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How do chess lessons work online?

You can discuss with your tutor via email or phone. Their contact details are in the left-hand column of the lesson request page. You can then decide with your teacher on the preferred format of classes.

There are a number of possibilities:

  • Skype
  • Google Hangout
  • Zoom
  • Discord
  • Telephone

A number of tools allow you to exchange via audio and video, as well as to share your screen or your tablet.

1306 tutors offer chess classes  online

How are teachers selected to give online chess lessons?

Verification of personal data and information

We verify the identity, coordinates (telephone, email and photo), as well as the diploma for all of our teachers. 

Evaluations  are 100% certified- The strength of our community

For every teacher's ad, evaluations and reviews by our students are 100% certified. 

Choose your tutor from one of our 1306 profiles.

How many teachers are available to give chess lessons via webcam ?

1306 chess teachers offer online chess classes.

You can check out their profiles and select the tutor that is most suitable for your learning needs.

Choose your tutor from one of our 1306 profiles.

What is the average price for online chess lessons?

The average price for online chess lessons classes is $19 .

The rate will vary based on a number of different factors: 

  • The teacher's level of experience in the subject chess
  • The duration of the course

97% of tutors offer their first lesson for free. 

Online classes are on average 20% more expensive than face-to-face classes. 

Check out the rates for teachers near you.

What is the average rating for teachers giving online chess classes?

From a sample of 317 reviews, students give an average score of 5.0 out of 5. 

In the event of a problem with a course, our customer service team is available to find a quick solution (by phone or email five days a week).

During this COVID 19 period, the Superprof customer service team remains available over an extended time slot to answer all of your questions) 

For each subject, you can view student reviews .

Why choose online classes?
With so many of our connections being formed and maintained via online channels, online learning is becoming more and more popular with students.

It’s easy, since both students and teachers have already mastered the digital tools that are used to facilitate online lessons. It’s safe, simple and convenient. Wherever you are, you can connect with a teacher suited to your needs in just a few clicks.

1306 Chess tutors are available here to help you.

What do you want to learn?

You'll have so many talented tutors to choose from!

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Chess lessons online with a private teacher: sometimes you need a little help.

Learn to Play Chess with a Tutor Online

Improve Your Chess Game

Chess may seem like just moving pieces around the board, but a lot is going on. For those of you that have not played chess, it's a highly complex game. It may seem like you're trying to overtake pieces, but that thought process behind each move is a lot.

Master chess players look at several things before moving a piece. They have to think about defense, offence, strategies and even predict different outcomes. To get better at chess, you'll have to understand several things. Luckily hiring a chess tutor can be one of the best ways to learn or improve your chess game.

Superprof has 100s of chess tutors online that are ready to help you. They all have the experience and knowledge to teach you everything you need to know. Tutors are experts in the subject they teach, and combined with their teaching experience; you'll be able to conquer the game of chess. Superprof also offers lessons online and in-person, giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn chess when you want to learn.

Why Play Chess?

Chess is a reasonably popular game. Chances are you know someone that plays chess. It can be a great hobby to pick up and fun to play against friends or family. There are also several chess tournaments that you can win some prize money at. Of course, you have to be pretty good to win these competitions. There are several reasons to learn chess. Here are some of the benefits of learning the game.

Focus - Chess requires a level of focus. You have to pay attention to every move you make as well as your opponents. Losing focus can cause you to lose the game quickly. This level of focus will also help in another area of your life. You'll notice the difference once you start playing chess.

Problem Solving - A chess game is filled with problems you need to solve. You'll constantly be working on your problem-solving skills. It also helps you stick it out and figure out a solution. These skills will transfer to other areas of your life.

Creativity - Chess may not seem creative, but each move requires a level of creativity. You have to think of the possibility and outcomes of each movement. It forces you to think outside the box and work on your creative skills.

These are just some of the benefits of learning chess online. Learning can be a great way to improve on these benefits while having a good time. One of the great things about chess is you can play anywhere. Before, you could only play chess in person. Thanks to technology, you can play against computers or people online.

Improve Your Chess Level

If you're serious about learning chess, you have to willing to put in the time and effort to get better. Grandmaster chess players spend hours practicing. They spend time learning strategies, playing, and reading to get better. It takes time to become a grandmaster. You may not reach that level, but at the very least, you can improve your chess game.

Your tutor online will be with you every step of the way. They'll be experts on the subject of chess. Instead of spending the time researching and finding resources to learn, your tutor will have all the answers. There are several reasons to learn chess. Here are some of our favourites.

Personalized Lessons - You'll have the undivided and full attention of working with a tutor. They'll be able to customize the lesson based on your strengths and weaknesses. Anything you need help with, your tutor will be happy to answer any questions.

Accountability - Getting better or learning chess is going to require practice. It would help if you spent time playing and learning. Working with a tutor means you'll have dedicated time each week working with a tutor. On the days you don't feel like learning, they'll keep you motivated.

Expert Advice - Tutors have the experience and knowledge of being great chess players. This is an invaluable experience you can learn from them. Instead of spending the time and years as they did, they can give you all their knowledge. They'll also have lots of tips and tricks for getting better

These are just some of the great benefits of learning chess with a tutor online. There is the right tutor out there for you. You just have to willing to make that first step and sign up with a tutor today. Now is the right time to learn how to play chess or improve your game. Chess can be the perfect new hobby you can enjoy by yourself or with friends or family.

Start Playing Chess Today

Learning to play chess can be a great new hobby. Having tutor help you learn or to improve your game can be good option. They make it easy and affordable when it comes to learning. Chess has some many benefits to learningwhether its increased focused, creativity or working on problem solving. Everyone can benefit from learning chess.

There are lots of great tutors online that are ready to help you offering personalized lesson, accountability and expert advice. You’ll be able to learn from an expert chess player that has the years of experience and knowledge playing. Start learning to play chess with a tutor online.

What do you want to learn?