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Certified TESOL, TESL, TEFL teacher specializing in business English and general conversation

My home is Vancouver, Canada and I have the advantage of a Canadian accent which is easily understood throughout the English-speaking world. I can help you realize your English goals for career or social advancement with lessons that are designed specifically for your needs.

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1st lesson is free!

Native in both English and Arabic & Learning Mandarin, Ni Hao Ma?!

I always try to create an adaptive schedule, so based on the student's needs and limits. If they comprehend more visually, I can edit a short video for them where they can watch on their free-time where I can slow down the video and show them how each muscle moves when pronouncing certain words. If they are more audible-learners, I can edit a short podcast where they can repeat on their own time.

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I teach English to people wanting to improve on their speaking and comprehension skills

My teaching methods would depend on your needs. We could go over academic content; if you have a presentation or speech, I can help you with pronunciation. If you prefer day-to-day conversations, then we could target things like ordering at a restaurant, scheduling an appointment, asking for directions, etc. I can also help you prepare for your TOEFL test.

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High School Student who is able to teach English for students in Wetaskiwin

I am easy to get a long with, and most people find me comfortable to be around. A typical class who be either at the Wetaskiwin Public Library or somewhere, were it is suitable for you. My teaching would be able to show the different ways to make learning fun.

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Engineering student gives online english classes for high school students from Montreal

I teach English to high school students. I am friendly , include stories or references to a general topic to make the subject more interesting. I have been an avid reader all my life and would love to share the love for the language with others .

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Experienced TESOL certified ESL teacher in Lethbridge who always makes learning fun

One of the most effective ways to assist students is by developing and presenting comprehensible and stimulating lesson plans that facilitate all learning styles. I research, locate, and incorporate a variety of resources to accommodate students via visual, audio, tactile, and kinesthetic methods.

East Saint Paul
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Experienced ESL teacher gives lessons for all ages and levels in Winnipeg

As a teacher, I always start by addressing my students' specific interests and skill level. Once I learn these things, I am able to structure a curriculum for your needs. I am comfortable teaching all age groups and levels. A typical class of mine would vary from student to student, but I always start at the very bottom and work up.

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Eager to help Academic and Professionals develop and Improve their workplace English skills

As a Canadian employer, I fully comprehend what other employers look for in qualified candidates for hire (especially in the science and business sectors). I can help you improve written and oral English skills in order to prepare for resume writing, Interview skills and on-the-job verbal and writing improvements.

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Professional Writing Student (with certification) Teaches English As a Second Language Toronto

I teach through natural conversation because I believe it is the easiest and most efficient way for people to understand new ideas and skills, especially when it comes to languages. For learning English I believe I can teach anyone from young children to adults. I can teach reading and writing comprehension to middle and high school students.

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University degree student offering ESL speaking and writing tutoring online in Edmonton

I believe in flexibility in teaching methods. Every student has their own unique ways of learning and I believe it is the teacher and tutor's job to adapt to the student's learning habits to develop an efficient strategy. I believe in carefully listening to the student's questions and needs before launching into a pre-determined and standardized lesson plan.

New Westminster
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I am an experienced English teacher. Perfect your reading, writing and oral communication skills!

I am very sensitive to culture and different age groups to incorporate subjects that will be intriguing and interesting for my students in ways that they can make personal applications rather than dull lessons that can be hard to remain excited about. I work to make my classes very practical but also professional for my students.

North Bay
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ESL classes from individual with 28 years of English as her second language!

My teaching methods work around the student's learning. If the student learns better through homework and exercises I teach that way, if they learn better by example and video chat, I will teach that way. My teaching method always works around the student as it is about THEM not us.

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Geraldine Hidalgo- ESL Tutor, fluent both in English and Spanish. Native Spanish speaker

My methodology varies according to age and skill level. For younger clients aged 7-18 or absolute beginners, I would teach phonics, sight words and basic grammar. For adult clients, I would teach sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary. I am flexible to the client's skills and goals.

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Online ESL, Tofel teacher for all ages. Making learning fun and innovative!

My teaching methods are customized to the learning style of the student to ensure the best sucess possible. Classes are fun and innovative No matter the skill set and learning level we are here to meet every learners needs.

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ESL/TEFL Tutor in Peterborough seeking new students to gain experience creating and executing a lesson plan

TEFL-certified aspiring teacher who dreams of teaching English across Asia in the future. Located in beautiful Peterborough, Ontario. I respect that everyone's learning styles are different, and so I cater to my students' individual strengths and help them discover and improve on their weaknesses.

