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36 $ /h

Great prices: 95% of teachers offer their first class for free and the average lesson cost is $36/hr

4 h

Fast as lightning! Our guitar teachers usually respond in under 4 hours

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📲How can you find a guitar instructor in Calgary? | 📲Where can you take introduction to guitar lessons in Calgary?

Are you thinking about starting to learn the guitar?


There are 10 guitar teachers on Superprof, available to give guitar classes in Calgary.


A messaging system on the platform is set up to allow you to get in contact with the guitar tutors that are offering private lessons on the platform.


Once your course request has been accepted, you can start your first guitar lesson with your guitar instructor.


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🎵 How many teachers are currently offering private guitar lessons near you?

There are currently 10 private guitar tutors offering guitar classes in Calgary and the suburban areas.


To find a private guitar teacher, take a look at their tutoring cv to find out more information about their course offering. Our guitar instructors cover all types of guitar from electric, acoustic, bass.


Choose your course in Calgary from our range of more than 10 tutors available.

💸 How much do guitar teachers charge for guitar classes in Calgary?

In Calgary, guitar teachers charge $36 for guitar lessons per hour.


The cost for guitar lessons will differ depending on:

  • the experience of your guitar instructor
  • the type of guitar you want to learn (acoustic, electric, bass...)
  • the location of your guitar classes (via Skype or an outside location)
  • the frequency of your lessons and the duration of each lesson
  • the objective of your guitar classes and your own experience playing guitar

97% of our private tutors give the first class for free.


Check out the prices of our guitar instructors near you.

🎸What equipment do you need before taking guitar classes with a guitar teacher?

The first thing is obviously to buy a guitar. Some of the most reputable guitar brands are Gibson, PRS, Fender and Washburn.


The rate of a guitar can sometimes intimidate complete beginners.

If this is the case, you can rent a guitar to practice with until you are ready to commit to purchasing your own guitar.


Depending on the type of guitar you want to play, you may also need to buy:

  • an amp
  • an audio cable
  • a guitar strap
  • guitar picks
  • an effects pedal

Certain guitar accessories are not mandatory in order for you to learn the guitar. Don't hesitate to ask your guitar tutor for help on what accessories you should buy in order to play the music you want to.


Find your teacher from our range of more than 10 guitar teachers.


Do you want to learn how to play the Guitar in Calgary?

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Guitar lessons in Calgary for beginner to advanced levels

Learn To Play The Guitar in Calgary

Stop Putting It Off And Learn Today

Hearing someone play the guitar is beautiful. The way their hands strum chords together creating a beautiful sound. It’s amazing. Every time someone picks up a guitar and starts playing it grabs the attention of everyone

The truth is we’ve all thought about playing the guitar. For most of us, we have an old guitar sitting in our room that has been collecting dust for years. You did have a dream of playing the guitar

Your dreams of playing the guitar don’t have to be over.

You can still learn to play the guitar; it’s not too late.

All you need is to get a start.

Learn To Play Guitar With Our Tutors

Superprof offers 100s of guitar tutors in the Calgary area ready to teach you. They have spent 100s of hours perfecting their craft and now they want to help you. Our tutors know the best way to teach you guitar so you can start playing right away.

Benefits of Hiring a tutor

Hiring a tutor isn’t the only way to learn how to play guitar, but it’s the best way. There are books, videos and other articles on the internet that can teach you. But there's a reason you have that old guitar sitting in your room. Maybe you have had a hard time learning or maybe you have no motivation. Your tutor can get you past this and start teaching you the guitar

Our 3 Reasons for Hiring a Guitar Tutor

  1. Accountability

It can be hard to start to learn the guitar. You need to put in the time and effort to practice. Some of you may find it hard to put in the effort. Your guitar tutor will solve this problem. Scheduling time with your tutor means you have a dedicated time to practice. Your tutor is also great if you get frustrated learning, your tutor will be able to help you move past objects and keep you progressing.

  1. Individualised Learning.

Everyone learns differently. The guides you see online aren’t designed for you, they’re designed for the general population. Your guitar teacher will be able to understand how you learn best. Our tutors have taught a wide range of students they have the experience to help you learn.

  1. Correct Information

Learning the wrong hand placements or wrong chords can hinder your ability to move forward. It’s also a lot harder to break bad habits. Learning with a tutor means you’re going to start playing the right way. It’s going to give you a solid foundation to help you succeed in playing the guitar. Your guitar teacher will have you learn correctly the first time.

On the fence about learning, here are 3 Benefits

  1. Reduce Stress

Playing an instrument can truly make you feel better. It’s one of the great ways to reduce stress. There's also been evidence of listening to music can lower blood pressure. Stress can have a huge impact on our lives if we let it take over. Playing the guitar can be a fun way to relax and de-stress after a long day or when you just need some time to yourself.

  1. Improve Cognitive Skills

Learning any new skill has benefits for your brain. Music is one of those skills. Learning music has been linked to musicians having better memory, auditory and cognitive skills compared to non-musicians. Even if you're not a full-time musician you still can receive a lot of these benefits just by listening to music. Music affects the brain's dopamine levels (dopamine is the reason we feel pleasure). You’re going to feel better playing music because of the dopamine release. 

Connect With The World

Learning the guitar can make you engage with the world. You’ll be able to meet people, make new friends and build long-lasting relationships. You’ll be able to instantly connect with other musicians. Or if you're trying to impress someone both sexes have said playing the guitar makes you more attractive. You're opening yourself up to another world by learning the guitar. 

Today Is The Day You Learn Guitar

It’s time to finally pick up that guitar. You know the benefits of learning guitar, you just have to take that first step. If you've been thinking about it for a while now, it’s time. Start searching for your perfect tutor on Superprof to start playing your first song. 

Imagine yourself playing in front of your spouse, family or friends the emotion you can create with all eyes on you. Or just imagine yourself learning your favourite song on guitar. It’s possible, you just have to start. 

Your dream of playing the guitar is still a reality. Start learning the guitar in Calgary.

What do you want to learn?