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Earth science student offering geography and general science lessons in Kelowna area

When I teach a subject, I like to have an understanding of what the student knows and continue on from their current knowledge. I am a firm believer that hard work goes a long way in anything you do. Advancing your knowledge of any subject is attainable as long as you are willing to put in that hard work.

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Published researcher with a masters in War Studies and B.A. in Law teaching History, Geography and Law

I use a university tutorial style approach as my methodology. The subject matter is focused on the compelling and memorable aspects of a historical narrative or legal concept, placed within a broader discussion of the major historical or legal context.

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Learning is fun when you are with a mature and loving teacher.

I love to create the mental image of the subject matter. Students can easily access their own mental image, use their own logic and navigate to right answers during the exams. I prefer to guide them to develop that mental image.

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Rural Development Grad Student available for general geography tutoring in Brandon Manitoba

I mostly do individual sessions but on occasion I do small group sessions. My lessons are more visually based and as such I like to provide a lot of images and power point presentations ( for group sessions). Student participation is also a must.

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Dedicated and inspiring young woman devoted to the art of tutoring in social studies

I believe every individual learns at a different pace and in various ways. Each student has the opportunity to strive and excel in their academic journey given the right amount of care and attention. My techniques include giving the student the opportunity to evolve in the right type of learning environment that allows for their own strengths to be utilized for their development.

North Bay
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Ontario Certified History, Geography and French Teacher providing in-depth lessons for all

I am very flexible and outgoing. I really enjoy the use of incorporating technology for students to augment their auditory, visual, and kinestetics skills when learning. You need to know what you're learning, why it is important, and how you can practically apply your knowledge and skills once you've learned something new.

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Recent University Graduate and former University teaching assistant offering history, social studies, and political science tutoring in Southern Alberta

My approach to teaching is rooted in feedback and communication. There must be excellent communication to get the information across in digestible ways. Additionally, providing proper feedback helps students learn what needs to be focused on in greater detail. I am open to both providing lesson plans or working through students existing assignments and materials.

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History and English student tutoring high school students in the Fraser Valley

My teaching methods are directed by the desire to teach from all angles in order to help my students learn the material as well as feel confident in their knowledge. A typical class would be structured around open dialogue as well as mastering the content.

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UBC politics grad and entrepreneur gives 20th-century history classes for Vancouver-based students

I am a UBC grad in his late 20's who plans on attending law school in the future and is currently running an education-based start-up business. I am a seasoned academic writer who can inspire those to become passionate about history while at the same time showing how to write a compelling and well-reasoned essay.

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University of Toronto Educated History/Anthropology/Social Sciences and Essay Writing Tutor (in person and online)

Whether I am teaching History, Anthropology, or how to effectively and efficiently structure an Essay, my approach is based on developing critical thinking skills just as much as it is on learning memory retention or proper spelling and grammar.

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University geography professor make you learn and enjoy geography of the world

I teach with problem solving method, use of internet and powerpoint I give concpets to students ...

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Political Science and International Relations Graduate with Master's degree tutors students in Ottawa area.

Looking to tutor undergraduate or high school students in the field of political science, IR, history and current affairs. I am open to helping you with what area you need assistance in. I hold a Master of Science in International Relations and an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and European Studies with a minor in History.

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Lets study social sciences! or history, politics, geography / I am a law student, we can do it!

It is essential a first recognition, then a diagnosis of the shortcomings, good planning and excellent execution in the development of learning, finally, the total review. However, it should be noted that each student is different, therefore there is no scheme in which to put it. That makes the characteristics of each one a different objective to raise.

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Certified teacher of letters and geo story in a Parisian high school at your service

Professor of literature and geography history course provides academic support for student College, High School or Higher Can I help you prepare Patent, BAC PRO, Techno, General and diplomas of higher education. Opportunity to help in English only for the college level.

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PhD student in social sciences giving lessons for secondary school/college/undergrad/masters level in London. (sociology,history,human geography and criminology)

Highly attentive and engaging tutor with substantive experience in the social sciences. My methods of instruction seek to apply a wide range of thinking to a topic to ensure the best levels can be achieved.

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Student in History at la Sorbonne provide private tutoring in History and Geography at Paris and by skype

I attach great importance to attention and listen to the students. So I adapted my method and my work to your desires, needs, gaps. And even your character! I have for supporting academic books, but also my own courses, novels or short stories, websites, and synthesis methodology sheets ... And if necessary the annals of patent and bachelor.

