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Rated chess player gives chess lessons for beginners and intermediate players to quickly improve their game.

My method is to teach the rules and basic principles first and evaluate the games played based on these principles. This way the student realizes where they failed to apply the theory.

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Thinking ahead is a quality that will follow you for life. Check mate!

I adapt my methodology & content complexity to my student's level of knowledge.

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Online chess lessons: fast and simple way to learn chess, no matter what your age

Hi, I’m professional chess trainer, with many years of experience in teaching people, especially children. I started to play chess at the age of 7, with my grandfather. As a kid, I was very talented and I was the winner of a lot of school and children competitions.

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Chess Tutor! Improve your critical thinking skills by studying the game of Chess.

For every student I come up with a plan for 7-10 classes. It all depends on the goals that student wants to set. I can come up with a program that will be focused on preparation for playing in professional tournaments as well as just for improvement of your skills in the game.

Paris 20e
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Ex chess champion of the Paris Open, ranked 2205 and player of the National team 1 (Rouen), + 15 years of Pedagogy, To give you Method !, Strategy! & Principles! in good behavior and the

Specialized in distance learning support and in the creation of video tutorials (exercises, theory, validation of knowledge) from College to Bac + 2, I have a great experience of pedagogy and I have trained several years of adults wanting to progress in the chess competition as promising young talents. COURSE TECHNIQUES I envision our sessions as a team effort, with one goal: to make you progress.

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Coach chess since I was 15 years old, beginner to experienced (1800 maximum élo)

Hello, I started chess at age 4 years and they have never left me since! I can train students from beginner level confirmed with an appetite for tactical work and personality. Indeed, I adapt my course so that students quickly found his style of play and moving towards a comprehensive learning in this direction.

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FIDE rated chess player gives chess lessons in Pune or online (Through Skype/Hangouts or similar)

My name is Tejas Kondedeshmukh and am based in Pune, India. I have an international FIDE chess rating of 2060 and been playing chess since the last 20 years now; my experience of tournament play is around 70 to 80 chess tournaments from State to National level.

São Paulo
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Learn the rules and principles that govern the strategies of Chess with me

Basic rules, practice, openings, defenses, fundamental principles, time management, main traps, history, personalities, book and movie nomination, curiosities ...

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Doctor of Psychology and Master candidate in chess offers lessons for children and adults in London

My approach is student-centred, I am teaching both adults (psychology, SPSS, research, statistics) and children (chess). I am patient, friendly and understanding and trying to make sure that student feels comfortable and enjoys the lesson and gains confidence in the subject. I am also organising chess tournaments for my chess students to monitor their progress and plan future curriculum.

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Hello everyone ! Player ranked at 2003 Elo, I propose chess lessons for beginners and amateur players in order to quickly understand the keys of chess and reach the level of key player

My name is Lionel, I am a club player (2000 elo fide) having obtained many podiums in tournaments, I propose chess lessons for beginners and amateur players in order to reach a level of club player (1600 Elo Fide) )

Marshland Saint James
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170 graded ECF player. Played for England U14 in the EU Youth Championships a while back.

I focus primarily on position structure. While I do go over tactics and aggressive play I personally find that a good structural position in the game is one of the most important. I am able to identify people's weaknesses and strengths and how they should play the game, e.g.

Greater London
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Mark Steadman, Chess tutor based in London. Advanced player and tutor for all ages

Hey there I'm a young ambitious chess tutor with over 6 months of experience in private and casual tutoring. I believe that there are much faster ways of learning to play chess than those that are regularly used. For example in the opening it's much more effective to pick a few openings and learn them deeply than learn several with a limited understanding.

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Chess ongoing Reel or via Skype, by an International GrandMaster 2500 elo

My lessons are more expensive than other vendors, but with more insight you actually save time and money. That's not my claim, that's what my students are saying. ABOUT ME (briefly!) French International GrandMaster (IGM), 38 yold, living in Courbevoie near Paris. About my lessons: While I can give any kind of courses (prepared in advance, correspondence courses, etc ..

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Chess lessons given by an International Master in Bordeaux. Beginners to experts!

An open methodology adapted to each student! For a beginner, I would teach the basics as well as good background knowledge for a fast progression. For a more experienced player, they may already know what they want to learn.

(6 reviews)
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During chess fun, educational & interactive !! 15 years of experience in chess.

I graduated animator and chess arbiter by the French Chess Federation. I have an excellent education, I can adapt to each one always making sure that it remains playful. I was also the director of several videos in 2015 and 2016 for the Federation (championships of France, top12 etc.).

