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Certified Human Resources Professional in Toronto offering CAREER COACHING, LIFE COACHING & PERSONAL COACHING.

Are you a college or university student overwhelmed by your program? Let me help you decipher your academic journey. Are you a new graduate looking to bridge the gap between school and work, or going through a career change? Let me help you improve your interviewing skills and discover your new direction.

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Willing to help anyone looking for jobs or develop their career. Help build leadership skills and develop personality.

My teaching methodology is an easy approach where I would listen to what exactly my students need is and give the right direction they should move towards so that they would have a successful career, while helping them with their resume and any other profession related documents

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Young Adult with advanced career experience who will help you get the job of your dreams

I will base my lessons on your needs. I will continue to assist you throughout your experience in finding your dream career and will be able to continue to give advice down the road. I an knowledgable of various job recruiting sites and methods and will be able to show you new paths to get you that dream job.

Paris 16e
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Coach - Executive Master Paris Dauphine coaching and support of organizational transformation

Strengthen your potential and achieve your goals With these experiences of personal and professional life, I wish to put at your disposal my know-how to assist you in your projects and allow you to achieve your goals in accordance with the confidentiality and in all benevolence.

Anant vijay
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Learn with me. How to love your life? Career Maker & Life Coach

Starts with Listen > then Think > Again Listen > Write all about you (Make a Note) >>> Then give you the best solution for you and teach HOW TO DO IT? Sometimes, You feel, you can't, But I am always here to guide...

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Coach job interview - Master your interview as a candidate / recruiter

Even with the most impressive resume, getting the job or mission of your dreams is impossible without successfully completing your interview. On the other hand, the reverse is quite true: Giving the best job interview will get you the mission even if your CV is unsatisfactory or if your competitors have more experience.

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I teach Fashion Designing and CAD and export management, I stay in Indirapuram Ghaziabad and can travel to noida and nearby areas in delhi and i can also take online classes and i also give home tutio

Done my fashion designing from YWCA ( cp),and same in computers also along with export management...i personally like sketching part...worked as senior merchandiser and lecturer and take home tutions also..I clear the basics...i believe that concepts should be clear...explains the topic throughout and how to do practicals...and how to go with presentation and portfolios.

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Your Career - the easiest way to learn is based on constructive and open discussions

As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I help my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. In doing so, I consider the students' motivations and skills in order to optimise their success.

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Psychologist job interviews (English / Spanish), speaking classes and official exams (native accent / free trial)

The methodology consists of designing a personalized interview based on the position, the company, the country, the CV and other aspects, and work it to learn to project in the answers our most favorable personal and professional profile, always from the sincerity. I also teach conversational classes (NATIVO accent) and prepare official exams VERY EFFECTIVELY (95% approved).

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Coach and International Lecturer teaches Strategy, Business, Planning, Warehouses, Purchasing, Management and Leadership in Guadalajara

I teach classes / courses in the modalities of: Seminar, Workshop-type Seminar, Interactive Workshop, Consultative Workshop, Modular or Diplomate Program. These, as the subject allows and the number of people, we can handle as a workshop (practices). I like to adapt to the needs of the student. The class can be face-to-face or distance (online).

Le Plessis-Trévise
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Become a "digital nomad": Tips and feedback to start as a freelance

I do not propose a "course" as such, but rather a discussion. I can offer you my feedback, my methods and tips: How to create your status, how to find assignments, how to manage your income and expenses, where to work, manage your rythm, find your first customers, etc ... I can also answer your questions as well as give you my opinion and advice according to your project.

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New start up ? Lets start it together Presentation is all that earns !

I can explane and answer you all the business related question anything about documentations, pitching, financing, working , formation etc.

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Application training in writing and language - from the application folder to the job interview

The lesson is aimed at anyone who wants to get a new job or enter the professional world. Together we work out the requirements for the employer and accordingly write the application. Once the application is ready, we will do interviews together. The teaching material is based on the interview questions of large German companies and is tailored to the students on their profession and given.

Paris 19e
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SEO project manager coaches you in your marketing or tech job search

I base my coaching on benevolence and respect for human rhythms. Without rushing, I push for excellence, surpassing my clients to achieve their goals and I have only one motto: nothing is impossible. I also take charge of training students on certain topics (SEO, online marketing, growth hacking, SMO ...

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A New Approach to Language Learning. Accent reduction coaching for professionals by a professional tutor.

Have you noticed that the people at the top of an organisation are often well-spoken and able to get their message across with ease and elegance? Having a heavy accent can be a barrier to career development, lead to unnecessary miscommunication and could negatively affect your personal or professional impact.

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Nonprofit and Human Resources Professional with 8 years experience offers coaching in Gainesville, FL

I believe in an asset based, restorative approach and seek first to listen to clients always. I have extensive training in trauma-informed stewardship and restorative conversations, and apply these counseling techniques to my coaching.

