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Curtis - Prof gaming - Florissant


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World Of Warcraft Veteran Giving Lessons On Raiding With Emphasis On Healing

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While I don't have practice tutoring, there are a few techniques I like to use when sharing thoughts or bouncing ideas off of people. This is part of the reason why I offer individual lessons. I'm better at gauging the needs of an individual one at a time. First of all, I like to get an understanding of the other person's thought process and help them see my own. This allows people to broaden their view on situations. Watching someone example their own methods so I can critique what I might have done differently or showing them what I might have done differently. Also, it's still important to create a base on which to build the fundamentals required for allowing the knowledge to flourish and expand.


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About Curtis

I've done work as a Web Developer previously but it wasn't for me so I've shifted directions to find a new profession closer to my passion in video games so I'm giving streaming and tutoring a try. I don't have much experience in tutoring but I am always looking to help people looking for advice. I've had a bit of an extensive history playing World of Warcraft but my knowledge is more deep-seated in recent WoW as I have played more seriously recently whereas I played on and off for years prior. I have experience with Mythic raiding (although I wasn't a top-end player I was usually performing on average). I should also mention I haven't completed a Mythic raid as Antorus was my first and I joined the game too late to find a guild that wasn't falling apart. Most of my experience comes from my time playing a Holy Paladin. I however have played around with other healing specs such as Mistweaver Monk, Restoration Druid, and Holy Priest. And although I don't have experience with Discipline Priest and Restoration Shaman, I do have some knowledge about how they work. I also have some DPS experience with Fury Warrior and Beastmaster Hunter.



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