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I'm willing to tutor Electrical engineering Softwares such as MATLAB, Altium Designer, Solidworks, CST, Proteus to undergrad and grad students with no academic background

- My methodology is step-by-step oriented and full of examples. Breaking hard contents into small sub-sections and providing constructive examples. Be confident in your class. - This class is offered to college undergraduate and/or graduate students with any academic backgrounds. No worries about the expenses also.

St. Albert
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Civil/Geotechnical Engineer with 22 years experience in Canada is willing to teach

1. I start my class with a ‘Mind Warm-Up’. 2. Students learn better when engaged. Engaging students with activities helps them to think more critically about the content they are learning. Activities allow students to connect differing pieces of information, build upon new knowledge, evoke questions and apply new information to real world circumstances through application.

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Sales, Marketing and Communications Executive in Winnipeg for career coaching, leadership, guidance

Focus on planning and tailor sessions to your career and how you are looking to excel. We will focus on project management, sales skills, leading teams, marketing, communications. Sessions meant for any level whether starting or experienced. Let's work together.

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Creating Graphic Novels and Comics: Snakes and Ladders, storytelling with words and pictures and the long path of writing and drawing an illustrated sequential narrative story.

This subject is really for more adventurous students prepared to commit to the long haul. It takes a while to learn all the things you will need to make competent comics and write good stories, and often a good while longer to get them published. I teach how to do those things, but also how to have the patience to get there and the best way to approach the work.

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IT Infrastructure & Security Administrator with 8yrs experience gives IT Networking Basics & Advance training to intended students and professionals. Also, Physics tutorial for high school students

I have a non-traditional teaching method which means I approach my subjects with my experience story sharing and non-technical explanations to technical topics methodology which has proven to impact on my students up to 90%. I believe everybody is teachable and I have currently, 11yrs olds in my class and they are very impressive.

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Entrepreneurial Coach with 7 years of experience gives lessons to upcoming bosses.

I am a very practical person and therefore love to use illustrations or experiences to relate a point. I find that my clients and students learn and apply information much better when I use practicality. I also try to understand each student and not use the personality of one student to teach another.

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Professionnal, hospitality and food and beverage management, human ressources passionate, montreal,

my teaching methods are personalized! i will NOT hesitate to share with you all of my experience.

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1st lesson is free!

I am a professional coach certified in career development, personal , advanced and professional .

For the past 20 years and after I had helpd hundreds of people, I was able to learn that, in order to be successful as coach, I had to master certain skills and, they are: effective communication, active listening skills!

Rideau Lakes
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A professional financial trader will teach you how to master the markets!

This course takes a more technical approach to trading and investing. Trend analysis, chart pattern recognition, risk management, and various trade signals are all covered in this comprehensive programme. A powerful, accurate, and easy to learn methodology.

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Highly educated individual with abilities to lead you towards your dream career

My teaching methods are based on communications, reviews and feedback. Your application package will be carefully reviewed and transformed into a succesful submission.

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Culinary professor gives lesson for beginners and advanced students in Toronto, come and join us.

My teaching methods are based on upgrading students skills, working as a team , as well as introduction towards the core and basics in the culinary functions. And advanced cooking .

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7 years of being a corporate trainer and make use of my experience to achieve your dreams

I prefer giving live examples to make everyone understand about a concept. It is east to retain that information for a long time if a live example is associated with it.

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Quality Education of Physics & Mathematics By Student of Nano-Science Applied Physics & Advanced Materials At Rajkot City.

My teaching method is different from others because I will visualize my student/s of their science topics very accurately and will explain any complex topics easily. And If students is not able to understand this way then I will teach them with latest technologies, they'll enjoy it and will learn it easily.

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Your Career - the easiest way to learn is based on constructive and open discussions

As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I help my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. In doing so, I consider the students' motivations and skills in order to optimise their success.

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Kitty - Wembury - Coaching for interviews and auditions for drama school, including preparation for university interviews.

I always work together with students to set targets for the achievement of their specific goals so that they can monitor their progress and focus on attaining the grade they need. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I spend most of my time preparing individuals for professional exams in specialist medical areas, such as the MRCP, MRCS, GPAKT and CSA and FRCA exams.

