Article for students

Book a pack

The tutors have the possibility of offering you the possibility of booking several lessons at once, at a generally more advantageous rate.

These are called lesson packs. They can be 5 or 10 hours.

You will find information about their price either in the “Rates” section of your tutor's ads, or when requesting a pack.

To send a package proposal to your tutor:

  • Go to your email
  • Click on the button at the bottom right and choose the desired pack (5 or 10 hours)
  • Choose the payment method. Payment will be made only if the teacher accepts your package proposal

    Your tutor will be notified of your proposal, he will only have to validate your pack proposal.

    Once the pack has been accepted, a credit of hours will be added to your account. To count the hours of the pack, schedule your lessons via messaging.