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Chess is not just a game . only chess improves creativity , increase problem solving skills even we are in a critical situation , concentration , memory , planning and foresight .....


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Chess Coach with 12+ years experience; developed several regional champions u18 and actively play/teach

I teach anyone of any age very effectively. I mainly teach kids under 18 and have produced chess champions for those who are serious competitors, and have greatly improved the knowledge and playing level of those who play more for fun. I have also taught adults, one of whom even claimed I was a better chess coach than Grandmaster Larry Evans since my teaching was very clear and instructive.

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Chess teacher with more than 10 years of experience, with children and adults.

My method for teaching and training in Chess is a flexible process, with the following common elements: 1.- Know the personality of the chess player. 2.- Introducing pedagogical elements in learning Chess (values, sacrifice, sportsmanship, etc..) 3.- Guidance for the basic teaching of chess. 4.

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Learn simple chess tricks quickly participate in competitions and win lots of prizes.

First I understand where my student stands and accordingly teach them how to keep the basics right get more practice in the same

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A good teacher with apt knowledge in Mathematics, English Language and music. With great communication skills to pass knowledge across.

Well first my class is for anyone who is interested in learning. I'm of the mindset that anything and everything is possible if we put our minds to it. So first I make my students understand that they are capable and have what it takes. I evaluate their preexisting knowledge on the matter and take it up from there. I'm funful and so are my classes.

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University trained professional is gamifying learning and strategic thinking through GO GAME

I make teaching fun and enjoyable. I use professional materials, supplied from the Korean ministry of culture, with systematic lessons from beginner level. I have a number of Go boards that you can choose from. I believe that our opponent is also our best teacher.

Verona Residencial
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Student of electromechanical ing gives chess classes in santa fe tijuana

my way of teaching is an easy way to learn for children because at the end of everything to see it as a game children pay more attention. I am also open to teaching adults because it is a good exercise for memory.

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Chess International Master and experienced coach gives chess lessons for all levels

We can work on all parts of the game (openings, middlegames, endings, tactical / positional play, calculation, strategy ...). I am adapting to the level, the desires and the objectives. Lessons can be done face to face (I can move) or on the internet (via skype).

Las Vegas
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Chess coach with 15 years of experience offering online Lessons for Kids and adults

Iam teaching through remote desktop software like zoom and Skype.I give homework to my students and ask them to play games regularly.I teach using the syllabus of Russian chess school. My lessons are result oriented and very practical.

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Online Professional Chess Coaching By International Rated Chess Player Via Skype or Whatsapp or any Video Mean

I give Online lessons and lectures to the Students in a very nominal fee. You can contact on (concealed information) to Learn Chess basics and at Intermediate or Advanced level. I have so many exercises for the players, If you really want to join me, It would be great for you.

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I am a chess player, I have the title of "Maestro fsi". I promise big improvements, I can teach at any level up to CM, also i'm an excellent opening preparator. i teach in Milan

I have been playing chess for 5 years and have recently obtained the title of Maestro FSI (minimum elo 2200 + norms), I have taught chess in schools and I have private students of various levels, besides I am an excellent openings preparator (In this area I follow whoever is interested, I am specialized in Sicilian, semi-slav and carokann, from white-side 1 d4).

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Pedagogue and passionate player rated 2000+ will help you to progress quickly while having fun

Player ranked oiver 2000, I often wonder how to accompany the progress of a student in an effective and sustainable way? I believe in 2 things: a transmitted passion combined with a structured and individualized teaching approach. Selling ​​a ready-to-use learning method would not make sense since each student is to be approched in a unique way.

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Experienced chess instructor/teacher. Ex chess champion of seven chess tournaments. President of Chess Clubs in various cities, and states.

I am fiercely dedicated to my students and I am honored to report that the majority of them participate in tournaments, online play and grow to be able to study independently. I provide the highest quality chess lessons/instructions based on unique individualities of every student, and fundamental knowledge of professional chess playing.

Petruta alisia
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Chess Trainer for people who love chess and want to learn more

Currently, I am a student at University of Leeds. I am a professional chess player.I have started when i was a child and I participated in many tournaments for 12 years,obtaining prizes at national, European and world level. I am passionate about this sport and because i have learned a lot , developed myself and changed my life.

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Vladimir Kanjuh - Pro Chess Online coach - peak rating 2146 FIDE, Start today!

Teaching basics of chess, theory ,logic, all aspects of the game like openings ,middle game, end game. As well as teaching students chess tactics, there is also a focus on demonstrating concentration, foresight and problem solving skills. I am able to identify gaps in your games and fix them.

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