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Experienced E-sports enthusiast in Waterloo offering Gameplay Development training; Specializing in Apex legends, Overwatch, Fortnite and Rainbow Six Seige

My teaching methodology is about learning through hands on knowledge; learning the processes and understanding concepts through actual and routine processes. I aim to improve many facets of gamer development - both hard and soft skills.

Cross in Hand
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Passionate Gamer With 6 Years Of Experience And I Want To Help You

In 1 to 1 I would get your to do a few matches to see what your skills are like and start planning ways to improve you though out lessons. In a group I would get you to start the same then use custom matches to home in skills and add more skills to your list.

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Veteran gamer can teach you how to get better at video games

I can give lessons to essentially all skill levels (depending on the game). I'd be more than happy to sit down with you and make sure you get things right before moving on. Your money is your time so I will make sure to use it effectively.

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Do you want to be a Twitch or Youtube streamer? Video game coaching at your service!

It depends on where you want to go and what audience you want to target, I will conduct a study of your environment and what you need. Then we will begin the process of designing a personal brand, including graphic art and physical presentation.

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1st lesson is free!

Fortnite tutoring for new gamers and people who need some help with the game

I like to teach people by playing with them, then giving them tips on who to improve and then go into a game and see if they can work on what I have said to improve and we will repeat this over and over until the pupil feels confident or the session is over.

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Who wants to be the very best like no one ever was and get that epic win? Come with me on a journey and learn strategic ways to get that epic win.

I let the student show me on what they can do and then we go from there. Each day will be doing something different and learn something new.

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Lifelong competitive gamer on console and PC with deep knowledge of professional eSports level play and tactics. I've killed Shroud and Friends in COD

Lessons vary depending on skill level and game, while basic understanding of mouse and keyboard controls, or console controls is recommended for competitive games. Methods vary, but generally take place in playground, private, or other practice areas within a particular game before going into a real match to apply the lesson(s) against other players.

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I have been gaming for years now and find myself good when in comes to Battle Royals. This is for PC only as well.

I play with the kids and give tips and give tips and tricks on how top get better. But also encouraging them to do better in school and not play until their homework is done. Because school is way more important than gaming.

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I aim to instantly improve your ability in game with basic yet effective tips and tricks to improve reaction time and awareness in game.

If possible, I would try and get into games and test your skills, then apply the information which I provide, allow you to play with the tips in mind, and play again at a later date in order to see how you have adjusted with the information I provide

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Semi-pro player that just wants to help the community and give a helping hand to those who need it.

I base my teaching on improving constantly. Of course, I won't be harsh, but I will be honest, as this is necessary for improvement.

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Rainbow Six Siege: a casual guide to strategy, firefights, and supporting your team.

I tend to teach with an importance on fun. Everyone wants fun, and everyone needs it in the classroom to stay on subject and dedicated to the goal. A student can prosper when he/she feels comfortable and successful. When our priority is fun, it’s hard not to succeed.

Ann Arbor
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Hello I would Really like to teach you how to play R6 Like a Plat (PS4)

My teaching method is to use a hour meaningful moment, and to learn a lot of stuff in 1 hour I love moving on slowly also I like teaching a lot of stuff, if you have any problems I talk about it.

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Competitive Pro Gamer offering knowledge, success, and many more in New York with 10 years of experience.

My method of teaching is that myself and the student will be playing together in the desired game. I will educate the student with tips,tricks, and ways of becoming a better gamer. I will provide a stress free and an enjoyable environment. I will figure out the students pros and cons and help improve their gaming capabilities.

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Long time gamer that would love to teach others and help others get better. Strategy is key! ballisticsanta24 is my twitch account. Check me out and get some lessons and we can help you pass me up!

My teaching methodology will mostly be getting people better at aiming and getting the right settings, as well as having better strategy. Once through a few lessons, I would also play with people that have Xbox. And for the people who don't, I will continue to help them. I would be willing to consider any ways you can think of for me to teach you as well.

