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« Harish is the one who truly deserves the title of "super-professor".... More »
« Harish is the one who truly deserves the title of "super-professor". I have been his student for two years and the kind of guidance and mentorship I received was incredible. While he possess a great knowledge of his subject matter, he explains it in the most rational and understandable way. His students always receive a dose of his fun theories,ideas and strategies which makes the subject more interesting and relatable and keep the enthusiasm alive. Always encouraging and guiding for best! 10/10 for super professor Harish! »
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Public Administration PhD teaches customized classes in public policy analysis, management, evaluation in Victoria, BC


My teaching philosophy is student-centered, immersive, and aimed at building analytical skills. Extensive use of case studies as a teaching tool accompanied with writing assignments for policy briefs and management memos. I am committed to providing in-depth and timely feedback. My classes are aimed at undergraduate, graduate, and working professionals in the pubic and nonprofit sectors.

I am deeply committed to teaching, where my goal is to develop students’ public management tool kit and skill set to analyze and navigate complex implementation environments. In all of my courses, I use a variety of teaching techniques, including interactive case studies, small group discussions, participatory lectures, and analyses of current affairs in the context of the topic. I encourage my students to think about issues related to goal alignment, trade-offs, implications, and incentives, and about the formal and informal organizational structures that shape their work.


I have over 5 years of experience with teaching, research, and consulting with public, government and nonprofit organizations. I have taught graduate-level courses on strategic planning, performance measurement, results-based management, stakeholder analysis, evaluation, policy analysis, and qualitative research methods, and qualitative data analysis including the use of NVIVO.

My educational background is in Economics (Bachelors), Nonprofit Management (Masters of Public Affairs), and Public Administration (Doctorate). Before joining the public service, in my academic career as an Assistant Professor at Azim Premji University in India, I extensively engaged with students for helping with cover letters, resume, and professional career counselling.


Transportation Fee : $20
Rate for online lessons : $ 40/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $200
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $350


I am willing to be flexible in my rates for students who are undergraduates. If the travel distance is greater than 5 km, I will charge separately for the travel costs. If students cancel the class/session 48 hours prior, there is no cancellation charge. For 24 hours notice, 50% of the fee will be charged. There will be no refund if session is cancelled within 24 hours or if there is a no-show.

Lessons offered by Harish
In group
The lessons will be held
at their home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Public Policy
  • College
  • University
  • Adult Education
  • Masters/ Graduate School
  • MBA

Harish 's Resume

As a public administration subject matter expert, my core expertise and experience are in policy analysis, program implementation, process evaluation, results-based management, and collaborative governance.

• 5 years of experience in: public organizations and management; policy analysis, research, and development.
• Strategic and Systems-thinking approach to understanding complex public policy and governance issues.
• Hands-on experience with diverse stakeholder consultations; planning and analysis of coordinating projects.
• Affable personality and effective communicator with interpersonal and organizational skills.
• Committed to lead, build, and sustain long term relationships with colleagues and community.

• Policy Analysis
• Policy Research
• Strategic Planning
• Performance Measurement Systems
• Process and Program Evaluation
• Lead and Coordinate Projects
• Cultural Agility
• Analytical Thinking
• Policy Development—Concept to Implementation
• Persuasive Writing for Diverse Policy Audience
• Collaborative Planning, Organizing, Coordinating
• Policy Implementation and Program Management
• Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration from Syracuse University, Syracuse, USA (May 2016)
• Master of Public Affairs (MPA) in Nonprofit Management
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), USA May 2007
• Bachelor of Science in Economics, Oregon State University (Magna Cum Laude), USA, June 2005

• Indigenous Canada; University of Alberta through COURSERA August 2018
• Data Driven Decision Making, Problem Solving with Excel, and January 2019
Data Visualization with Advanced Excel by PwC through COURSERA

