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Arya - Prof music production - Montreal
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Writing, Recording, Mixing & Releasing your music from start to finish in Montreal

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About Arya

I am an award-winning composer, certified producer, and sound engineer, with a BA degree in music and a Masters in Audio production. I have been a freelance music composer for films, music producer, and live musician for 15 years, and I have been making tutorials for 5 years.

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To cut a long story short, I believe in teaching by doing! In this course, you will be tasked with writing, recording, mixing and releasing your work! If you already have some basic ideas to start that's perfect. Otherwise we'll work on that first idea together.

Based on your knowledge, whether you're a complete newbie or possess some knowledge in one or some of the above areas, I will shape the course to equip you with everything you need to become a one-person music making machine! I produced some of my best work by diving right into the process, faced with deadlines and an end goal in mind.

In my course we will use one of the following DAWs of your choosing:

Ableton Live
Logic Pro X
Pro Tools (only offered to students buying a pack of 10 hours)

Our first lesson will be a meet-and-chat and a quick inventory of your skills and gear. Based on thate, we will start from a lesson that suits your needs. You can take the full course or stop at recommended checkpoints or simply choose the topics you feel you need. In my course you will learn:

1. Basic DAW set-up & Hardware Essentials (What you need to get started & Why you need them)
2. Your first Project (Templates, Project Set-up & Pre-Production Planning)
3. Audio & Recording Basics (How to Record your first part, Sample Rate, Bit Depth, Latency)
4. MIDI & Software Instrument Basics (How to write MIDI, How to set up your Controller, How & Where to get Software Instruments)
5. Essential Music Theory I (Chords, Scales, Melodies)
6. Essential Music Theory II (Rhythm, Tempo, Grooves)
7. Audio Editing Essentials (How to edit audio, How to Layer sounds)
8. Audio Production Essentials (Mixing your first song, Basic EQ & Compression)
9. Audio Effects Essentials (What are Effects & How to use them)
10. Reverb Essentials (How Reverb works & Understanding parameters)

-Checkpoint 1- Releasing your first track

11. Audio Editing 201 (Different Workflows, Configurations & Hotkeys)
12. Music Composition 201 (How to write a Chord Progression, Song Structures, Creating Musical transitions)
13. MIDI 201 (Hotkeys, Quantization, Humanization, MIDI FX)
14. Sound Design (Basic Synthesis, Working with Samples, Audio Manipulation)
15. Advanced DAW techniques (How to export your music, customizing & Optimizing your DAW)
16. Music Theory 202 (Non-diatonic Music, Advanced Chord Progressions, Odd time signatures)
17. Advanced Synthesis (Envelops, LFOs, MIDI routing)
18. Advanced Audio Editing (Vocal Correction, Time Correction, Comping)
19. Advanced Mixing (Identifying Mixing goals, Reference Tracks, Advanced Mixing template)
20. Music Release (How to do basic Mastering, How to upload your music to Streaming services, essential Music Promotion)

-Checkpoint 2- Planning your first EP release

21. Music Theory 301 (Circle of Fifths, Instrumentation, Music analysis)
22. Advanced EQ (Identifying Audio bands, Shaping your sounds, unifying the sound of your record)
23. Advanced Compression (Mix Bus Compression, Parallel Compression, Mastering Compression)
24. Advanced Sound Design (Recreating Legendary Tones, Sculpting Audio, Granular Synthesis)
25. Brand Management (Making your own website, Managing your social media, collaborations)
26. Advanced Recording (How studios work, Acoustic treatment)
27. Psychoacoustics (the psychology of sound and music & the listener experience)
28. Music Production (Mastering, Unifying the sound of a record)
29. Career Development (How to start a freelance business, Career paths for Audio professionals)
30. Music business (How to set prices for your services, How to promote your brand)

-Checkpoint 3- Releasing your Debut album

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Hourly rate

  • $35

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  • 10 h: $325


  • $ 35/h


If you wish for me to travel to you, that could be arranged, but I would charge extra for transportation based on your location.

If you wish to learn Pro Tools, I will only accept students who book lessons in packs of 10 hours or more.

I need to be notified of cancellations and rescheduling 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, it would count as a lesson. This is to help me manage my time, make extra time slot available to my other students, and hopefully will motivate you to keep practicing regularly!

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