Article for students

Video lesson technical issues

If have opted for the video lesson but you are having difficulties? Do not panic ! We invite you to follow the following steps:

Bad communication

Communication problems can be related to your connection.
We invite you to check the speed of your connection. If you have a bad wifi connection, we recommend that you:

  • 1.Switch to wired, if you are on a computer.

  • 2. Use 4G/5G mobile data mode.

  • Browser problem

    Access to the camera is possible from different browsers. However, there may be incompatibilities with Google Chrome on certain versions of Windows. If you are in this case, we recommend that you use Mozilla Firefox.

    Microphone or camera problem

    Tip 1: Change lesson settings

  • 1. Go to the three dots icon, then to settings.

  • 2. Go to the devices tab, open the camera, microphone and audio output drop-down menu and accept the permissions.

  • 3. Click on the “accept” button.

  • Tip 2: Change permissions from your Google Chrome browser

  • 1. Go to your Google Chrome browser.

  • 2. Click on the top right on the three dots icon.

  • 3. Click settings.

  • 4.Click Privacy & Security.

  • 5. Click website settings

  • 6. Select camera or microphone and check that your camera or microphone is authorized and that Superprof is not listed in sites blocked by your browser.

  • Tip 3: Change permissions in your computer's Windows settings

  • Go to Windows settings.

  • Go to Privacy.

  • Verify that camera access for the device is enabled.

  • Enable the option "Allow applications to access the camera"

  • In the "Choose which Microsoft Store apps can access the camera" section, enable "Windows Search", "Camera" and "App Connector".

  • For the microphone follow the same steps.