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Hello ! I am a highly motivated student abled to help you progress and achieve your goals.

I consider that my teaching method must clearly be based on the student's learning method. First of all, I like to present a structured course to the student, and then during the lesson, take the time to go back to the blocking points for the student.

Paris 15e
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Student at SciencesPo offers history and geography classes to students from CM2 to bachelor

My teaching method is similar to the English method: the French model requires the student to comply with the expectations that the teacher has whereas I prefer to adapt to the student's profile according his or her tastes to help them progress better without discouraging them. I pair this method with French rigor, which was taught to me at Franklin Jesuit High School.

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Graduated in Philosophical Sciences with the highest marks he gives private lessons both individual and group of History and Philosophy.

I am strongly convinced of the great usefulness that humanistic subjects play in the everyday life of each one of us. In particular, I believe that Philosophy and History are the two subjects that more than any others provide us with the keys to understanding the complex reality in which we live.

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History graduate (Master of Arts) from the University of St Andrews offering history tuition up to and including university level

Lessons are entirely tailored to the needs of the student and are contingent on their level of study, whether it be for school examinations or university-level assignments.

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PhD student at the Sorbonne gives philosophy courses for a level up to the degree

I did two years of preparatory class and I have a degree in philosophy and modern letters. I am currently in the Master of Philosophy specialty History of Philosophy. I teach philosophy courses up to the level of the license. My teaching focuses on a quality method by following the saying: "Better a head well done than full".

Paris 3e
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Support in History for Students or Undergrads given by Graduate Student of Sorbonne

Listening and accompaniment, I would try to put History into contexts, to assimilate better the important points. I would answer any questions / misunderstanding, thanks to a positive and individualized approach. Also, as history is not so much a matter of knowledge as of method, I could bring tools that have favored my academic success.

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I hold a Master degree in history and languages from Aix-Marseille University. I'am teaching French, History and Geography.

During my last three years of teaching I have acquired a solid experience in teaching. During these years I attended many training sessions in France and Sweden, which improved my teaching skills by learning new teaching methods. I have gained a wide range of transferable skills.

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Outgoing student of prep HEC teaches history-geo-geopolitics course from high school to high school in Rouen

My teaching method focuses on helping a student to understand and learn their lesson because it is the key to success. Nothing is simpler when everything is assimilated, rather than trying to memorize information that does not make sense in the mind of the student.

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Professional Tutor with more than 04 years of experience in Teaching students of High School and Degree Level.

My teaching method is mainly focusing on the students who is on very low level in their academics. My class session is very interactive and my students can openly ask me their doubts limitless. My student community ranging from High School to College Level.

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Student in M1 History, offers courses, but not only history. French or mathematics

My methodology is essentially based on a discussion with the student, to understand what he does not understand, which can block him in the discipline. From this, it is important to frame the teaching so that the student understands what is expected of him, and so, step by step to get him to go beyond the stage at which he was.

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Professor of Geography and Bilingual History, he teaches Social Sciences, Art, Philosophy, English, etc.

For the social science learning it is essential to show your most fun part and look for a nexus of implication between the student and the subject. Because of this, I look for my classes to be much more dynamic and entertaining than traditional classes, making students feel motivated in learning. For this I use technological resources such as Power Point, audiovisual resources, gamifications, etc.

Paris 11e
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HISTORY COURSES, IEP and Po sciences prep contest for all levels, at home

I want to stop considering history as a subject that can only be learned through the organization of a learning by heart. For me, history must be learned as "a story" with its lot of unsaid but its logical sequence of events. It seems to me important to reason from a funny, striking or unusual point to then use an umbrella reasoning to understand what we learn.

La Riche
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PhD in Geography, teaches History / Geo / Philo / French / English.

I am a PhD in Geography, from the University of Paris-Sorbonne. In 2015, I was recruited to be a teacher at the University of Nantes. Living in La Riche, near the Botanical Gardens of Tours, I want to put my knowledge and my pedagogical skills to the benefit of students of all levels (highschool, college, etc.).

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Professor of History Geography EMC offers courses of preparation for the national exams BAC, DNB ....

There is no single method for ALL students. Each apprentice advances at his own pace and in his own way so I take the time to do a learning check before finding a suitable and appropriate way for the student to learn and UNDERSTAND.

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