Ministry of Health, Primary Care Division, Government of British Columbia Policy Analyst February 2019 - Present
School of Policy & Governance, Azim Premji University Assistant Professor June 2016 – October 2018
Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Hyderabad Assistant Professor Nov 2008 – Jul 2011
ICFAI School of Public Policy, Hyderabad, India Faculty Member July 2007 – Oct 2008
Center for Health Policy, IUPUI (USA) Graduate Research Assistant Jan 2006 – Apr 2007


• Strategic Planning and Performance Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations
• Qualitative Approaches to Analyzing Public Policy
• Public Policy Processes
• Program Evaluation
• Policy Analysis

• Health, Education, Rural Development, Local Government Institutions, Indigenous Welfare, Youth and Sports, and Administrative Reforms


• Policy Analysis, Development and Implementation 2019-Present
Ministry of Health, Government of British Columbia
o Responsible for strategic and operational policy development at the Primary Care Division
o Manage policy development projects, conduct policy analysis, engage with multiple stakeholders, collaborate with service delivery partners, support policy implementation, coordinate project management, and work towards a sustainable, effective, and equitable health system.
o Conduct rigorous research, analytical insights, develop methodological frameworks, and provide actionable and impactful recommendations

• Collaborative Governance Reforms for Healthcare Service Delivery 2014-2016
Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Andhra Pradesh
o Researched on Health-systems strengthening, inter-departmental coordination, and community engagement
o Evaluated a community-centered intervention to increase institutional deliveries in rural government clinics
o Conducted policy analysis of existing health care policy for primary health care service delivery
o Conducted 86 in-depth interviews with frontline staff, administrators, program managers, and policy elites
o Analyzed qualitative data using NVIVO and examined quantitative data related to institutional deliveries
o Proposed changes to the existing monitoring and evaluation system that was not measuring collaboration
o Identified key policy issues at three levels: organizational, administrative, and frontline service delivery
o Demonstrated analytical thinking to examine causal relationships between organizational structures, processes, and service delivery outcomes.

• Health-sector Reforms and Human Resources Management 2008-2011
Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Andhra Pradesh
o Review existing HR policies, practices, assess and measure HR capacity in relation to departmental mandates
o Conducted a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) through consultative workshops with all levels of cadre
o Identified overlapping organizational structures leading to organizational ineffectiveness.
o Recommended design of new job descriptions to reflect new technologies and citizen expectations.

• Health Policy Research on Community-based HIV/AIDS Intervention 2006-2007
Center for Health Policy, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
o Volunteered to observe daily activities of trained peer-counselors implement the intervention
o Researched about multi-organizational collaborative arrangements in the context of development goals
o Initiated partnership between Indian Railways, UN Women, and Center for Health Policy
o Proposal development technical assistance for a 5-year research project for National Institutes of Health, USA
o Prepared annual program budget and documented program logic model and description for the proposal

• Strategic Transformation of Student Placement Process 2016-2018
Azim Premji University
o Conducted student-specific mentoring sessions to listen, understand, and respond to diverse student needs
o Applied strategic planning techniques to identify strategic and operational issues
o Adopted a collaborative strategy, assessed the risk, and opted out of a prior department-specific strategy
o Coordinated with University-wide organizational structures for optimum information management.
o Managed a complex policy development from conceptual stage to implementation stage
o Increased enrollment of students into the University field-engagement and placement processes
o Executed a labor intensive student-centered mentoring strategy and monitored results.

• Organization Design and Local Government Transformation 2016-2018
Anode Governance Labs working in collaboration with Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government
o Analyzed the provincial local government legislation and applied it to develop an implementation framework
o Conducted research on Organization Development (OD) principles for public sector application
o Assisted in the facilitation of strategic planning sessions for local government representatives
o Proposed an organizational assessment framework focused on effectiveness, equity, and outputs

• Policy Implementation of Rural Sports Policy for Youth 2009-2011
Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh
o Analyzed the existing legislation and policy framework to assist with preparation of Detailed Project Report
o Collaborated with departmental officials and frontline staff and conducted interviews with key informants
o Managed diverse stakeholders: school officials, local governance officials, external data collection agency
o Documented information related to the construction of play grounds in primary schools
o Recommended strategies to facilitate decentralized implementation mechanisms through local governments

