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Life is all about chess where you need to defend challenges while also look for grabing the opportunities and win the game of life.

My teaching methods would be as follows: To provide the daily hurdles after the classes. To provide with the materials from which students can learn as and when needed. There would also be some live games which will show their progress. To discuss about the games played by grand masters and also analyse their moves.

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Do you want to learn how to play chess, how to improve or how to be more agile with your mind? Regular training makes a great player.

I based my chess and strategy of teaching, on the knowledge the student brings to the table. Once I have a broad idea of the student's knowledge, I can then based my lesson on that. All classes include training g exercises as well play time involving the day's lessons.

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Chess enthusiast playing for about ten years teaching his skill and knowledge

I want to use personal knowledge and things I have learned from other teachers to help people like me. I encourage anyone of any playing strenght or experience to train with me. I am very flexible as to what specific area of chess you would like to train and will always do my best to provide you with the best quality of teaching I can.

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International Chess Player Will Show You! The Secret To Winning Every Chess Game!

Let me introduce myself, I am a international chess player that has played in major chess tournaments from every corner of the world from North America to Australia.

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Rated chess player gives chess lessons for beginners and intermediate players to quickly improve their game.

My method is to teach the rules and basic principles first and evaluate the games played based on these principles. This way the student realizes where they failed to apply the theory.

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Business Management student teaches us the mind game of Chess in Toronto

My teaching method is different. I focus on practical aspect which will widen the thinking and thoughts of the person. Chess also provides us the technique for concentration and stability of mind.

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Thinking ahead is a quality that will follow you for life. Check mate!

I adapt my methodology & content complexity to my student's level of knowledge.

Niagara Falls
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Chess is a game of strategy and certainly it develop you mind

The first thing before playing chess is to know about it's rule and who already knows my advice to them is do as much as tactics

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Chess training for beginners to help them becoming international FIDE rated players

We have systematic training modules and work sheets, playing and analyzing sessions, Individual attention. helping students to become an expert in opening, middle game and end game. How to make plan and strategy in chess.

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Online chess lessons: fast and simple way to learn chess from your home

I had created training program which is used by some chess clubs in my country. Probably it means the program is good, because it is widely accepted. There is no secret, all aspects of the chess game are included into these program: opening, middle game, endgame, tactics, strategy etc. Of course, I use that program to work with my students.

Wasaga Beach
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The highly productive and modern chess lessons to boost up your progress!!!

I use ChessBase, where I can show you different aspects of strategy, tactics, ending, etc. I have a lot of great books and analyse the games from that books with my students (I choose the books depending on student level). We study typical positions, pawn structures, typical plans and manoeuvres.

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Chess Tutor! Improve your critical thinking skills by studying the game of Chess.

For every student I come up with a plan for 7-10 classes. It all depends on the goals that student wants to set. I can come up with a program that will be focused on preparation for playing in professional tournaments as well as just for improvement of your skills in the game.

Paris 20e
(6 reviews)

Ex chess champion of the Paris Open, ranked 2205 and player of the National team 1 (Rouen), + 15 years of Pedagogy, To give you Method !, Strategy! & Principles! in good behavior and the

Specialized in distance learning support and in the creation of video tutorials (exercises, theory, validation of knowledge) from College to Bac + 2, I have a great experience of pedagogy and I have trained several years of adults wanting to progress in the chess competition as promising young talents. COURSE TECHNIQUES I envision our sessions as a team effort, with one goal: to make you progress.

(6 reviews)
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FIDE rated chess player gives chess lessons in Pune or online (Through Skype/Hangouts or similar)

My name is Tejas Kondedeshmukh and am based in Pune, India. I have an international FIDE chess rating of 2060 and been playing chess since the last 21 years now; my experience of tournament play is around 70 to 80 chess tournaments from State to National level.

(10 reviews)

Coach chess since I was 15 years old, beginner to experienced (1800 maximum élo)

Hello, I started chess at age 4 years and they have never left me since! I can train students from beginner level confirmed with an appetite for tactical work and personality. Indeed, I adapt my course so that students quickly found his style of play and moving towards a comprehensive learning in this direction.

Paris 1er
(6 reviews)

Former Vice Champion of Paris - 12 years old (ranked 1800) gives beginners course

I quickly identify the student level and strengths and weaknesses. I analyze his games to develop his game. I can also present him problems. Finally, I have a wide knowledge of the theoretical repertoire and the finals. I teach students of all ages, from beginner to intermediate level.

