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Civil Engineer with very good skills in Autocad, Math. and MS Excel

LECTURE METHOD. at the lecture, I used to make an oral presentation of information, THE DISCUSSION METHOD. The discussion involves two-way communication between participants and myself. THE DEMONSTRATION LESSONS AND BUZZ GROUPS PLUS BRAIN STORMING AS WELL.

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Mechanical Engineering student studying at the University of Toronto gives SolidWorks/AutoCAD classes to individuals interested in 3D printing or creating 2D / 3D models (in Toronto and Vaughan)

My teaching methods are mostly by visualization of course content. Firstly, by summarizing the whole chapter, and then moving to more detail. I base my classes on the students’ needs, and I approach a subject with structure and flexibility. If the lesson is not course oriented, I will help the student step by step to meet their needs and teach them to master the lesson.

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Les dessinateurs industriels / designer industriel propose des cours Autocad et des améliorations sur le logiciel Autodesk

The technique of watering What is the most effective way to water a lawn? Water it for 90 minutes once a week or three times 30 minutes? It is the same for learning: it is better to favor short and spaced sessions than long intensive sessions.

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AutoCAD 2D and 3D tutorials. Learn foundation AutoCAD, how increase your productivity, shortcuts.

I try to understand your needs, and how I can help you to grow up with your AutoCAD skills. It is a good tool if you know how use it. Learning the foundation is basic to grow with the app. Any update has always amazing things, but you need to understand how understand the app.

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Engineering student gives maths lesson (up to to grade 10), computer repair and web development classes for just anyone trying to learn something new in Toronto area.

My teaching methods are very action based. Being recently graduated, I believe on delivering a structured program when dealing with those at the grade level for my maths classes. When it comes to computers related classes, its a hands on approach to your specific issue.

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Des cours AutoCAD et AutoCAD Civil 3D pour l’ingénierie et pour la conception

Donner des class personnalisés en analysant les besoins de chaque personne et en faisant un plan de travail

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M an Architect And any architecture student or any civil engineer or any one wants to get expert in Autocad or any designing software

I teach with basic working standards and operations methods where i provide notes to remeber and would give extra classes if needed

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Son sınıf mimarlık öğrencisinden, uygun fiyata autocadde 2D çizim dersi verilir.

Autocad programını kullanırken, en basitten ileri düzeye kadar komutlar ve nasıl kullanılacağını uygulamalı olarak anlatıyorum. Aynı zamanda komut dışında kalan programı kullanırken kendi sahip olduğum deneyim ve kısayollarımı paylaşıyorum.

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AutoCAD and Revit courses from beginner to expert level from an experienced Designer in English or French

My teaching methods are based on traditional step by step programme with an explanation of the new material, exercise and review of the learned. If there is a class demand to be more focused on different topics everything can be included in my very flexible program.

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Civil engineer gives Revit, AutoCAD, NavisWorks and structural engineering software classes for undergraduate or graduate engineering students in Toronto Area.

I prefer to start any class with a general overview about the topic and analyze the input then present the final product. During the class, usually I start the class with a simple example to explain the "command" and its alternatives then I give the students the time to apply all commands in a realistic example.

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I am an Architect, I am passionate about working with different clients, I have using many architectural softwares for all my work. I’d love to pass my knowledge on to someone who’s just as passionate

I like meeting new people, so I try to have one on one classes with them. It’s better for me to reach when the student is right in front of me, I usually keep my classes short and precise and to the point. I am person who follows the “doing and understanding” method of learning and teaching.

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An Intern Architect giving lessons for students who plans to improve skills in Revit and AutoCAD

Graphic skills: My teaching methods will be specific to individuals and make a unique schedule to each student, making sure they catch up with the learning speed and be really confident to learn continuously. Chinese: Mainly focus on primary and secondary school students who willing to learn Chinese and excellent to speak and write after complete my lessons.

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I have been a recent student myself and thus, I teach others the way I wanted to learn! I am currently teaching AutoCAD basics and SolidWorks in a Technical College in London Ontario.

My teaching methodology is to start from scratch so there are no assumptions or confusions between a student and a professor regarding any pre-existing knowledge. I invite as many questions as possible as they eventually lead to increase in the knowledge of both professor and student.

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Hey! Be ready for your next AutCAD experience. Fun, Dynamic and Easy!

My first advise when you come to my class is to be PATIENT AutoCAD is pretty user friendly once you give it a chance. I am here to help you discover or re-discover this software. The way I work is simple, you tell what you would like to know or get better at. You could be a beginner or you are simply stuck with fonctions for a project.

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Engineering student give AutoCAD, Revit and some basic knowledge about computer to the high students.

I like to teach my students in a entertained way, so that the classes will be interesting. My classes is not purely based on the theory, will help the students learn about the softwares in depth. I would really love to teach the high school students.