• Improving Educational Outcomes for Indigenous People 2008-2011
Tribal Welfare Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh (equivalent of Indigenous Services Canada at the provincial level)
o Demonstrated cultural agility while working with indigenous communities and during consultations
o Researched about existing legislations related to Indigenous governance and welfare issues
o Analyzed and assessed the performance measurement system for departmental programs
o Conducted field visits and collected data on the functioning of schools for indigenous people
o Provided a strategic policy framework for collaborative planning, organizing, and coordinating policy development and implementation of welfare programs for Indigenous communities.

• Government Performance Management 2008-2010
Performance Management Division, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India (GoI)
o Reviewed all Results-Framework Documents (RFD) prepared by the 82 Federal Ministries
o Coordinated activities between Advisory Committees and Ministries for RFD documentation.
o Assessed and identified an overall pattern that RFDs are input and activity focused and not outcome-based
o Recommended development of service quality, program outcomes, outputs, and effectiveness indicators
o Identified weaknesses related to the reform initiative to be lack of employee buy-in.

• Good Governance Initiatives, Reforms and Awards 2008-2011
Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances
o Evaluated projects and initiatives nominated for Prime Minister’s Award for Good Governance.
o Conducted site visits along with a senior government official to collect data and validate applications.
o Documented and submitted final assessment report to the Ministry recommendations.

• Jagannath P. Harish, (2017) "India’s District Collectors as administrative entrepreneurs: myth or reality?", International Journal of Public Leadership, Vol. 13 Issue: 4, pp.260-275, (concealed information)
• Jagannath, P. Harish. (2013). To Collaborate or Not: That is the Question. Public Administration Review, 73(1), 190 193. (Book Review of “Collaborative Governance: Private Roles for Public Goals in Turbulent Times” by John D. Donahue and Richard J. Zeckhauser).

References available upon request

The 11 reviews on Harish
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11 recommendations


Harish is the one who truly deserves the title of "super-professor". I have been his student for two years and the kind of guidance and mentorship I received was incredible. While he possess a great knowledge of his subject matter, he explains it in the most rational and understandable way. His students always receive a dose of his fun theories,ideas and strategies which makes the subject more interesting and relatable and keep the enthusiasm alive. Always encouraging and guiding for best! 10/10 for super professor Harish!


I took three courses which were taught by Prof. Harish at Azim Premji University, Bangalore, India. Those three courses were Public Policy in India, Strategic Planning and Performance Management for Profit and Non-Profit Organization and Qualitative Approaches to Analyze in Public Policy. According to my experience, all three courses were designed in a way where the students can learn multiple skills which are important from a practitioners perspective. From the courses, I learned stakeholder mapping and analysis, how to write effective memo and policy briefs, SWOT analysis, qualitative research methods and analysis with a tool NViVO and performance and result based analysis.

Prof. Harish has a very engaging and interactive style of teaching. His lectures are well-thought and well-prepared for the classes. His assessments were based on real public issues and were designed in such a way that encourages students to think out of the box. For a student, it is important to get feedback. With my experience, I can assure that students would get a line by line feedback along with overall feedback. It is impossible for Prof. Harish to miss out anything, good or bad. His feedback would include what is good and how further work can be improved. I believe that which is very important and it is commendable that he does that but not many professors have this style of giving feedbacks. He is very hard-working and passionate towards teaching and it is clearly noticeable in his style of work.

For me, Prof. Harish is not just a professor who taught three courses. He has been a wonderful mentor too. He has the quality to build a relationship out of the class where you can seek his guidance on career/ academic related challenges a student faces. He always encourages his students and motivates them to do well in academics as well as in life.

