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Student in counselling/psychology gives French classes as I am from France .

My teaching method is adapted to each of my students, by doing a learner profile and adjusting the lesson to reach their goal. Keeping the lesson interesting during the learning process for the French lesson. Encouraging, supporting and rewarding all efforts by acknowledging all the steps. In coaching, I will listen to your need and want.

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Experienced senior leader helps you build your leadership skills and abilities with online coaching

I coach more than teach, which works better for adults. My coaching is entirely customized to your specific needs - we will establish your leadership goals, develop a plan for reaching them, and then work to put the plan into action. I live what I teach and coach, as a leader in organizations and the community.

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Young Adult with advanced career experience who will help you get the job of your dreams

I will base my lessons on your needs. I will continue to assist you throughout your experience in finding your dream career and will be able to continue to give advice down the road. I an knowledgable of various job recruiting sites and methods and will be able to show you new paths to get you that dream job.

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Cricket enthusiastic. Professional coach with experience of more than one year in INDIA. Now looking for part time coaching in Canada.

"Practise makes men perfect" No... According to me, "Perfect practise makes men perfect" I believe in hard work. Never give up! Failure and rejection are only the first step to succeeding.

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I do love cooking and teaching cooking with golden tips you can't learn at schools! If you want to create your own perfect dinners and be admired by the household, let's cook together!

I love sharing the cooking experience. So, we prapare the food together with hands on experience. I provide the ingredients.

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Professional chef of 30 years ready to consult and help out any way you need.

I believe if you are willing to learn I am willing to teach. The minute you stop wanting to learn, I stop teaching. I have a very relaxed teaching style, but if you screw around the classes are over.

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Certified Human Resources Professional in Toronto offering CAREER COACHING, LIFE COACHING & PERSONAL COACHING.

Are you a college or university student overwhelmed by your program? Let me help you decipher your academic journey. Are you a new graduate looking to bridge the gap between school and work, or going through a career change? Let me help you improve your interviewing skills and discover your new direction.

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Willing to help anyone looking for jobs or develop their career. Help build leadership skills and develop personality.

My teaching methodology is an easy approach where I would listen to what exactly my students need is and give the right direction they should move towards so that they would have a successful career, while helping them with their resume and any other profession related documents

Paris 7e
(7 reviews)
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Graduate of EDHEC with professional experience in consulting gives professional coaching course

Through this coaching, I propose a singular approach that combines the following dimensions: - psychological approach: during my studies and by evolving in a political environment, I was very interested in psychological models and I was particularly trained in the MBTi model - Work on the body and leadership through public speaking: my training in public speaking and lyric singing allows me...

Anant vijay
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Learn with me. How to love your life? Career Maker & Life Coach

Starts with Listen > then Think > Again Listen > Write all about you (Make a Note) >>> Then give you the best solution for you and teach HOW TO DO IT? Sometimes, You feel, you can't, But I am always here to guide...

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Will you like to stand out from the rest? Then join me on a career coaching professional development journey, tailored just for your coaching requirements. Offered face to face, Skype or via telephone

Career coaching together, using an effective lovely combination of coaching & NLP tools, techniques & models to successfully achieve your professional career goals & aspirations. Our tailored coaching session will be inspiring, fun & relaxing, either face to face, via Skype or over the Telephone.

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Coach job interview - Master your interview as a candidate / recruiter

Even with the most impressive resume, getting the job or mission of your dreams is impossible without successfully completing your interview. On the other hand, the reverse is quite true: Giving the best job interview will get you the mission even if your CV is unsatisfactory or if your competitors have more experience.

(10 reviews)

Fiona - Werrington - Professional Transition

I help people of all ages and abilities learn Spanish, English and other languages for exams, holidays or business. Learning another language is such a worthwhile thing to do and can open up many doors. I find my work enjoyable and very rewarding.

(10 reviews)
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Your Career - the easiest way to learn is based on constructive and open discussions

As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I help my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. In doing so, I consider the students' motivations and skills in order to optimise their success.

(5 reviews)
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Coach and International Lecturer teaches Strategy, Business, Planning, Warehouses, Purchasing, Management and Leadership in Guadalajara

I teach classes / courses in the modalities of: Seminar, Workshop-type Seminar, Interactive Workshop, Consultative Workshop, Modular or Diplomate Program. These, as the subject allows and the number of people, we can handle as a workshop (practices). I like to adapt to the needs of the student. The class can be face-to-face or distance (online).


