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History of Dancing

Dancing has been around for over 9000 years, with the first proof found in India. These pieces of evidence showered that there had been dancing as early as that time, but it cannot be clearly identified. 

The most identified piece of evidence for dancing dates back to the third millennia BC where the Egyptians used dancing in their religious rites and activities. It was proven through the various paintings inside tombs that showed Egyptian priests using instruments and dances mimicking important events during that time. 

Most of the dances showed stories about gods and patterns of the sky, stars, and sun. 

Other early evidence of dancing was also found in Greece, where ancient Greece used it in the famous Greek theatre in the 6th century BC. Paintings during this time also showed the many rituals of Greek culture for dancing. Some of these rituals were even used for the Olympian Games. 

Today, dancing is used in various sectors of society - whether it’s for religious rites, entertainment, or celebration. We can also see it on TV or during events, where people participate in various dancing competitions. 

Importance of Dancing

Although it’s commonly used as a form of entertainment, dancing plays an important role in the world. It’s important for a couple of reasons that will be enumerated below. 

Develops Creative Thinking

You may not know it, but dancing has been known to develop one’s creative skills. There are tons of choreographers in the world conceptualising new dance routines to teach to other people and to perform in front of a crowd. 

It’s definitely difficult creating a masterpiece from scratch, much less something that you need to keep on practicing to execute flawlessly. It requires discipline to practice the routine over and over and commitment to execute it flawlessly. 

Develops Self-Confidence 

Since dancing involves the movement of the body, one needs to challenge themselves to execute it perfectly. You can’t have a really tough body to work with if you want to dance hip-hop or cha-cha. 

And since most of the time, these dance routines are performed in front of a crowd, it really develops a person’s self-confidence. They need to have enough confidence to show up without feeling quite shy.

Develops Thinking Using Both Sides of the Brain

When you’re dancing, you’re paying attention to your own movement and the rhythm and beat of the music. You’re taking into account all these elements which helps you use both sides of your brain. 

This kind of training enhances your understanding, as well as your performance in academics and day-to-day life.

Keeps You Fit

Since dancing involves a lot of movement, a lot of people use it as a way to stay healthy and fit. Not only are you utilising your mind to remember the moves and dance to the music, but you’re also making your body sweat and keeping it healthy. 

One of the popular ways that people use to stay healthy is zumba. It’s a form of exercise that usually involves lots of dancing to burn calories and make you sweat. It’s slowly becoming popular among people, especially the older generations. 

Popular Styles of Dancing

There are several popular styles of dancing all over the world. All these styles have their own history, country of origin, and music style as well. These elements make each style unique and quite a challenge to master - if you’re not really interested.

But for those are interested in learning them, here are the different popular styles of dancing: 


You’ve probably seen ballet dances or performances. It’s one of the most popular styles of dancing because it’s commonly referred to as the backbone of dancing. Its fundamentals are commonly applied to other dances. 

Oftentimes, this style of dancing can be watched in theatres and auditoriums. Of the many dances, this is one of the most elegant ones out there. 

Ballet can be further broken down into three classifications: classical, neoclassical, and contemporary. This style of dancing requires tons of practice and patience for you to master it. It’s quite difficult standing on top of your toes, right? 


This style of dance has gained a following all over the world. It’s usually the style of dance you see on reality TV shows and global competitions. One of the most common types of hip-hop is breakdancing. Other forms include popping, locking, and krumping. 

Compared to the elegance of ballet, hip-hop utilises hip-hop music which is very energetic and involves a lot of fast movement and hard steps. It’s not as elegant as ballet, but it’s also quite a challenge to execute and perform. 


You’ve probably seen dancesport competitions where several styles of dancing are competed for. Under ballroom dancing, you have Jive, Cha Cha, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Rumba, Samba, Tango, Mambo, etc. 

These types of dances involve two people dancing together - usually a man and a woman. Just like any other dance style, it also takes quite some time to master these styles of dancing because the competition can be quite tough. 

Private Dance Tutor in Vancouver

There are several schools in Vancouver that offer dance lessons. These lessons are usually conducted in dance studios and have quite a number of students. However, if you want to learn on your own, this might be quite a challenge. 

So, another option that you can take is hiring your own private dance tutor. Your tutor can help you learn dancing and develop a program around your learning pace and abilities. Regardless of what style of dancing you want to learn, finding the right tutor makes it easier for you. 

You can find one at Superprof. At this website, you can check out several profiles where you see brief descriptions they have of themselves, their rates, and the reviews made by former students. 

Just simply scan through and check out what style of dancing they teach. After finding the right tutor for you, fix your schedule and communicate with your tutor on your best available dates. What are you waiting for? Start your dancing journey today!


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