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Licensed cosmetician giving expert training about the care of hair, makeup, and skin products. And showing which method is best for you.

My methods to this is helping others a quick consultation then receive the best methods to keeping up with their beauty care and finding the right products for them depending on hair/skin type to complement their appearance.

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I am a medical student who loves makeup. I have taken a cosmetology course and would love to spread my knowledge with you!

I like to let my clients experience and work with their own style and color patterns. I will help guide you into the proper ways of blending, baking and showing you which colors look amazing on what skin tones.

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Love make up? Don't know know to begin? Contact Kanza! Any time.

I teach best by speaking, hands on skills, drawing too to demonstrate shapes of face structure best. I can also have an individual volunteer for me.

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I am a makeup and fashion enthusiast looking to share my knowledge

I base my teaching around creating looks that maximize one's personal beauty as well as following trends. I like to embrace what makes each individual person special, instead of focusing solely on trends, because that is the wonderful thing about aesthetics, the ability to create a personal image.

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Natural soaps and aromatherapy- make healthy and natural soaps without harmful chemicals!

Hands on, in your own kitchen, with all materials and tools provided to get you started. Techniques simple to follow.

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Makeup enthusiast helps give tips and tricks to make your lives easier and more glamorous!

My teaching methods are fun and relaxed, I believe that in a relaxed environment you're set to do your best, which is all that matters! I structure my lessons based on the basics, then expand on them.

Piscataway Township
(2 reviews)
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Curly girl in a straight world wants to teach you how to care for your natural / mixed / textured hair ️

Teaching is not just about the content , but how information is delivered to make learning fun and memorable . Each lesson will start with a brief Q&A, so that we might utilize our time together focusing on areas you specifically want to cover .

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Learn to Flatter Your Features with a Cosmetics Hobbyist who has 19 Years Non-professional Experience

I would start by asking what the client wants to learn specifically and what type of look(s) they want to explore. Then I would identify the facial features of the client such as face shape, warm or cool skin undertone, etc. Then I would demonstrate techniques with different types of cosmetic products that would flatter the features of the client.

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Healthy skin ,healthy you, healthy your mind, innovation towards advanced cosmetology and aesthetics

My method of teaching is based on introduction to the subject from basics education to discussing about the causes , pathophysiology aspects, epidemiology, management and many relevant information about the approach to conditions and their management. Discussion in broader aspect with relation and reference to nation and international medical journals and standard texts.

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Learn beauty skills from the screen of your computer from the comfort of your home

I build in what people already know and then develop their skills from there I prefer online teaching as I can talk to you from the comfort of your home and make this environment a comfortable place to talk about your beauty questions.

Grootfontein Country Estates
(1 review)
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Hairdressing and cosmetology student giving classes for cosmetology and always ready to provide extra help and knowledge for learners that need it.

Ill provide one on one classes and if needed demonstrate how to use certain products and i give extra tips and needed knowledge on products..

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PhD teacher in the area of ​​biological and health (chemistry, cosmetology, biochemistry, others)

First a diagnosis is done of the points to invest more time to help in the studies. I do simulated to reinforce knowledge. I like to teach by active learning methodology (applied model in the USA), in which the student contributes as an agent of knowledge.

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Ayurvedic and Organic Based Skin & Haircare/Clothing Stylist offering group lessons and solo mentoring online.

Do you want a skin/hair care method that's actually good for your body without the outrageous prices of store brand organics but with the same quality? Do you want to change your style but don't know where to start? Do you want to learn an ancient medicinal form and better your life through simple changes to your lifestyle without sacrificing the hustle and bustle of your life? If any of these...

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Oral maxillofacial surgeon with 43 years of experience will share knowledge and experience

webinars , live zoom classes podcasts . training with video presentations of recorded videos on surgical procedures (minor) , dental implants etc.. these training lectures will be useful to practicing dental surgeons, and dental students studying in dental schools. teaching can be a live seminar or recorded aired as a webinar.

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I am student of Pharmacy field, I have learned all about ayurveda and allopathy as well.

My teaching method depend upon students, I mean I will teach student on their way, i.e. how students want to study.