Anastassia - Shipley - Professional Transition

I am passionate about my country and my language! There is no better time to build bridges between Russia and UK through celebrating our differences.

São Bernardo do Campo
(4 reviews)
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Academic Assistance for Selective Graduate Processes with a Master Degree in Biomedical Engineering

My method is to assist students interested in participating in selective processes for postgraduate studies and stricto sensu. I can assist in the correct completion of the Lattes Platform, Elaboration of Google Academics, ResearchGate, and in the verification and correction of academic and scientific papers. I also assist in the study for proficiency tests in English.

(15 reviews)
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Psychologist job interviews (English / Spanish), speaking classes and official exams (native accent / free trial)

The methodology consists of designing a personalized interview based on the position, the company, the country, the CV and other aspects, and work it to learn to project in the answers our most favorable personal and professional profile, always from the sincerity. I also teach conversational classes (NATIVO accent) and prepare official exams VERY EFFECTIVELY (95% approved).

Paris 1er
(2 reviews)
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Professional and Personalized Coaching for your job interviews, Resume and cover letter

Hello, I am a recruitment specialist. I propose to help you prepare your CV and your job interviews. I work in individual individualized session based on real situations. I am available at night on weekdays and weekends.

(2 reviews)
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Success sessions, coach for all types of people and objectives. I discovered how far you can get.

During my life I discovered very interesting things in the Bible and authors related to self help. I know everyone is a little tired of listening to these things but it keeps my interest in being able to transmit to people a single infallible technique.


Benjamin - Richmond - Professional Transition

Your interest in German tuition may be due to exams, a university course, German relatives, an audition, or the unique German sense of humour - I'll help you prepare for all of that. I enjoy teaching a lot and will make sure you enjoy your progress! - Which subject(s) do you teach? German: basics, conversation, GCSE, iGCSE and A-Level exams, German for university students.


Caroline - Wakefield - Professional Transition

Hi, I am Caroline and I am a fully qualified and experienced languages teacher and tutor. I cater for all levels in French, Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese.

(6 reviews)

Would you like to work on what you are passionate about? You can

From two first interviews I put at your disposal an options program linked to your professional preferences. I will provide you with work tools and we will work on your personal brand image. I will offer you references of the industry in which you are interested and give you personal and professional development strategies.


Manohar - Sudbury - Professional Transition

Hi. I'm Manohar. I am certified by the Chartered Institute of Linguists as a qualified professional translator, interpreter and tutor. - Which subject(s) do you teach? French, Spanish, Portuguese and EFL. I can also provide Translation, Interpreting, Proofreading and Creative Writing services in those languages. - Tell me about your qualifications.


Anna - Barking - Professional Transition

I am a teacher of Russian and Ukraine Languages and Literature with 25 years of teaching experience. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Russian and Ukraine Language/Literature - from the basics to formal Scottish Higher Grades, GCSE Test Certification, A-level, Russian IBO. - Tell me about your qualifications.

Le Plessis-Trévise
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Become a "digital nomad": Tips and feedback to start as a freelance

I do not propose a "course" as such, but rather a discussion. I can offer you my feedback, my methods and tips: How to create your status, how to find assignments, how to manage your income and expenses, where to work, manage your rythm, find your first customers, etc ... I can also answer your questions as well as give you my opinion and advice according to your project.

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New start up ? Lets start it together Presentation is all that earns !

I can explane and answer you all the business related question anything about documentations, pitching, financing, working , formation etc.

Belsize Park

Sonia - Belsize Park - Professional Transition

I love teaching and I offer an individual and holistic approach. I enjoy seeing people growing, reaching their dreams, gaining new skills. I'd love to assist you in this amazing process. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Voice Emission (for teachers, speakers, radio presenters, directors, sales assistants). Singing (pop/jazz). Breathing techniques (for singing, speaking and relaxation).

Central Westminster

Jacqueline - Central Westminster - Professional Transition

!Hola amigos! I am Jacqueline Espinoza a native, experienced and qualified Spanish teacher, who has more than six years of teaching experience with children and adults in the UK and USA. - Which subject(s) do you teach? ON-LINE SPANISH VISIT MY WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION: (concealed information) - Tell me about your qualifications.

(5 reviews)
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A New Approach to Language Learning. Accent reduction coaching for professionals by a professional tutor.

Have you noticed that the people at the top of an organisation are often well-spoken and able to get their message across with ease and elegance? Having a heavy accent can be a barrier to career development, lead to unnecessary miscommunication and could negatively affect your personal or professional impact.

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