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Recovery and Wellness Coach with 5 years experience gives meditation, nutrition and recovery classes.

As a Recovery and Wellness Consultant, I create an environment with my clients that aids in raising their vibration. Using techniques such as Meditation to silence the mind, Reiki for healing and detoxing methods for clearing negativity such as switching to a plant-based diet has helped my clients gain a sense of awareness and open the connection to the higher self.

Prince George
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Certified Nutritionist with 4 years of teaching experience for Graduate students in India and gives nutrition and dietitics lectures to high school students in Prince George. I love to organise and im

My entire teaching methodology revolves around two words i.e. Personalised learning. The learning is specific to the individuals interest and skills. I plan and implement innovative teaching techniques that helps the student understand both theoritical and practical aspect of the subject.

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Experienced Online Health and Nutrition Expert Helps You Lose Weight, Eliminate Diseases and Transform Your Body

My methodology is based on the ketogenic lifestyle and specifically getting the human body into nutritional ketosis, which is the healthiest state we can be in. I work with clients on working through some of their difficulties with food and negative body image.

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International student who has a lot of experience in weight loss and proper nutrition.

My approach is very different when it comes to fitness, discipline is must when it comes to nutrition and workout. I usually start with some videos for motivation and I try to help people who has issues with their health and mind.

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Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach with 5 years experience, teaches those who need to lose weight how to eat healthier through individualized meal planning and coaching. Located in Calgary,

I have a very kind, approachable nature and I always take into consideration my clients, fitness level/experience, limitations or past injuries, and current capabilities. I am able to modify exercises and programs to suit each person's strengths and weaknesses. I do not believe in crash diets or over training the body.

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Excited Physiotherapist reaching out to make Toronto a healthier and fitter city!

My methodology is to be direct but in a way that allows the individual to draw from parallels in their own lives in order to map metaphors that help the individual understand. I am very much a hands on teacher but I am also careful in expressing ideas taking time to choose words and concepts in order to convey what I am teaching as effectively as possible.

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A Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Graduate with a realistic approach to Nutrition in everyday life!

I am a very easy going and want the students to achieve their goals.

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Health,Well being & Fitness Kitchner/ Waterloo Medical Doctor and Experienced Health & Safety Practitioner

Adult Learning methodology with Behavior Change Communication (BCC) and learner centered approach. Very relaxing, accomodative class room environment with three way communication from Teacher to Student, Student to Teacher and Student to Student. Excellent mix of verbal and non verbal communication.

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OTA/PTA Diploma and 3rd year Bachelor of Health Science - Kinesiology student offering Health and Well Being group/individual lessons to high school and elementary students in the Durham, ON Region.

My teaching methods are very structured and organized. I go into teaching with a plan of how I want to introduce the topic/subject I am teaching and ease my way into things so that my client's get the most out of it. I make sure the individuals I am teaching understand and gain knowledge that they didn't have before by grading the material in a way they learn best (ie.

Mary rose
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Being healthy in our everyday life will give us enjoyable life In our future

I base my classes on visual effects. I am preparing charts if needed to teach my students and also actual recitation if my students understand my lesson in each session of my class. I also giving quizzes which will help the student to remember my lesson.

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Health and fitness professional coach for weight and lifestyle management in Vancouver, BC.

My programs are created based on your specific fitness goals and are carefully designed to ensure your progression with results guaranteed at realistic timeline. Your comprehensive fitness program is also enhanced with a nutritional plan to achieve the overall results.

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Holistic Health Practitioner teaches in areas of Nutrition, Weight Loss, Eat well, Reversing Diabetes (T2DM), Reversing Autoimmune Disease, Reversing Allergies...

My teaching methods are systematic. I base my classes on knowledge, experience and skills. I approach a subject with structure and flexibility. My classes are useful for anyone who wants to live disease free and wants to take good care of his family or relatives. My classes are also meant for students taking nutrition course, naturopathy course, alternative medicine.

Thunder Bay
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Recent Nutritional Sciences graduate in Northern Ontario providing nutrition and health coaching!

I am a huge advocate of individualized, personalized approaches to health, and creating changes that will be sustainable in YOUR life long-term. You can expect our classes to be very personable - like a conversation with a friend - as we discuss your personal concerns, lifestyle, and health goals to create an action plan we are both happy with pursuing.

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PhD in Naturopathy Graduate offering weight loss support to individuals in Waterloo, Ontario

My approach to health is all-encompassing and therefore my classes are all-encompassing. You can expect to learn about human anatomy and physiology, exercise, nutrition, and everything else related to achieving and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits and long-term weight loss strategies.