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Cosmetologist with 8 years of experience. I’ve worked with and trained stylists and apprentices as a manager.

I am a very hands on learner myself and teach well in that way. I also have taught using the text books and through spoken learning for those who need it. I own multiple tools and mannequins for instruction.

Las Vegas
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The Beautiful Art of Everyday & Glamour Makeup come Discovery & Learn with me

I am more of a coaching type of teacher. We will explore proper at home skin care, the different ways to apply make-up, how to match a person with the right formulas for the skin types and tone, apply makeup to hide or disguise imperfections, highlighting your natural beauty as well as going bold.

Kennett Square
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Self-taught MUA in PA. I do volunteer work for salons, I do makeup for events not profit.

I firmly believe in trial and error. I am very patient. I would love to show students my own techniques and methods, but find a way for it to work for them. Teamwork and visuals are key for my teaching style.

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Experienced Makeup Artist with 7 years of experience in the beauty industry

I approach makeup from a very simplistic stand point. Whether its a simple everyday makeup look or a full face, full coverage or full drama look- it all begins with the basics. Once a strong foundation has been built, anything can be achieved.

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Personal styles and help you with your life in lawndale aka South Bay

I am still in school part time at El camino College. I generated lawndale high school in 2012. I was assistant for my teacher in junior year and senior year too. I created a club in high school called Ladies in Action for short LIA. LIA have special events like christmas event and self- confidence week to make women more power and speak to other women about relationship and other things too.

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Transaligner in dentistry a painless way to design and improve your smile


San Antonio
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I am an experienced makeup lover with many skills acquired from living overseas in Asia.

My method is helping you find what is suitable for your desired look. We can go through the desired look you are trying to achieve. And I can give you step by step ideas to help get you there. I'll give plenty of ideas from current makeup trends tailored to your look.

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Sophisticated Cosmetology-Huttig, Arkansas over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. Former supervising cosmetology instructor at South Arkansas Community College

I teach Cosmetology theory and practical classes. Theory classes consist of lectures, assignments, and exams. Practical clinical classes are hands-on classes with manikins. I instruct students one basic hair care, through advance haircare and styling. I like to change my student's lives by giving them professional instruction to train them to become professionals.

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So I want to teach you guys how we take care of our skin, how we do perfect make up and how we do perfect nail.

I will base my class on responsibilities, I will give u the best tips an tricks about skincare and make up. I am really nice and communicable person who will help you anytime you want. I will make your care routine better.

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Makeup lessons from beginner to advanced for those who want to improve their makeup skills

As a tutor I try to make sure that I personalize my lessons to what my students need, If they are visual learners I will upload videos as pictures if they are the best as trying until perfection I will show tricks on how to practice, and if they are oral learners I will post videos and step by step instructions or diagrams to help each student learn best.

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Diversely skilled stylist with over six years in the industry in Miami .

My teaching methods are mainly hands on and part theory. I will have mannequins where you are able to view the skills I will be performing. I have a great sense of humor yet I am compassionate and honest and you will learn a lot.

Victoria florence
(2 reviews)
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Skin Faculty, worked in VLCC institute, Bangalore. Will teach full skin and hair care course.

I can teach you and make you as professional beauty and hair therapist. I will conduct classes using ppts through skype.

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Insta worthy hair and makeup tutorials varying between glam and natural x

I am a 15 year old girl who loves to do both hair and makeup. I love to change things up and try all different fashions when it comes to hair and makeup. I can teach to whom ever is interested both female, male, adult, teenager or child. I can teach in which ever way you may find most effective and we can work out hours between us that are at your most conviniece.

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Young women offering lessons in makeup and beauty therapy in lancashire area

My teaching methods will involve analysing a look that the student wants to recreate and learning the different techniques to create that look I can teach face design tecniques and propper practise tecniques I can teach basic or complex looks

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Beauty student offering personal tutoring on products and professional beauty techniques at college level.

My teaching method is mostly visual and practical with as little theory as possible. I feel like watching someone and learning off of them is more beneficial than being told what to do without any visual ideas on how to do it.

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