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💸 How much are cooking lessons by the hour in Ottawa and the surrounding areas?

In Ottawa and the surrounding areas, the average rate of cooking classes is roughly $22 an hour.


Lesson rates will vary depending on:

  • Where your lessons will be held (via webcam or the student's place)
  • The number of classes you booked and the duration of each class
  • the objective of your classes (are you wanting to learn simple recipes or more complicated dishes, are you interested in cake making, or maybe you are just wanting to learn to cook for a hobby?)

The majority of private teachers on Superprof give their first session free.


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👩‍🍳 Why not take cooking classes in Ottawa?

Learning to cook is a favourite pastime for many people and offers a number of benefits. Not only is cooking a relaxing pastime but it can also be a very useful skills to have. Having a beginner level knowledge of cooking can allow you to create tasty and healthy meals.


If you enjoy having people over, why not take a cooking class and learn a new recipe to impress your family with?


Learning to cook can also help you to save some money as cooking for yourself is less expensive than eating out in a restaurant.


Sign up for cooking classes and learn how to cook your favourite dishes with the help of a certified teacher.


A messaging service is in place for you to get in touch with your teacher to schedule your cooking lessons.


Use the search engine to find your cooking teacher from among 9 cooking teachers in Ottawa.


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🍳 How many teachers are currently giving cooking lessons in Ottawa?

There are currently 9 tutors available to teach cooking classes in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.


You can check out their tutoring cv and choose the cooking tutor that corresponds to your needs.


Choose your course in Ottawa from our range of more than 9 tutor profiles available.

✒️ What is the average rating of cooking tutors in Ottawa and the surrounding areas?

Students rated their cooking teachers on average 5.0 out of 5 from a sample of 1 ratings.


A customer service representative will be on hand to find a solution (by telephone or mail all week) if you have any questions about your lessons.


Check out the rates of cooking teachers in your area.

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Learn to cook with the help of a trained chef

Cooking in the Capital of Canada 

In the words of the famous Julia Child, “No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.” 

Are you interested in spicing up your cooking skills but are on a limited budget? Maybe you prefer to learn one on one? 

Superprof is offering cooking classes for those in Canada’s Capital, Ottawa, Ontario! 

Learn from passionate and diverse cooks who want to share their stories and skills. Beginner or expert, whatever your cooking level, Superprof is offering the experience to connect palettes with passion. 

Budget-Friendly Cooking

Cooking classes or lessons in the Capital can cost hundreds of dollars. They can also be intimidating and take the fun out of cooking. With Superprof, you are guaranteed to have fun, but also you can rest assured you won’t be breaking the bank. Many of our Ottawa cooking instructors offer the 1st lesson free – and if you are happy with their style and the cuisine, you can pay per session or an hourly rate. 

Trying to find a cooking class in Ottawa that won’t break your bank is hard. Some cooking classes can cost anywhere from $150 per class up to $500 per 6-week course. Wanting to expand your cooking skills gets costly, but it doesn’t have to be with Superprof. We offer classes and tutors for the budget conscientious.

Don’t feel as though fine dining is only meant for those with disposable income – you too can enjoy fine dining, right in the comforts of your home. For under $20 you can have a lesson on how to cook.

Cooking from the Comforts of Your Home or Theirs

Taking a class should be fun and enjoyable but also memorable. With SuperProf, you have the option of taking a cooking class either from the comforts of your home or at your instructors. Want to organise a cooking team-building activity? Our Ottawa instructors offer the option of group cooking classes. Our tutors will indicate whether they are capable of doing individual to group lessons.

From Beginner to Expert – All Levels Welcomed

Whether you are a new to cooking or an expert looking to add to your repertoire, we offer cooking for all levels. Our instructors are vetted via our registration program. Looking to learn the trade secrets of rolling the perfect sushi? Or maybe you are looking to learn about how to make the perfect French pastry, whatever your interest and skill level, there is an instructor for you on our data base.

Cook Solo or as a Duo

When you choose a cooking instructor in Ottawa, you have the option to cook alone or in a group setting. It can be daunting having to cook in a group environment but sometimes having support or having others who want to learn can make the experience even better. Whether you choose to cook at your home or theirs, or via a webcam, you choose the environment that is suitable for you.

Learn to Cook the Dishes from Around the World

Our Ottawa instructors are skilled in an array of dishes and cuisines. Some popular dishes from around the world that is popular in Ottawa include:

Middle Eastern – From fresh tabbouleh to chicken shawarma, our Ottawa instructors who specialise in Middle Eastern cuisine help you how prepare popular cultural dishes. Not only do they show you how to prepare these popular and traditional dishes, they can give you the experience of going to a shop specific to Middle Eastern groceries. Our Middle Eastern instructors are giving the full experience from grocery store to kitchen.

Mexican - Ole! Our Mexican cuisine instructors provide a step-by-step approach in making the vibrant and full of flavour dishes. From making tortilla from scratch to the sauces on the enchiladas – our instructors are bringing authentic Mexican cooking into your kitchen at a fraction of the price of takeout or delivery.

Indian – Don’t be afraid to use spices with an Indian cooking instructor in Ottawa. Learn about the vibrant spices and how to bring them out in your dishes. Prepare a traditional Indian feast with instructors who live and breathe the culture.

Learn About Specialty Cooking as Well!

Our Superprof instructors won’t just teach you about cooking from different cultures, they can also teach you how to prepare specialty dishes. From dietary restrictions such as gluten and vegan, our versatile instructors can help you learn about the different types of cooking.

Living on your own for the first time? Want to learn how to bake a loaf of bread? Maybe cookies to bring to your next work function.

By selecting the type of cooking you want to accomplish, our tutors can help you achieve your goal.

Some specialty cooking classes that our instructors offer include –

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Dessert
  • Baking and more!

Superprof – Giving You the Ingredients to Learn 

Superprof is more than just a tutoring service; they are offering lessons on an array of subjects. From guitar playing to cooking, Superprof is providing potential students with the ability to learn at their own pace and learn the things that interest them. From the moment you place your topic of interest, to your location, Superprof is ready to match you with the ideal instructor

Making A “Must Do” Fun

Cooking is meant to be fun and sociable. It is a great girls-night in activity as well as a team bonding experience. Not too confident in your cooking skills?

We are making cooking and enjoying food fun again – as it should be!

Take control of what you want to learn and experience with our database of Superprof cooking instructors. Have fun cooking and have fun exploring the different cultures of the world through cooking. The best part about cooking with Superprof is our instructor’s passion is truly infectious! You’ll be glad you signed up with Superprof to expand your horizons and your palette.

Whether you take a class on your own or with a friend, Ottawa is offering cooking classes that are easy on the wallet and full of flavour.

What do you want to learn?