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Experienced certified nutritionist offering weight-loss centred nutrition classes and one-on-one plans. All classes are a safe, non-judgmental environment. Classes available online or in person throug

As a certified nutritionist, my focus is on whole foods plant based eating. I work with clients one-on-one or in a group setting to go over their current eating habits, tailor them to suit their needs based on a whole foods diet. I work with carnivores, vegans & vegetarians alike, and any other dietary restrictions.

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Former Neuroscientist turned Yogi offering lessons in healing, ranging from weight loss to connecting to the soul

Depending on what needs assistance, I will use a wide-range of techniques. Over online communication I guide people into looking at the pains without bias and untangling the beliefs and patterns that are creating the pain. This has been shown to help create a sustained and permanent painfree sensation, rather than being a transient and temporary bandaid to a symptom.

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I went from 199lbs to 135lbs in 3 months, nutrition is the key! Brandon, MB

My teachings are simple. I provide customized work-out plans and never fail to answer your "why?" questions. Any body-type you wish to achieve, I can help. The gym is truthfully 20% of getting what you want. Anybody can go to the gym for an hour every day. 80% is diet; the other 23 hours is the real test.

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Elite level athlete gives sports nutrition or holistic nutrition lessons online or from home

My main goal is to teach you how to implement and utilize sports nutrition in your daily life, or in the life of your clients. Starting with the basics such as how many calories an individual needs based on their activity levels, then breaking those calories down to specific macro-nutrient needs.

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Ontario Certified Teach provides Heath and Well-Being lessons to see the importance of self care.

From experience teaching I have found what methods work best for myself and previous students. However, all students are different individuals and require different methods. First, differentiation is a key method as not all students are at the same level. Students will all need different lessons, manipulatives, an lesson structure to succeed.

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Kinesiology student passionate for active and healthy living, be inspired today in London, ON

My teaching methods are through education and encouragement, and always working with a students level of learning. I work to make learning exciting with examples, application and challenging questions to help the student fully grasp concepts.

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Weight loss and life coaching help from a Certified Personal Trainer online

We start where you are at, no matter what size or age or ability. I aim to help you choose healthy behaviors, more than aiming to lose weight. We may not know how you gained weight, so let's focus on making great choices about what you take into your life from now on, as a strong start. Conversation leads the way, and I'll motivate and guide your exercise program.

Prince Albert
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Vibrant Healthy Doctor and acupuncturist that believe we can change the world through understanding nutrition, function, physiology and spirituality

Practical advice to meat you where you are at and guide you to your optimal life through easy, obtainable and sustainable transformation, thinking and habits.

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Weight loss coach giving lessons online and in person in Canada to all levels

conducting fitness assessments to establish client fitness and skill level holding one-on-one or group sessions with your clients identifying goals and creating tailored exercise plans monitoring your clients' progress providing advice to your clients on health, nutrition and lifestyle changes educating and advising your clients to maintain or reach their fitness and health goals

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I'm graduating with a B.A. in Contemporary dance within the upcoming weeks or months. I hope to encourage a positive lifestyle change for those looking to loose some extra pounds. I'm not a critique o

Every individual has different needs and goals, especially when one is looking at the topic of lifestyle and fitness. Consequently, I approach each person's classes slightly different. However, I use micro-accomplishments towards the larger goal as a means of encouraging the student/client in their greater goal.

St. John's
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Online Health Coach with daily check-ins and follow-ups. Will prescribe a weight loss plan that is suited to you and you only. Not a cookie cutter program...

I offer 1on1 support on your weight loss journey through online classes, I will follow your weight loss journey through our online program. I also offer 24/7 support through our private group setting. You will be tracking your food intake, exercise etc through our app.

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Passionate, strong, focused, fun and dedicated to your health and weight less goals!

Set goals, make a plan and make it happen while having fun along the way! This is your journey, I will teach you, guide and push you when needed to achieve your best self, your goals and ultimately live your best life!

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Inspired yoga instructor with a passion for empowering others to obtain holistic wellness. Seeks to make a contribution in the lives of individuals looking to gain optimal health and vitality through

I have a strong passion for maintaining wellness through mindfulness-based practices and strength training. Fitness, sports, yoga and meditation play an integral part of my day-to-day life. Having played collegiate volleyball, I learned that self-discipline, consistent practice and teamwork are necessary for accomplishing any goal.

Moose Jaw
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Fitness finatic offering personal online coaching to reach your ultimate fitness goal.

I teach with motivation and positivity! We Achieve goals through personal sessions specified to each individual! Physical activity a must

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Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant providing online consultation in nutrition, fitness, and holistic well-being

I want to empower you to take control of your wellness and become the best version of yourself yet! IMPROVE YOUR NUTRITION -Learn how to shop for and prepare healthy foods -Custom meal plans and dietary recommendations IMPROVE YOUR FITNESS -Workouts for all skill levels, no equipment or gym memberships required -Learn how the variables of exercise affect your workout IMPROVE YOUR...

North Bay

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