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Education Student, can teach lessons in history, english and anthropology; additionally can provide high level basketball training.

I believe in giving my students a strong grasp of fundamentals to serve as the foundation for their learning experience. From there, student engagement and engaged critical thinking allow them to build upon their skills and knowledge while allowing them the ability to retain this information by forming it in their own words and mind.

Saint Helens
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Professional Sports Coach Offering The Basics Of How To Be Successful In The North West

These lessons are for anyone who dream of working in sports or who are starting out within the sports industry. My techniques of teaching will be based around different methods in which you can coach and different ways you can approach teaching different ages of kids mainly from the ages of 4-11 but if anyone is interested can teach different ways and help out with ages of 2-4 and 11-19.

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Postgraduate student specialising in sport and exercise science and performance analysis. Rugby union specialist. Also cricket and netball background. Bristol area.

I am a further education (post 16) sports lecturer. I have direct experience of teaching A level PE, and BTEC foundation and extended certificate/diploma in sport. I like to ensure students are provided with all the information required to fully understand the topic area. I set students exam style questions to ensure their newly acquired knowledge is applied.

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ERCA Level 2 qualified Rugby coach in Teesside / County Durham / North Yorkshire

My classes are based on the RFU and ERCA "Whole-Part-Whole" approach. The lesson structure is based on the APES principles: (Active, Purposeful, Enjoyable and Safe) as guided by the RFU. My coaching character is to maximise enjoyment of every session for each player whilst focussing on developing specific skills to drive their love of rugby and physical, mental and emotional development.

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Sport coach with 5 years schools and community experience at all levels specialising in rugby.

I teach with humour. My classes always have a key learning objective which may not be sports specific. I am flexible to my students needs and will always ensure complete understanding. Lessons are always active, creativity is encouraged and I aim to make each session as enjoyable as possible.

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I take pride in achieving excellence, I take responsibility for what I do, recognising other’s good work.  I set consistently high standards and expectations, ensuring that everyone has the skills to

Self employed Consultant Enabler As a Consultant Enabler my role was to provide student-led assistance to student’s with Disabilities, in order to help them access their learning and to engage with student life, this included, note taking and providing mobility support.

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Experienced sports coach with a passion for nuturing players to be their best.

I provide lessons for all ages and abilities. In a group situation I endeavor to make my classes as inclusive as possible. I teach with humour, aiming for my students to think for themselves and reach a conclusion by questioning rather than dictating a certain set of parameters.

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13 Years of Rugby experience wishing to tutoring in leadership, team-communication and game development.

My teaching method is definitely involved! I base my lessons on a back and forth discussion between tutor and student whilst also maintaining a high level of constructive topics and conversation.

Edith Weston
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Ex teacher with high level International rugby experience now living in Leicestershire.

A player centred approach with big emphasis on skill development. Level 4 rugby coach with experience of coaching 3 international teams. Up to date knowledge and excellent connections worldwide including Europe and Southern Hemisphere. Dedicated, flexible and cater for each individuals needs.

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Bangor University Sport and Exercise Psychology Student offering expertise in Rugby League

I have a very personal teaching style, I like the group to feel involved with the drills and for them to be comfortable asking questions. I like to keep drills fun but while still developing core skills and tactics throughout.

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Exercise Science student gives sport, exercise and fitness lessons to all levels as well as biology to secondary school pupils. Based in Manchester/Salford

Young professional who has completed a number of fitness achievements both personally and with teams. Give fitness and exercise lessons to all ages, individually or in groups. Prefer a hands-on approach and I tend to take part in the lesson in order to lead by example. Ambitious and always trying to push students to their maximum effort.

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American student in NSW who has experience playing American Football, Baseball, and Rugby.

Lessons would be based on what the student needs to know. Why are you curious about this sport? What is your current knowledge level? What do you wish to gain from these lessons? All of these answers will shape how the lesson plays out.