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Master in Electronics with lot of course experience to share with someone.

I will guide according to the interest you tell...I want to make you way easy so that u get job. First i want to know where you are interested then i will share my knowledge, because everyone has knowledge. I am still learning new things.

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Spoken English & Personality Development Training by Professional Trainer for students & job seekers

Training Effective Techniques: 1- Classroom or Instructor-Led Training 2- Online Training( Tele & Video Conferencing) 3- Hands-on Training (Cross Training, Demonstrations, Coaching) 4- Interactive Methods( Small Group Discussions, Case studies, Quizzes) 5- On/Off Job Training 6- Mentoring 7- Induction 8- Role play 9- Employee Training Sessions Level of Courses: 1.Basic 2.

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Aeronatical Industry Expert and Professional Trainer in Nagercoil-Subjects - How an Air plane is Flying, Its arts and Functions, Flight snag Rectification. How GPS works. How Ring Laser Gyro scope wor

My sessions will be customized with students requirement and will see that they understand what I wished them to learn. My approach will be from the Basics, so that students of any level will understand the subject. Sessions will be interactive with live examples and Games. I can express my lectures/ interactions in Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam and little Marathi and Kannada.

New Delhi
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Experienced professional Coach for building the self awareness and in depth questioning for leadership development

I do NOT believe in lecturing. The entire methodology is to hear the person's current situation, to deeply question that builds self awareness and clarity. A lot of lecture is based on understanding self and others. Students can range of early career starters to mid level professional to early stage start up CEOs.

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A Human Resources specialist with ruthless passion to train and transform careers and lives.

Strong advocate of creating an environment to generate ideas and have constructive debates around them. I've organised various workshops with my employers in the past which have had positive impact in influencing the culture of the organization and the individuals working in them. Organizing activities and mock situations to get the best out learners is my forte.

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Career coaching and interview coaching. How to land that perfect job and keep it!

I work as General Manager of a Venue in Edinburgh, overseeing all operational activities. This covers areas such as staffing, events, marketing, catering, finances, facilities, maintenance and general day-to-day activities. My background is in Event Management working across a range of event types from weddings, to corporate events, to private celebrations and large conferences.

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Career service for ambitious students or young workers who want to fulfill their career dream!

I'm a young professional, former Bocconi student, with a Master obtained from a famous European Business School and a promising career in a multinational IT business.

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Highly experienced Master's degree teacher will give English language lessons to all ages.

My teaching method is flexible. I will do my best to change my methodology according to my student's needs. My approach towards a Primary aged student will be different from a young adult student. I am patient and have a deep understanding of the challenges that face many students as they attempt to master their studies.

Navi Mumbai
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I am a career transforming Counsellor. I have started to provide career transformation to thousands of students/youngsters and help them to make their path to their LIFE crystal clear. My primary conc

My Counselling Method is based on Behavioral Theory, Cognitive Theory, Humanistic Approach, Aptitude test, psychometric test. How to set Daily GOALS...? Importance of Extracurricular Activities in Schools/Colleges. Face to Face Meetings with our Counselors. How to select Major Subject after 10th Grade. For final Year Students, Session on- How to Convert Your Interest into Proffession.

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Hi All, lets start something new, which can change your life. make you feel positive.

my art of teaching is different. i use to understand the need of the student then transform that into what actually he should get. i believe in modern art of teaching. i am a guide to guide you. lets see ..

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CV, covering letter and Interview preparation. Additionally, conversational English for non English speakers.

I am an adult trainer and assessor working with learners to improve their individual skills and qualities. I use a mixture of methods to enhance learning such as multi-media and conversational aids. I ensure that I cater to the individual needs with regards to learning styles and their ultimate learning goal.

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Executive Coaching & Academic Tutoring . The Winning Edge - Getting Ahead

Qualified Coach and Academic Tutor. Can assist in Academic subjects both in material, learning techniques and performance enhancement. Subject matter ranges from English, Maths, Science. Coaching subject matter : Career enhancement, Management Challenges, International Business Development. Tailored personal development programs.

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Management consultant and coach with 27 years experience providing on-line professional development sessions

As an experienced executive manager and business coach, I partner with individuals to catapult the growth of their independent thinking, as "the quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first." (Nancy Kline).

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I have been involved from past 3 years in professional grooming to individuals in search for job and for campus placements. Thus helping in individual to build confidence to clear any interview.

Interview is not faking about your personality but showing your qualities in a way that is useful to your interviewer. it is basically selling yourself to the company and you know what is the best quality of any salesmen his knowledge on his product and who knows you better then yourself. Its just you need to explore yourself and throw the right part of yourself out.

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