(4 reviews)

Chess ongoing Reel or via Skype, by an International GrandMaster 2500 elo

My lessons are more expensive than other vendors, but with more insight you actually save time and money. That's not my claim, that's what my students are saying. ABOUT ME (briefly!) French International GrandMaster (IGM), 38 yold, living in Courbevoie near Paris. About my lessons: While I can give any kind of courses (prepared in advance, correspondence courses, etc ..

São Paulo
(64 reviews)

Learn the rules and principles that govern the strategies of Chess with me

Basic rules, practice, openings, defenses, fundamental principles, time management, main traps, history, personalities, book and movie nomination, curiosities ...

(10 reviews)

1:1 Chess Tutor in London, Finchley and Barnet specialising in Beginner Level Chess.

I play a game of Chess with the pupil and point out the mistakes. Apart from the games, I teach general attacking concepts and what Checkmate and Stalemate are, and much more. A Checkmate is a win and a Stalemate is a draw.

Petruta alisia
(2 reviews)
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Chess Trainer for people who love chess and want to learn more

Currently, I am a student at University of Leeds. I am a professional chess player.I have started when i was a child and I participated in many tournaments for 12 years,obtaining prizes at national, European and world level. I am passionate about this sport and because i have learned a lot , developed myself and changed my life.

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Mark Steadman, Chess tutor based in London. Advanced player and tutor for all ages

Hey there I'm a young ambitious chess tutor with over 6 months of experience in private and casual tutoring. I believe that there are much faster ways of learning to play chess than those that are regularly used. For example in the opening it's much more effective to pick a few openings and learn them deeply than learn several with a limited understanding.

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Chess Coach with 12+ years experience; developed several regional champions u18 and actively play/teach

I teach anyone of any age very effectively. I mainly teach kids under 18 and have produced chess champions for those who are serious competitors, and have greatly improved the knowledge and playing level of those who play more for fun. I have also taught adults, one of whom even claimed I was a better chess coach than Grandmaster Larry Evans since my teaching was very clear and instructive.

Comuna 5
(4 reviews)
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Venezuelan regional champion offers Chess classes at home. Levels: Initial, low, medium

The methodology varies depending on the level, and the amount of time the student can dedicate per week.


James - South London based professional chess coach, can travel to all areas.

Hi! I'm a professional chess coach with a strong academic background across a range of subjects. I have many years of experience of working with students of all ages and take a great deal of pride in ensuring all my students meet their potential. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Primarily I am a chess coach, but I'm also an experienced academic tutor at various subjects.

(2 reviews)
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Chess lessons for beginners / Fast results guaranteed / Shared enthousiasm / Paris Region

Discovered the game at 4 years old, I was trained by Grandmasters in Russia, the country of the greatest chess champions. Having played and won tournaments at regional level in the south of France, I'm sharing my experience with beginners with a unique pedagogy, the one that made me love this game during my childhood. I approach the game in a completely different way, the way of my teachers.

(1 review)
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Learn 6 Simple Things in Endgames Which Will Crush Your Opponent Totally!! | For Beginners And Intermediate Players

This class is for you if you struggle with the Endgames.u You will learn 6 things that should be not ignored for end games or else will result in Loss. The class will be taken on Skype or any Video call.

Cape Town
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Software Developer offering Chess lessons. Eastern Cape province chess player (< 2014)

My coaching techniques include teaching the basics and continuously giving you scenarios to play and figure out the winning move combination. It also includes making use of the notation pad (writing down your moves) so that you can always learn from your mistakes and see where you could've played a better move. Making the student get into the habit of thinking for two people but also 6 moves ahead.

Verona Residencial
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Student of electromechanical ing gives chess classes in santa fe tijuana

my way of teaching is an easy way to learn for children because at the end of everything to see it as a game children pay more attention. I am also open to teaching adults because it is a good exercise for memory.

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Chess vs Life: Learn with fun. With complete understanding and concepts. Applicability of the game in our life.

I always start from basics and that develops interest in the students. They start to like the game and take interest in the game. I teach with all concepts and full analysis. I make students understand the logic and facts of chess by relating it with life, so that students can know its applicability in real life, too. Student will never feel bored as I strongly believe in "Learn with fun".

(1 review)
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Pedagogue and passionate player rated 2000+ will help you to progress quickly while having fun

Player ranked oiver 2000, I often wonder how to accompany the progress of a student in an effective and sustainable way? I believe in 2 things: a transmitted passion combined with a structured and individualized teaching approach. Selling ​​a ready-to-use learning method would not make sense since each student is to be approched in a unique way.

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Perfect! I purchased chess lessons for my husband as a gift. Here is my husband's review: "It has been a pleasure working with Tejas these past few weeks. From our first introductory session, Tejas demonstrated his skills as a teacher to get to know my...

Jessica, Student
1 month ago
(6 reviews)

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