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Architect - Graphic Designer gives Autocad, 3DMax, Adobe Basic-medium-advance Classes in Vancouver

My teaching methodology is based in three stages, First one is general understanding of the subject and where and how can be applied. Second stage learning of the software, and third stage the appliance in a real professional situation .

Greater london
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Architecture and interior design tutor London Autocad Revit 3ds max Photoshop

I teach the following: I have been tutoring students from KLC and Inchbald diploma and Certificate level from the last 5 years and Also from many major universities including UCL and AA. I offer free meeting for 20 minutes and free 30 minutes sessions. I charge 30 to 33 Per hr depending on how huge your work is. But I guarantee 100% Satisfaction.

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AUTOCAD tutoring and SKETCHUP tutoring + Vray (rendering) - Madrid Capital

Architect graduated in 2010 Experience as an artist and director of Freelancer projects since 2014 Architecture + Construction + Design of Interior Participant international competitions experience teaching students from the Madrid School of Decoration _Clases based on projects under development by _Clases students based on basic projects represent _Aprender Architecture architectural plans...

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Royal College od Art student with 4 years experience in Interior design gives 3D- CAD and graphic software lessons - beginners to advance - based in London

Hi everyone! My name is Wojciech and I'm a current (MA) Royal College of Art Student. I'm offering class to the people who are interested to be a designer or they are already and they want to improve their 3d skills. Step by step I will teach you the most efficient 3d - Cad techniques.

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Instructor at Massaua Institute offers AutoCAD and ArchiCAD lessons for high school or business purpose, both 2D and 3D, including realistic renderings with Photoshop

I teach as a lecturer since 2014. Currently I am the operational manager of the company Tilllate.world, based in Switzerland, the largest international community for nightlife photography, we cover more than 20 countries. I collaborate with Google Inc. as a Google certified photographer for the insertion of places and photographs in the Google Street View database.

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AutoCad tutoring by an Engineer professional with a Master's Degree and 10 years past tutoring experience, to all level of students in London and Surrey area

My name is Anri. I've got a Master's degree in Building Engineering and I've been tutoring for almost a decade now. I know that it is difficult for a student to comprehend some subjects and that's why I never give for granted anything. I'm very patient, which I think is a key point in tutoring, so that the student won't feel any pressure if he doesn't understand something.

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Initiation and improvement to graphic design and modeling software - architecture and design

Student in Architecture and a graduate of the Boulle School, I have been working on 2D drawing software and 3D modeling for over 7 years. These three programs can be learned individually or in a complementary way.

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Architect with 8 years experience with AUTOCAD 2D and 3D classes, REVIT, SKETCHUP, VRAY AND LUMION.

Piauiense has lived in Belo Horizonte since 2010. He graduated from the Federal University of Piauí - UFPI where he took an extracurricular course in Interior Design, currently specializing in Urban Management by UNINTER.

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Architect gives 2D / 3D Autocad design and modeling lessons and Photoshop postproduction in Milan

I am a qualified architect and I am specializing in a Master of Interior Design. I propose one-to-one lessons for Autocad and Photoshop programs aimed at both high school and college students and those who want to get closer to their learning for the first time. No matter the level of preparation, the study path will be defined according to individual needs.

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To get jobs in companies we should have technical knowledge For that autocad is important

I used to teach the software from its basics to advanced And I can make the student well understood I got good responses from my past students

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Veteran professional offering to teach mainstream engineering CAD software; AutoCad, 3D Max, Sketch Up, Archichad and Rhino

I am passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. My journey into tutoring started when I started scheduling for other students; I have conducted personal training for colleagues and juniors alike I love passing my experience and knowledge in management, programming, networking etc. to other students and everyone interested in learning something new.

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Architect, master student in architecture with solid knowledge in design softwate (autocad, archicad, adobe package, arcgis, excel)

My teaching method includes an approach to the software from the basic aspects that compose it, this approach allows the student to become familiar with the essential aspects of the use of the program, following is made a series of exercises of application of the tools and proceeds to the creation of a new project, in which will be reflected the lessons obtained and finally will proceed with the...

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Hi, Learn 2D and 3D design with smart way within short time.

I am a Mechanical engineer with experience of 2D and 3D design with rendering, visualization, virtual tour, animation and much more. samrt way to learn any design within short time. having civil, mechanical, architecture design, plan, layout etc. contact me for more.

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AutoCAD Tutoring - 10 years experience as Engineer with a Master's Degree - based in London zone 1

I have been giving private lessons for 6 years in different subjects, ranging from Statics and Construction Science to Lighting and Software for 3D and BIM design. I trained about 20 students who passed the exams brilliantly (graduating), doing just the method of study and the modus operandi for the design and management of a 3D model and/or BIM.

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