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Can writing skills be useful in Canada?

Students usually start learning to write essays at school and often get writing assignments at university. However, many of them find this exercise difficult and don't understand its use. So, can essay writing skills really serve you in your life in Canada and are they worth learning?

First of all, to write an essay, we need to know exactly what we want to say. This is one of the reasons many students view it as a challenging assignment. Writing an essay involves analyzing the topic, studying literature dealing with it and structuring your thoughts in a logical way. This means that essay writing can be useful for your mental skills.

Second, writing requires a good command of the language you are using. In their daily lives, people generally make do with a limited number of words and expressions. When writing, these may not be enough. As a result, students have to recall vocabulary that they are not used to employing and, so, to make a supplementary effort.

All this may seem tiring at the beginning, but as you essay writing skills improve, you will start expressing your thoughts more easily and become more convincing. This ability can serve you in various areas and even turn into a profession of its own.

What are the common issues writers usually write about?

One of the biggest advantage of essay writing skills is that they are quite versatile, in other words, writers can write literally about anything, from academic subjects of high complexity to movie reviews or sports analyses.

Most of the time, students start writing an essay when they get an assignment in a particular subject. This is one of the reasons, writing seems difficult to them. On the one hand, they are expected to use academic English expressions. On the other hand, they may not know the subject very well.

By contrast, if you try to write essays about something you like and know well, you may get a completely different impression. For example, if you want to improve your essay writing skills for school, try to train yourself a little bit in your free time.

You can choose a subject that you know very well, like a movie you have just seen or a video game, and write a small text about it. Your language may be less academic and you can even pepper your essay with some jokes. You will see that writing can be enjoyable and your next assignment will seem less challenging.

What is the most difficult part of writing essay?

For an essay to be easy to read and accessible, it needs a clear structure. For that, the student must draw up a logical plan before they set about writing. This part may not seem very difficult at first sight, but in reality, it is the most important and challenging one.

When working on plans for their essays, students should study in detail their subjects, analyze different arguments and form a clear opinion about the issue they are tackling.

If you write about history or science, the literature about the topic can be extensive and advance complex arguments. However, if you are patient enough, you will certainly come up with an interesting plan in the end and the writing process itself will seem much less difficult.

What are poor writing skills?

If you have written several essays in the course of your studies at university or school and didn't get good marks, that probably means that your writing skills need improvement. There are several common problems that often prevent students from succeeding in essay writing.

One of them is their command of academic English. If you are not used to writing, finding the right words may be challenging for you. To overcome that obstacle, students may spend some time reading books on their subject to pick up useful vocabulary and expressions.

Another wide-spread hurdle, is the knowledge of the subject itself. If the student doesn't know what to say they may need to analyze their topic a bit more or slightly change their perspective on the issue to find new arguments.

Get help from a tutor

Students may need to write essays for a history or science course at university or want to start an Internet blog. Whatever their objective, the best way to get help with writing is to take lessons with a tutor in Canada.

You can either contact a tutor specializing in writing or someone who can also help with your course and take motivating lessons with them. Tutoring classes are a great option from the point of view of efficiency and are generally enjoyable for students.

All you need to start writing excellent essays is to find a good tutor and this is where Superprof comes in. On our website, you can view the profiles of thousands of tutors from Canada, read about them and contact them directly via chat to discuss details.

Whether you struggle with writing about science, history, arts or any other topics, Superprof will help you advance quickly and get an excellent grade for your course.

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