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A retired professional rugby union player and semi-pro 7's player with Sports science degree, looking to share my knowledge.

My teaching method is based on my own development. I have acquired plethora of qualifications and knowledge to develop both armature and elite athletes. My techniques will consist of: 1: Understanding the individual/team on where they're currently at and acquire as much information as possible before any planning can commence.

Cape Town
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A good teacher is a doctor who heals ignorance and an artist who inspires creativity. With my football experience since at the of 7 until now I believe kids will be blessed to the best of my abilities

I do t have teaching experience at schools but I can teach because I teach at Sunday school and also I coach under 15 soccer boys and also teach as a leader on camp and teach once at a primary school but I was volunteering just for few months.

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Sport Development Graduate offering coaching of many sports, tutoring from GCSE to Degree and help to those who want to get fit.

Having fun is my highest priority and I believe that every person has a unique way of learning, so there is no right or wrong way to teach. Every pupil will learn more effectively in their preferred learning style, but it is not to say that is the only way they learn. I will use different teaching styles to get the best from my pupils.

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Recently finished university student specialising in Physical Education with a range of teaching capabilities

My teaching method is very hands on, a creative mind allows for enjoyable lessons, and in my experience enjoyable lessons allow for effective learning to take place. I prefer to make lessons inclusive for everyone as opposed to the best performers which is key to my methods.

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Professional Certified National Level Sportsman in Cricket & Football looking for uplifting local talent

I believer in teaching by setting up right & achievable goals. these are short trm & long term goals which are based on minute attention to details. Basic should be corrected which would impact long terms career for any sportsman.

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Rugby athlete all yours for rugby related training and learning and more, rugby is the sport to love

Together we achieve more of course there's a lot of fun whilst learning

City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality
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Come learn the basics or hone your Rugby skills whilst having fun!

Practise makes perfect. To have as much fun as possible whilst putting in the work. We'll work on basic skills and focus on individual needs as well.

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Coach since the age of 16, team currently have 8 county players

Game based learning is vital in order to learn and have fun whilst doing it, I try to make sure everything I do is rugby specific and can be related back to the sport

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An aspiring Rugby player who has had high honours and school and academy colours; offering lessons on both the 15s game or the 7s game. I’m passionate on introducing new players or furthering experien

My teaching method is practical and I believe the only way to learn something is by doing it yourself first and building the bricks around that.

Southern DC
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Coaching science student offering lessons and tips in rugby and lessons. That includes 15s and 7s . Everything involving rugby .

My teaching methodes are straight forward . Each group /individual may differ so first we I check what knowledge you have about rugby ,are you playing rugby , what career would you like to pursue in rugby field and there we take it from there . Always start with basics . History of rugby ,basic rugby setup and then work it up .

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Fancy learning about rugby? Then I'm the person to talk to. If it's to play, coach or referee the game then I can teach you everything you need to know.

My teaching method is that I'm able to demonstrate everything that you know. I have my topics on by the way i learnt how to play the game.

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Head sports coach with 11 years experience offering lessons in most sports and how to coach them.

Everyone has a skill, a passion, an ability. Its my job to find it and turn it into something spectacular. This is my philosophy and this is how my lessons run, I find what works and I exploit it to get the best results.

Brize Norton
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1 two 1 lessons and online rugby coaching for beginners and intermediate

Hello all and welcome! My name is Ali and I have a serious passion and wealth of knowledge around Rugby.

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Keep fit and healthy well learning to play a great sport that is cricket

My methodology is to make sure that each person has the basics in place before moving on to more specific things and to make sure that everyone has a role to play within the team

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Providing platform and coaching to the young generation of Rugby in District Kupwara

My Teaching method is from very simple to high level which covers all the rules and regulations of Rugby Sport.

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Rugby is more than just a game, it takes lots of energy, wisdom and will power of hard work to help you be the best.

Coaching teams to be better and more successful in all aspects of life. Also helping players to realize thier potential.

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