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One does not become a violin prodigy overnight, and three lessons are not enough to successfully play Beethoven's "Violin Concerto"! Becoming a renowned violinist is more difficult than becoming a guitarist or pianist. Indeed, the violinist has to have a fairly developed ear to give the notes the necessary precision. But it is not only a fine ear that is necessary, it is also necessary to have a good dose of passion and concentration. 


When one decides to learn to play the violin, one instinctively asks themselves what is the age limit at which one can learn to play an instrument well. First of all, it is necessary to know that this learning requires passion and a lot of time. You cannot be part of a symphony orchestra if you are in your third year of violin. As far as the student's age is concerned, teaching the violin will be easier for a child or an adolescent than for an adult. From the age of seven, a child can start learning the violin. 


In fact, the student's fingers are already prepared to hold a bow. In addition, the arms are already big enough to be able to hold a violin. A teenager who is passionate about classical music and who masters musical theory thanks to years of lessons at the conservatory will learn to play the violin more easily than an adult. In fact, it is during adulthood that learning the violin becomes more complicated. However, with determination and effective lessons, an adult can also begin to learn the violin or any other string instrument (such as the violon, cello or even the electric violin). 

Why should you play the violin? 


Whether we choose to take violin lessons to become a professional violinist or simply for pleasure, there are a thousand and one reasons to learn to play this instrument! First of all, we must remember the emotions that this string instrument transmits. Precisely because it is capable of transmitting joy and sadness at the same time, or even melancholy, many advertisements use it to make viewers shudder. Also, learning the violin helps to develop many skills. It requires a lot of concentration and perseverance. And patience, of course. All violinists, both amateur and more experienced, agree on one thing; playing the violin relaxes them. Even if they do not play the instrument correctly: the beauty that emanates from the violin is unique.


Moreover, practicing the violin helps to reach a wider musical repertoire. A violinist can play jazz, rock or classical music. 


How much do violin lessons cost? 


When you decide to learn to play the violin, you will often hear that it is very expensive. It is true that some collector's violins can be quite expensive. Violins are beautiful objects and are usually exhibited in museums and are considered to be true works of art. It is not necessary to have such a violin to start playing. You can choose to rent a violin when you are first getting started. Later on, you can invest in a reasonably priced violin if you want one for your own. As in any type of practice, artistic or sporting, you must have the necessary equipment. In other words, taking violin lessons does not necessarily have to be more expensive than taking piano or dance lessons. For example, to practice classical dance you will need a tutu and also ballet shoes. And the same goes for learning the violin: you will need to buy a bow and a cushion, in addition to the violin itself.


Where can I take private violin lessons in Calgary? 


With Superprof, whether you live in Vancouver, Toronto or Calgary...it is very easy to find violin teachers. You only have to consult their teaching ads and select the teacher that best suits your needs. Whether you are a beginner, advanced or looking to become a professional in the future, taking violin lessons will help you learn all the facets of this magnificent instrument even better. 


Learning the violin is considered to be a challenge. Our private violin teachers are professional violinists, violin teachers or even passionate musicians who have enough experience to be able to teach the basics of this instrument. Some of our violin teachers also teach the larger version, in terms of size, and give viola lessons. We also offer private lessons for the double bass, as well as for the cello. If your child wishes to have private violin lessons, be honest with him/her and warn him/her that he/she will have to practice daily, or at least several times a week, and that the first two years are usually the most difficult. Once this stage is over, the practice becomes a real pleasure that will make them forget all the previous difficulties of private violin lessons.


At Superprof, there is a great diversity of profiles when looking for violin teachers. From teachers who graduated from music conservatories, to professional musicians, or with less experience, there is something for everyone ! Some are true professionals who master this instrument and others, like the viola or cello. But in any case, taking violin lessons will help the student to make real progress. The violin is an instrument that has the reputation of being difficult to learn, because you need qualities that not everyone has innate. The teacher will know how to help their student develop patience and concentration in order to learn to play the violin better. 


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