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Fort Saskatchewan
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Will teach Pro timings, Muscle memory adaptation, Reading plays, Console PS4 preferred.

I teach based upon self experience, mechanics , net code reading , and learning timing adaptations for competitive shooters, My experience is self gained ,taught, and observed through years of playing games in competitive Private match, you might ask why am i not Full Pro? Simple, it was never my dream to be pro, just to win.

Keswick Ridge
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"Old School gamer cares, shares secrets and provides decades of experience, Online Education with Video Games!"

Hello, how are you!? Reccommendations, Examples and Advice I would give! Help you with enjoyable Gaming playthroughs, Purchases, Gamer Secrets, etc.

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FPS PC Gamer with over 20 years experience gives lessons at home

When I teach I put a big emphasis on basics because it is what creates a strong foundation. My methods include standard/basic PC FPS knowledge, core building shooter techniques, situational/map awareness exercises, ideal mouse/keyboard settings. All the way to more advance techniques and shooter tactics. I'm big with patience and making sure my students have a clear understanding of my techniques.

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The KEY to winning is consistency and remaining calm in FIFA 19

My teaching method would be done through a webcam - this will allow me to connect with my students, understand their problems and provide them with the best tips possible to take your gaming ability to a new awesome level

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Experienced gamer who takes pride in gaming. Games : League of Legends Call of duty Fortnite Apex Legends

I would first evaluate how you play. Take notes on good and bad things. Then I would tell you how you think you could improve and try to implement them when I show you what it is that needs to be changed about playstyle or mindset and eventually work my way up to making your overall skill level higher.

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Veteran gamer can teach you how to get better at video games

I can give lessons to essentially all skill levels (depending on the game). I'd be more than happy to sit down with you and make sure you get things right before moving on. Your money is your time so I will make sure to use it effectively.

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Do you want to be a Twitch or Youtube streamer? Video game coaching at your service!

It depends on where you want to go and what audience you want to target, I will conduct a study of your environment and what you need. Then we will begin the process of designing a personal brand, including graphic art and physical presentation.

Sohan bairwa
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Sanskrit Ajmer Mdsu Ex. Chhota lamba school 4years Name sohan Class teach 10 Any sub science English

Name sohan bairwa Contect. (concealed information) Qualification b.a + m.

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A Casual Gamer looking to reach out to the youth and have fun with the gaming community.

Just here to help entertain the gamers if they need a buddy to play games with if their not that social. Won't get into there personal life just here to game and farm with them like a brother. Help them improve and learn different things in the game world.

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PS4 gamer with 6 years of Call of Duty experience. Willing to help anyone.

Based on Your skill set I will teach you tips and Tricks on how to get better at sniping, boosting K/D and score per minute. Also tips and tricks on how to get guns gold, diamond, dark matter.

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Competitive Call of Duty player for 7 years, I have experience playing and becoming a more proffesional player outside of the game located in Springfield Illinois

I believe that intensity is a key factor in a majority of video games and since call of duty is reaction based getting use to intensity is a must. I teach how to stay collected in extreme pressured situations and how to think of a proper next move.

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Easy going video game Master, has expert exercises and tips to get you going to victory.

I approach each topic of knowledge with a personalized approach coming from trouble shooting i've done with my student. I can go from someone looking to break into the professional circle to the casual player looking to elevate his game.

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Competitive Player with over 6 years of experience. Speacialize in Search and Destroy with the promise of making you or your team much better and more consistent.

My teaching method starts with first evaluating the skill of my student. Depending on the session I then try to give them tips to help improve individual skill. Next I like to see how they play in a certain game mode to see if the problem may be decision making or awareness.

Đình sang
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Some thugs and teenagers asking for more unique gaming system in Vietnam

My teaching methods are :"None" .Like I said up there ,I don't like teaching .

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Online Call of Duty sessions with Fake Gaming's BronXX ( Xboxone/ PS4)

Every person is different. So, every teaching experience depends on the student. There is no one method. However, we begin by assessing the skill level of the student, and their strengths and weaknesses. I encourage a positive, growing atmosphere. Where everyone can feel comfortable and safe.

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Learn any game, or have a co-op partner. even for games no one plays any more

In the first lesson we will discuss what games and where you want to focus in them and we will go from there. I will focus on the time invested vs the results such as maximizing gear set up, leveling up and farming techniques I am also open to new games although there may not be many. I am also available for co-op play and farming or grinding in many games.

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I myself will git you gud to the best of my ability

I will give lessons to anybody willing to make changes to their playing style and how they play. My form of teaching usually starts out with options and gaming preferences, which evolve into real advanced in-game strategies. I understand that the rate of improvement is different for everybody. So i will adjust my lessons depending on the person.

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Lifelong competitive gamer on console and PC with deep knowledge of professional eSports level play and tactics. I've killed Shroud and Friends in COD

Lessons vary depending on skill level and game, while basic understanding of mouse and keyboard controls, or console controls is recommended for competitive games. Methods vary, but generally take place in playground, private, or other practice areas within a particular game before going into a real match to apply the lesson(s) against other players.

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Experienced Gamer offering Overwatch lessons for players who seek to climb ranked.

I do Phone Calls, Video Calls reviewing students' game clips and showing them their strengths and weaknesses and designing ways for them to improve.

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7 Years Experience of High level competitive level Call of Duty. Multiple GB and UMG Online tournament wins and Major LAN placements. Will help you with your all around gameplay and garaunteed to make

My teaching Method is to figure out what kind of person you are and how you learn certain things and I approach every student with what I feel is the best approach to help you learn and become a better player. Feel Free to add my psn : (yCrueL ) or email me (concealed information) We can negotiate prices and your goals and expectations.

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I am Kay and I play Video Games . I will teach you how to play GTAV and get a ton of money without mods or money drops . Quick and Easy Ways.

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Amazing tutor great at most RPGs and shooters patient and very willing to teach on a competitive level.

My teaching style is very diverse and will change depending on the needs of my student. I can teach online or in person.

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Gear up for the new amazing adventure and thrill of gaming world

A simple but effect way to describe the topic .

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GaMeR ConTacT HeRe For Tips And Tricks Of Any Pc Or MoBile GaMeS

My Teaching Method is Very Simple And Understandable i Used to Explain in various ways that student can understand me

(1 review)
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Competitive Pro Gamer offering knowledge, success, and many more in New York with 10 years of experience.

My method of teaching is that myself and the student will be playing together in the desired game. I will educate the student with tips,tricks, and ways of becoming a better gamer. I will provide a stress free and an enjoyable environment. I will figure out the students pros and cons and help improve their gaming capabilities.

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Long time gamer that would love to teach others and help others get better. Strategy is key! ballisticsanta24 is my twitch account. Check me out and get some lessons and we can help you pass me up!

My teaching methodology will mostly be getting people better at aiming and getting the right settings, as well as having better strategy. Once through a few lessons, I would also play with people that have Xbox. And for the people who don't, I will continue to help them. I would be willing to consider any ways you can think of for me to teach you as well.

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I am a pro gamer ready to teach you many ways how to win the game

I base my class Technics details went to do something went to not do something

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Australian Trophy Hunter with over 250+ platinum trophies, teaching and training players to be the better at all games

1 on 1 classes focusing on the game of choice and teaching new skills to all gamers.

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Working since my birth.Being good at my work.concentration is needed to give hardwork

My method about a creative teaching method were learner will easily able understand concepts and through their side by side

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