I would recommend Prof. Harish for a vital reason, that is, the style and approach towards teaching and designing course are very practical. By practical I mean, he knows how things work on the ground level. Therefore, he will teach you skills which can be implemented in the professional space. Additionally, a student would get the best mentor, a kind of mentor a student want to have always by his/her side.


He has taught me for 3 semesters at Azim Premji University. I have taken courses on Public policy analysis and qualitative research. He is an amazing teacher who would listen to you even if you ring him up in the midnight and help you solve your problems. I used to be really bad at qualitative research, but he helped me out by instilling confidence in me. I recommend Harish sir to any other student because he is an amazing teacher, a great friend, and the best listener. He is one of the best teachers I have ever had in my life.


Harish is a great educator. He taught us courses in Strategic Management and Qualitative Research Methods. I think the best part about his courses was his pedagogy which made us think and interact in class. We could approach him, ask our doubts and he would make sure that he clarified them. His well prepared classes demonstrated his passion for teaching and the courses which he taught. I believe it would be a great experience for those who choose to learn and interact with him.


Conveys concepts in a very lucid manner.
Great concept clarity and productive exercises on performance measurement, strategic planning and organization theory and leadership.

definitely a thumbs up!


Prof.Harish is a avid teacher. His method of conducting lecture is very helpful in understanding key insights from the specific topics. He is well prepared with the agenda and resources for every lecture. He could convey complex thematic and skill related subjects in a simpler manner.


Prof. Harish taught me two courses at Azim Premji University, Bangalore: Public Policy in India and Qualitative Approach to Analyze Public Policy. I really enjoyed attending his classes not only because of the quality of the lectures, which without any doubt was top notch, but also his way of teaching was unique. Something that I had never really seen before. Each class of prof. Harish was like a journey from a point to another during which we learned together. Outside the class, every interaction that we were engaged in had great value in terms of my professional career development. I will really recommend him for two reasons. First, his ability to explain things through a excellent mixture of theoretical and practical standpoints. Second, his ability of provide excellent direction to one's career through practical suggestions.


Harish has been my University Professor. He has taught me Strategic Planning and Performance Management. He is a wonderful teacher and a great person. He encourages his students to think out of the box. One best part about his teaching is that he plans activities to apply the concepts that he teaches. His feedbacks have always been helpful. I highly recommend him to the other Superprof members.


He's an excellent prof with in-depth knowledge on qualitative analysis of public policy. Giving examples, he simplifies classes and also has shared anecdotes from his field experiences and research. His classes were thoroughly fun to be at! How would the time pass by - one wouldn't realise!!


I met Prof. Harish at Azim Premji University, Bengaluru, India, where I took up his course on Qualitative Approaches to Analyzing a Public Policy
In terms of teaching:
He is someone who engages with creative ways of teaching any concept in hand. He brings out live examples of daily life which a student can relate to easily to make the concepts which are difficult easy to comprehend and understand. Along with this, he also provides hand on experience in the class room through small group/individual activities regarding the concept that is being taught at the end of the session. The most important thing for a student who submit assignments, is feedback, and this Prof. Harish is amazing at. He provides detailed feedback for assignments and even if you approach him outside of class. There will not be a single line in the assignment that is misses and this feedback is provided on time as well. He goes into details of the assignment and helps you improve to reach greater heights. He also highlights those students who have written exemplar papers which motivates any individual to reach there. He also commends students who attend his classes regularly with a small surprise at the end of the course :)

Why I recommend Prof. Harish? :
This is mainly because of his teaching style and the kind of person he is. He has detailed understanding of the concept that he is teaching and always comes prepared to class which is the most important aspect in a professor. He is very dedicated to his students and helps them out in every way he can. Along with this, he is also a very fun person inside the classroom and anybody would definitely look forward to his classes specially the way he begins them to lighten the mood of his students. I finally recommend him to the other Superprof members because, he has been a great mentor (and still is) and a very supportive professor throughout the duration I took his course. The way he teaches and engages the classroom/students is something every individual should look forward to.

Dhriti :)

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