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Recent University of Toronto literary studies graduate provides English reading, writing and speaking guidance to native and foreign speakers of all ages.

My lessons are based on the school curriculum of the student. I begin by assessing the student's ability through an examination of their previous work. Tutoring sessions focus on current homework and assignments. I provide additional practice questions to build the student's confidence.

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I am a specialist in teaching ESL children and have a Bachelors in Linguistics!

My teaching methods are to either improve a child's speech with repetition and lots of fun-filled practice! I base the lessons on the errors made in your child's everyday speech. Lessons should be held at least once a week, of course, more lessons the better.

Boularderie East
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ESL teacher with a Bachelor of Science and Arts gives English tutoring to students online

I base my classes on the specific tutoring/teaching needs of the student. The subject I tutor/teach is English for pre-school to high school level students. I work from home and provide lessons via video. I have a flexible schedule in the afternoon and evening and I am willing to work on weekends as well.

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Sustainable Agriculture student in Peterborough gives English conversation lessons to foreign speakers

My teaching methods are to have a conversation. The best way to learn a language is to practice speaking. A typical class will be based on a specific topic (chosen by the student or myself) and we will have a conversation. I will provide as much or as little help as needed for the student to complete their sentences or thoughts.

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Conversational English teacher with global exposure. Don't feel shy! Get better today!

My methods are Skype conversations where we discuss topics important and relevant to you. Based on how you want to utilize English communications, we will customize your growth and success. You can ask questions any time. Learning will be faster because numerous forms of communications education will be utilized (music, social media, movies, etc.

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An Experienced, Global Teacher of ESL and Music, Based in Vancouver BC.

My favourite method of teaching was the Berlitz way, it's the oldest and most effective method for teaching a language from scratch! Unfortunately, I can only speak English fluently so you'll have to find someone else to improve your Italian. But I can offer saxophone lessons as well as language lessons! Unfortunately you'll have to provide your own saxophone.

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Native English speaker offering classes to help improve speech, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

My method of teaching is conversational as well as reading. With the student I'm currently teaching we read from vocabulary lists as well as short books as they are young and their school provides excellent vocabulary lists and required reading. I can also just talk with my students on a conversational level while providing feedback on pronunciation, grammar, and tone.

Brentwood Bay
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TEFL certified English tutor/teacher. With experience teaching Japanese students in Tokyo! :)

Teaching through mistakes. I believe the best way to learn anything is by making mistakes and being brave enough to do so. Overcoming weakness in a language takes courage. It's also incredibly important to recognise where you fall short, and to be open to improvement.

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Ph.D. student with experience in teaching English (ESL) and Spanish in person in Ottawa or online

I plan each session based on the individual student's needs, generally with a strong emphasis on pronunciation and accent reduction. My goal is to make you as comfortable speaking as possible! Depending on the goal of each student, I use a mixture of written texts and assign 'homework' as needed.

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English writer offers lessons to improve your listening, speaking and writing in Montreal

I use various materials, from listening, speaking, reading to writing. I tailor my class according to the level and interest of each student in order to have the optimal pace of learning , inspire lasting interest toward making progress while making it a enjoyable process.

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University of Toronto student gives English lessons for students in downtown Toronto

My classes are customized to fit the needs of each student. However, I emphasize applications of the materials learned in each class in real-like situations. In addition to this, instead of teaching conversation, listening, and writing separately, I try to tie them together. Based on the students' needs, I can be both structured or flexible.

Richmond Hill
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ESL CAN BE FUN! Toronto-based, Linguistics program background and...I've been through what you've been through! So relax and come join :)

I approach students with comfort. My goal is to make the students feel relaxed during all lessons! I welcome all types of questions and curiosities! Students have the right to speak or to be listened to with patience in all my lessons. My values in classes are having patience.

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Highly qualified English teacher (CELTA) with several years experience teaching overseas and online. I will help you speak like an American through conversational instruction.

I get to know my students, their passions and language needs. A short reading text will be chosen by either myself or the student (according to the students needs and interests). A discussion will follow where corrections in phonics, grammar and pronunciation will be reviewed and practiced.

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Perfect! It was a pleasure to have classes with Will. He identified some key issues I have with the American accent and helped me improve on those. He was accomodating and accepted to give me lessons via Skype, since I don't live where he teaches.

Grégoire, Student
1 year ago

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