you learn English!

I am a very creative person, and my teaching techniques involve a lot of creativity. I enjoy using visual aids, art and sometimes songs to teach my students. I am very enthusiastic, and I believe that it's important for students to have fun while learning.

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Need a tutor? Am here to help at any day any time guys!

My teaching style is very simple. Long and complex notes explained in simple form. I can stay after class hours if the child still has some questions in their mind.

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Commercial pilot student gives English classes tutor for student in Toronto Canada

I believe individual teaching method is best due to both the student and the tutor can interact more and understand one another I also believe that my classes are fun to be at and mostly based on high school student and elementary student

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Assured to achieve 7 or more bands in IELTS both general or academics

I teach every student in a very simple way that everyone easily understands my techniques. I make the subject interesting with examples not boring. I am able to teach from basics to high-level things. I wanna make sure that my teaching structure takes every student to a high level and makes them perfect.

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Helping students become proficient, fluent and also improve in the English (and French) languages

My teaching methods are visual and interactive methods. I ensure that my students stay interested through activities so that hey are more engaged in their learning. I use a lot of examples and help my students gain confidence in their abilities by making sure all is understood before moving forward.

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English tutoring. Certified ESL teacher from Oxford Seminars and Bilingual Translation .

My teaching methods is very practical and communicative. I am used to teach multilevel class and students from different cultures. Knowing English is not their native language I always strive to create good learning environment thanks to different kind of games and videos.

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I have 1 year experience teaching ESL from when I travelled to South Korea after graduating with a bachelors degree in Psychology and English . I have 18 years experience in case management and client

My teaching method is structured while in a relaxed environment. I approach one target at a time and make sure my student is comfortable before moving on to a new topic. I make sure my student is grasping what I teach and confident in what they are learning.

Richmond Hill
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ESL Coach - main focus on grammar and written English skills in Toronto, ON

An English Teacher with extensive experience in teaching English and in preparing grammar materials.

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- English as a Second Language Teacher. - Oshawa, Ontario Canada. - 4 Years Experience.

As an experienced ESL education teacher, I professionally lead with integrity and respect. With the ability to communicate, manage, and execute in the field. Providing the team with leadership and determination, towards successfully achieving goals.

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Tutoring in all levels and categories of English. First language is English.

My teaching method can vary depending on what works for the student. I usually approach teaching with a hands-on method mixed with a more relatable, "applicable to life" approach. That being said, I can always change to what the student needs to be a successful learner.

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Criminology student and social-worker gives history and English classes in a fun and informative environment

I base my teaching methods on the pace that best suits the students but at the same time, the pace needed to get things done. I like to do a short revision before every class and also a follow-up at end of the class. My teaching methods are mostly straight-forward but can be elaborative wherever necessary.

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ESL teaching for almost 1 year of experience. See you my dear student :)

My teaching method are base on what my student needs. I usually start in simply words to vocabulary and to help my student make sentences of their own to know if they understand my class. What makes me special is that as a Teacher I will always know first what my student needs and I think in that case that makes me special.

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College student wishing to help you gain a better understanding of English!

I approach every lesson with flexibility. I believe in breaking things down and teaching concepts at a rate specifically fitted for each individual. Before beginning a lesson, I like to discuss the students personal learning styles and what they need from me in order to for them to make progress.

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An Enthusiastic person who loved to listen and speak, leading to learning lots of stuffs =)

Teaching is one of my passion. I love interacting with people who love to learn. I do not like to make my teaching boring as I totally understand how difficult it can be for a student to learn in tedious environment. I would like to keep my class very simple, which will mostly include lots of stories and examples.

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University student in Developmental psychology with experience in tutoring and child care.

I like to teach my students active participation. If certain students learn better visually or with the use of objects and games, I can manage to teach them with the use of active participation through games for example. I believe every student learns differently and needs a method of teaching that is adaptive specifically to them and which they can actively engage in and learn in the process.

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Creative Writing MFA Teaching English, Writing in Edmonton. Experience tutoring ESL Students.

My teaching method is to keep the class engaged and entertained. There's plenty of evidence to show that direct learning is not very efficient with more creative topics. I'll focus on active learning, participation, and activities to stimulate the minds of students. I have taught elementary through university level this way.

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Learn english with no delays or wasting of time! Be confident having a second language skill!

I always eveluate what's the level of english of the student and also what's his/her goal, so I can go from there. I really try to stablish a good foundation for him/her to have confidence when speaking the language. Depending on what's the goal, I trace a plan to reach it with no wasting of time and in a way that the student is pleased and motivated with his/her results.

Richmond Hill
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If you are new to Canada and you have difficulty passing your ESL course or in general, with your English, I am more than happy to help you with that! (new comer high school students or adults)

My teaching method which has resulted in the long-lasting learning for most of my students is to apply real life examples in different concepts so that they student can view the concepts in more applicable ways.

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Mature enthusiastic, patient English graduate available to teach everyday or business English usage for written and speech improvement, as well as accent clarity assistance

My teaching methods consist of determining individuals competencies at first however they feel comfortable in expressing themselves and conversing with me. Then I determine their goals and then set a flexible programme in place to achieve the necessary results by making the process relevant and fun - consciously addressing the possible learning anxieties of the student.

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ESL tutor with an MA in literature —bilingual (French & English), Montreal!

My hands-on approach to learning English as a second language involves a series of stimulating exercises that strategically channels different ways of learning such as through writing, reciting, observing, etc. By using activities and demonstrations that sharpens critical thinking, your education will be comprehensive, motivating, and nourishing.

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Perfect! Fort sympathique, agréable et bon professeur. Je recommande Ivelina

Nathan, Student
4 months ago
(13 reviews)

Perfect! It was a pleasure to have classes with Will. He identified some key issues I have with the American accent and helped me improve on those. He was accomodating and accepted to give me lessons via Skype, since I don't live where he teaches.

Grégoire, Student
2 years ago

Perfect! È un bravo prof, a volte perde qualche lezione :P, ma insieme abbiamo fatto tanti esercizi.

Enrico, Student
2 years ago
(2 reviews)

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