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Rainbow six is a highly sophisticated game complex that requires coordination and strategic thinking I'm here to help

I am enthusiastic and I'm here to show you how rainbow six seige should be played and how to feel comfortable playing in your own style and function

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E-sport which is becoming great sport in India and i have 8 years experience of various games.i will be active in city like pune ,kolhapur

i will start by game types,why should you play games, career in gaming, how to test games professionally, upcoming future technology related to gaming. configuration of pc to play high end graphics games, study of various console,various graphic cards and so on..

1st lesson is free!
1st lesson is free!

Student at Gaming Business School trains you to Rocket League, Rainbow 6 and Battlefield

I base my lessons on your gameplay to begin to examine the different facets with you. Then I discuss with you to see your mistakes and where you can improve. Finally, we take your gameplay and compare it to others to have multiple points of view.

1st lesson is free!

Hi This is Rushi I'm good with gaming as I spent some time of last 6 years playing different games over different platforms like PC(steam), Mobile gaming, PS4. I'd like to provide my experience to hel

I'd like to teach on Skype, Twitch(for gaming) or over any social network. I think screen sharing software or skype would be great. I'll be teaching anyone over 15 years(gaming) over 18 years(cooking) and math for any age . And I guarantee that anyone who'll learn from me would be definitely better than how they were previously.

Castle Rock
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I have been playing video games for about 11 years I primarily play rainbow six siege and I play on pc and ps4

I teach by watching the student and then give them feedback while I am playing with them and I will ask them if they noticed things that they could have done better then I’ll give them my feedback. I used to be a baby sitter for all ages so I can communicate my point across to all ages.

1st lesson is free!

Rainbow 6 Competitive Player Wants To Teach You How To Play: 1000hrs In-Game Experience (Charlotte, NC)

This lesson is tailored to teach the beginning/intermediate FPS player. This will cater to someone transitioning into the FPS genre, and maybe new to the whole scene itself.

1st lesson is free!

Diamond Console and Plat 2 PC here to help others progress up

Step by Step approach, listen to what I say and do what I say, Ofcourse it will always be within reason.

1st lesson is free!

I will help you with basics and keybindings. I am very calm and will help you progress.

I will practise and help you with basics, before advancing on to the harder skills. I have insanely gooD AIM AND CAN HELP YOU THRIVE TO BE THE BEST THAT YOU CAN BE.

Jersey City
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Gamer with 15+ years of experience, Knowledgeable of different types of gaming styles and I play a variety of games

My teaching method is slow and steady. I don't like things being thrown on me when it comes to learning so my preferred method is slow and steady until I completely understand what is being taught. My knowledge and play style may be different from others but once it is understood, the gameplay becomes extremely easy.

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1st lesson is free!

Competitive gamer for over 15 years offering assistance with basic to advanced game sense / knowledge / awareness!

I want to help beginners / novice players feel more confident in their skills in the games they desire as well as provide them with a stress free and fun filled environment to show the full enjoyment behind playing videos games! I want to help make people want to play more knowing they have the skills!

Massapequa Park
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Software Developer with a undying love for games. I am a completionist and a competitive player. I will teach you how to put yourself in the right position which makes all the difference.

I have been tutoring for a very long time so i will know when you don't understand something. I will give lessons to all levels. I will focus first teaching the basics and then i will start challenging you to use that knowledge so that it will commit to memory and you will know when you need to use that skill. As far as tutoring specific games, i will tutor whatever game you want.

1st lesson is free!

Gaming enthusiast with 13 years of experience wanting to teach growing gamers

My teaching methods fist include an assessment to understand the current skill level of my students. From there I utilize subjected areas of the desired video game to establish proficient skills one area at a time to progress the students capabilities as a whole.

1st lesson is free!

I Have Been Playing Video Games Of All Types Since 1994. Lessons can be given to players around the globe.

I am Erik, I am here to provide a service to learn and understand video games of different genres, the approach to each game. Playstyles for different maps for a FPS game for example. Spawning Cycles. When to rush, sprint, jump, crawl, etc, is covered.

Floral Park
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Competitive Gamer with 10 years of experience across Call of Duty, Halo, Rainbow Six and Battlefield.

I have had over 6 years of teaching experience across multiple FPS franchises. My lessons primary focus on developing the pupils strategy on how to play the game then perfecting his combat skills to amplify the effectives of the strategy.

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