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  • Chemistry
  • Statistics
  • Exam Prep- Exam for Normale SUP- Sciences
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Ex Lecturer in Engineering ready to teach Math for Junior/High School or technical students


Once the curriculum reached I will prepare a lesson plan for given time duration and then develop it descriptively with solving methodology worked examples and tutorils for student to work out
Marked tutorils will be discuss in the next session with more explanation for the areas where more clarification needed


Im a MSc engineering graduate in Uk, highly skilled in maths and have tought Maths for high school and technical / University students . Did tution for Junior high school students for years
Farmiliar with math 30, 31 courses in Alberta curriculum
Worked as a quality anslyst in manufacturing company


Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $300
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $600
Lessons offered by Chithu
In group
The lessons will be held
At their place
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Mathematics
  • Algebra
  • Chemistry
  • Statistics
  • Exam Prep- Exam for Normale SUP- Sciences
  • All Levels

Chithu 's Resume


β€’ To find employment in teaching as a professional with more than 20 years of academic experience.


Lecturer in Manufacturing Engineering – Higher National Diploma in Engineering program 1996-2007
Advanced Technological Institute – Colombo- Sri Lanka
β€’ Wrote lesson plans, Developed lesson structures, Delivered lectures on Engineering Mathematics, Thermodynamics, Production Planning and controls and many other subjects foe students at every level ( 1st -3rd year)
β€’ Carried out Laboratory experiments and marked lab reports
β€’ Set examination papers, assignments, tutorials and marked
β€’ Supervised examinations
β€’ Guided and Supervised students projects ( Industrial/class room)
β€’ Participated interview board of training evaluation

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering - Sri Lanka Technical Services 1991- 1994
β€’ Performed Academic functions as described above for
β€’ Mathematics, Science, Computer science and Engineering design subjects
β€’ Coordinated the courses of Statistics and Industrial Engineering for Final year students ( Diploma)

Instructor in Chemical/ Mechanical Engineering – Faculty of Engineering – uni: of Peradeniya 1989- 1990
β€’ Conducted laboratory experiments in the Chemical Engineering department
β€’ Marked assignments
β€’ Conducted and marked mathematics tutorials

Visiting Lecturer
β€’ Conducted Mathematics and Science for Seamen students at Colombo Institute of 2000-2001
Nautical and engineering ( CINEC)
β€’ Mathematics and Quality Controls at Lion Air- Aero nautical Engineering 1999
β€’ Various subjects at The Open University of Sri Lanka – Nugegoda ( diploma) 1998-2004
β€’ Production Planning and Controls- at degree level University of Ruhuna 2005

β€’ Conducted Mathematics and Science tuition classes for Grade 6 to grade 10 2005-2007 school children at own place

Relevant Duties performed in Canada – Edmonton 2008-2016

Statistical analysis of Finished Product Attributes
β€’ Proficient understanding on statistics behind setting product specifications;
β€’ Used statistical software for recording data, drawing control charts, and process capability diagrams to ensure compliance with company QA/QC policies and procedures;
β€’ Measured, analyzed, interpreted, and reported data statistically using six sigma tools; and
β€’ Submitted analytical reports to managers, supervisors, and to six sigma team to continuous improvement and control of manufacturing and production processes.

Technical Writing
β€’ Drafted sanitation standard operating procedure (SSOP), work instructions for equipment cleaning, and applicable forms to input operational data as requested by the quality supervisor;
β€’ Carried out investigations in a controlled and systematic manner on issues that affect productivity and quality, submitted technical reports to supervisors and managers
β€’ Handled consumer and product incident complaints and forwarding issues to plant team, conducted work study projects to identify root cause of the problem, submitted technical reports to all relevant personnel.

Electronic Document Management/ Control
β€’ Ensured all cooperate and plant documents (policies, sops, WIM s) were up-to-date;
β€’ Recorded routing data electronically in spread sheets ensuring data accuracy;
β€’ Used SAP for creating inspection logs, retrieving production data, sending notifications to the maintenance department on equipment audit findings for corrective and preventive actions.
β€’ Accessed company electronic quality resources program (EQRP) for retrieving, distributing, maintaining current by discarding obsoletes of quality related documents;
β€’ Verified all records and data critical to management of product safety; and
β€’ Effectively updated and maintained physical recording systems for routing documentation.

Capital Packers Inc., Edmonton, AB July 2016 – October 2016
Quality Assurance Technician

Logoplaste – Canada Inc., Edmonton, AB July 2015 – December 2015
Quality Assurance Inspector

Maple Leaf Foods – Canada Bread Company, Edmonton, AB February 2010 – March 2015
Quality Assurance technologist / Technician

Leading Brands of Canada, Edmonton, AB January 2008 – December 2008
Quality Assurance Technician

Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Manufacturing Systems Engineering 1995
Faculty of Engineering, University of Warwick, UK.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Chemical Engineering 1990
Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Engineers and Technologists Integration Program, ETIP (NAIT) 2009

β€’ Practical HACCP training for Food Safety Teams (IFSQN), 2017
β€’ Internal Quality Systems Auditor Certificate (ISO 9001.2008), 2014
β€’ Food Sanitation and Hygiene Certification (Government of Alberta), 2010
β€’ WHIMS (Alberta Construction Safety Association), 2009
β€’ Valid Class 5 Alberta driver’s license

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