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Kate - Prof HTML - Craigieburn
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Programmer with over 6 years experience offering individual and group lessons in basic programming languages: CSS, HTML5, Javascript, PHP

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    • at home or in a public place : will travel up to 10 km from Craigieburn

About Kate

I am in a recent (2020) International Baccalaureate Graduate. I received a final score of 38 IB / 96.5 ATAR whilst battling my rare chronic pain condition which has me in hospital multiple times a year - I am persistent, resilient and have been told that I have an infectious "can do" attitude.
I studied during my international Baccalaureate:
Environmental Systems & Societies Standard Level (received a score of 7)
Mathematics Standard Level (received a score of 5)
Chemistry Higher Level (received a score of 6)
Biology Higher Level (received a score of 6)
English Language and Literature Higher Level (received a score of 6)
Japanese Language B Standard Level (received a score of 6)
My Extended Essay component was based on the effect of playing different types of music during study on the performance (recall of content). I received a C for this work.
My Theory of Knowledge component resulted in a B mark.

At one point, I lived in Japan.
I am in the middle of a deferment / Gap year and will be beginning the Bachelor of Medical Science at The Australian National University.

I am an Officer in the Communications & Dispatch sector of St John Ambulance Victoria.
I am a Queen's Guide with Girl Guides Australia.
I am an awardee of the Weary Dunlop Award, Australian Defence Force Long Tan Award, and others.
I enjoy puzzles (physical and intellectual) and enquiring minds.
I grew up swimming competitively, did some dancing (as most girls did when they're young), and tennis.
I enjoy embroidery, crocheting and sewing (dressmaking) as hobbies when I'm not studying - I find study relaxing oddly enough.
I encourage people to ask the hard questions.

I'm currently pursuing a career in Anaesthetics and Surgery.

I have industry experience as a freelance programmer. I've been programming for over 6 years and I'm fluent in the listed languages (CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP). Although I have others that I'm equipped in, I do not intend to mislead anyone into believing that I am at the level of tutoring them just yet.

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I use a large amount of analogies, mnemonics, and jokes in order to help students remember content.
I am an advocate for conversational learning, rather than "head down in the books" styles.
I enjoy teaching with puzzles and goofy "play on words", which helped me through my own time in high school.
I'm highly motivated in the sector of PRACTICE PROJECTS and WALKTHROUGHS - Step by step challenges and post-challenge discussions.

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