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Career and Interview Coaching: get noticed at work and perform brilliantly in interviews; online coaching from International Professional Coach.

These dynamic sessions focus on how to move you forward in your career and help you gain measurable success.

New Delhi
Samarendra kumar
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I can drill the concept into any student and anyone taught by me excel in the subject

I believe in starting from a simple way to simpler manner to in a complex manner to drill the concept in a practical manner through an example.

Anant vijay
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Learn with me. How to love your life? Career Maker & Life Coach

Starts with Listen > then Think > Again Listen > Write all about you (Make a Note) >>> Then give you the best solution for you and teach HOW TO DO IT? Sometimes, You feel, you can't, But I am always here to guide...

Paris 18e
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Private and / or group lessons in preparation for job interviews and job search

My method is very simple and takes place in several stages: - First meeting or video conference to determine your needs, the procedure to follow. - According to the needs, meeting in Paris to realize a first type exchange. - Continuous follow-ups. I realize real scenarios in order to prepare you in the best possible way.

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A work at home professional gives you tips and tricks to get the best leads to get work from home jobs

My full-time job is a manager in a medical billing company with 16 years of experience, out of which 10 years I worked for Dell and another 6 years with another billing company. Simultaneously I was working on online jobs and doing necessary researches. Sometime I earn more than what I get from my day jobs.

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Will you like to stand out from the rest? Then join me on a career coaching professional development journey, tailored just for your coaching requirements. Offered face to face, Skype or via telephone

Career coaching together, using an effective lovely combination of coaching & NLP tools, techniques & models to successfully achieve your professional career goals & aspirations. Our tailored coaching session will be inspiring, fun & relaxing, either face to face, via Skype or over the Telephone.

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Coach job interview - Master your interview as a candidate / recruiter

Even with the most impressive resume, getting the job or mission of your dreams is impossible without successfully completing your interview. On the other hand, the reverse is quite true: Giving the best job interview will get you the mission even if your CV is unsatisfactory or if your competitors have more experience.

(6 reviews)
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US IT Recruiter with 5+ Years of Experience, trains in US Recruitment process

I am US IT Recruiter with 5 plus years of experience in US Recruitment.I provide training in Recruitment.This is Career oriented training and also it will help you in resume writing along with the Interview Questions and Answers will support till you get a Job in Recruitment.

(7 reviews)
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Exercise with your own body weight without leaving home, getting fit has never been easier, adapted routine for exercise at home! - # LIMITED PROMOTION, request your class

I teach calisthenics classes directed by '' webcam '', my goal is related to the sport called CALISTENIA. A personalized follow-up and attention, after completing the first free evaluation class, would adapt a routine specialized in your performance and sporting scope.

(15 reviews)
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Psychologist job interviews (English / Spanish), speaking classes and official exams (native accent / free trial)

The methodology consists of designing a personalized interview based on the position, the company, the country, the CV and other aspects, and work it to learn to project in the answers our most favorable personal and professional profile, always from the sincerity. I also teach conversational classes (NATIVO accent) and prepare official exams VERY EFFECTIVELY (95% approved).

Paris 4e
(5 reviews)
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Interview to analyze and deepen your professional practice or your internship practice

My methodology is based on speaking and listening, support and deepening. Of course my method is made of the different theoretical contributions of my training: psychoanalysis, institutional analysis, but also humanistic approaches such as sociocracy and CNV. My method is also made of my own didactic experience of supervised professional.

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Coaching in professional development in Sèvres (92), Doctorate of Management (Panthéon), 25 years of experience, bilingual French / English

25 years of teaching experience in business college, I accompany people who wish to make a personal or professional transition.

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Success sessions, coach for all types of people and objectives. I discovered how far you can get.

During my life I discovered very interesting things in the Bible and authors related to self help. I know everyone is a little tired of listening to these things but it keeps my interest in being able to transmit to people a single infallible technique.

(5 reviews)
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Education Lecturer & Teacher gives mentoring or coaching sessions to pre-service teachers

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and not sure how to cope with the pressures of life and Uni? Are you struggling to get motivated, feel inspired or find purpose? Do you feel like you stuck in a rut? Do you need help to gain control back in different areas of your life?... It's ok...

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