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Kinesiology student and club volleyball player gives lessons and workout tips for volleyball players

I like to apply my training knowledge from my years of experience in volleyball as well as my education in kinesiology and my understanding of the human body. I like to push players to their limits in a healthy and advantageous way while still having fun and keeping the passion for the game alive.

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I am extremely passionate about teaching sports to young children. My love for sports will inspire kids to enhance their skills.

My teaching method varies from student to student, I need to analyze the student's way of learning and then apply the techniques. Sometimes I use pictures to teach my students and other times used previous tests to preapre them for thier exams.

Mount Royal
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Advanced Volley-Ball player teaching young and older people wanting to learn this beatiful sport.

My teaching methods are learning through fun. If you want to learn the best way is too enjoy while learning.I will teach the basics and more advanced techniques but I will always listen to constructive criticism to improve and base my teaching in my students weaknesses and strenghs.

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Need extra volleyball help? I am the person for you! Hire me you won’t regret it!

I will watch and point out what needs to be corrected and show you how to correct the errors if needed.

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You will be excel at your sport with me as your guide

I evaluate the athletes skill level and potential, based upon running simple drills and discussing goals with the individual. The classes are meant for a skilled individual, who believes they have greater potential for their chosen sport. The class will challenge the individual to a point of exhaustion and they will receive a high level of verbal motivation before, during and following the class.

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A national level gold medalist too teach u best skill in Toronto.

My teaching methods are really simple very innovative and very effective. According to my knowledge working and refining the core of the game is the biggest strategy.

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I’m a volleyball player from the past 7 years, learn and improve. Come have some fun in Nanaimo, BC.

I always keep my class competitive but for fun. I believe with time students learn and improve.

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Volleyball experience since 2015 I’m 13 and I’m just here to help Please have confidence in me as I teach you the basics of volleyball!

I teach, then I show how it’s done, posture and all the rest, then I evaluate the person, ITS VERY EASY

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ECE available for soccer lessons for all ages, and developmental stages, in Toronto!

My teaching methods are based on the child/children and their abilities. To begin, I would plan simple activities and see how the child is able to complete such activities (i.e shooting a ball in the net). I would then alter the activity based on their skill level.

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Kinesiology Graduate/Coach teaching basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer and golf fundamentals, advanced technical/tactical skills

My teaching methods specifically depend on the athletes and the sport I coach. Every athlete learns effectively in a specific and unique way. It is my job and responsibility as a coach and educator to get to know and understand the athletes, what they wish to improve in their sport, how they prefer to be taught, i.e. teaching approach.

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Asipiring teacher who loves sports and math looking to help as a tutor

I must base my teaching on the learner, for everyone is slightly different and teaching can be taught in a way that works for each and every individual. I personally like visuals and activities to understand concepts but, can adapt.

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Volleyball and Beach Volleyball. Third-level volleyball coach and former professional player. Teacher of Beach Volley coaches. RBT Technical Director.

Visca (concealed information) As a private Italian coach, the men's and women's teams that I have won have won three championships and one youth, obtained the record of consecutive stage wins at the Italian Absolute Championship, the record of stages won and the podium record. Internationally my teams have entered the first pairs of the world.

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State Volleyball Coach willing to teach any team or individual to further enhance their performance

One of my teaching methods is breaking down the skill into smaller pieces than slowly progressing step by step. Another approach I use especially for beginners and intermediates is showing how the technique should be done by demonstration rather than just telling them what should be done.

Cape Town
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Postgrad Sports Management student offering lessons in English, isiXhosa as languages. As well as cricket, hockey and soccer coaching at a fundamental level. Based in Cape Town's Southern Suburbs.

I look to promote self-belief and reinforce the value of small victories. My lessons and sessions are structured in a way that puts the student in a position to be able to identify where they have made progress after the lesson, as well as make sure they are comfortable with tackling this same problem without my assistance because the core lessons will have stuck with them.

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Hey, I'm an 18 year old guy who can teach you a thing or two in sports. I take math and science till 10th too

Well, I'll teach you the basics ofc, for the first 5 classes or so, and I'll move on to the skills and tricks later on. I'll even organize matches with other teams regularly.

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I have a very strong knowledge towards sports as I had represented athletic in national level under 16

I have a very scientific approach towards the sports as it will support you for the long run. Also you can seek my help and can make a life out of your sporting career.

Centenary Heights
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Female athlete with a bachelor degree in sports and exercise science keen to educate highschool and/or uni students in many different sports and athletics components.

I am a lighthearted yet strict individual. I love to have fun while learning, but am intent on having my students work hard and stay on task...all while having a good time. If you don't enjoy it, you won't remember it.

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I like to teach subject like english and speaking and as well maths

As i feel teacher is like a god for students and if i will teach you so feel free to ask anytime because its my responsibilty to give you valid answer.everyone is not perfect in life as mistakes are part of life so maybe you have more knowledge than me..

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An Entrepreneur and a sports enthusiast willing to spend some time giving away what he has within.

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Basketball Coach teaches lessons to anybody in the Fraser Coast that wants to improve their game.

My teaching methodology is to first watch what the student can and can't do based on the areas they want teaching and need help/guidance with.

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Volleyball Technician offers individualized or collective training in the city of Curitiba

I base my work combining theory and practice, establishing a theoretical-practical methodology, combining the technical characteristics of volleyball with the situational and practical environment of the sport.

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Sharing my passion with those that wants to be better in Volleyball

My methodology comprise of 3 aspects 1) Basic fundamentals Passing, Setting, Serving, Spiking, Blocking 2) Court sense It is the smarter player that wins the game, not the powerful ones 3) Physical abilities Trainings that will help you stay on edge with better players or to even stand out among others

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Aerospace engineering student who has a great experience in drones, and UAV

For the basketball one thing that you should have is dedication and then with this thing you can easily beat anyone. and with a great dedication you can easily achieve your goal. i believe in this strategy and by this i played my nationals with in 2 years.

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22 years of Football Experience that allows you to learn in a safe and positive environment

16 years as a Physical Education Teacher working with General and Special Needs Students 22 years as a High School Football Coach 13 years as a Head High School Football Coach California Coaching Certification Up to date on all new Strength, Conditioning, Speed, and Flexibility Training I am able to adjust my lessons and my drills at that moment to best benefit the student I am patient,...

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Sport student offering depth of knowledge of many sports for an individual or group

My teaching method is that i like you to get to the answer on your own but with me giving you a slight push and helping hand towards the answer this so you learn as well getting the right answer.

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Given coaching on volleyball players at volleyball academy chakradharpur to help physical fitness

my self is a national volleyball player for the state of Jharkhand . i have representing national games of our state also playing university games and presently i have given the coaching from our local players to increasing the outdoor games.

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Sport Development with Coaching Graduate teaching in Ulverston with 1 year experience in teaching children

I like to use sport to make learning fun, I believe any subject can be taught through fitness and sport in general. I am always enthusiastic and fun and enjoy teaching children and watching them progress through sport. I not only teach sport but can teach children Maths, English and Science as well as other primary curriculum subjects.

Houghton le Spring
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PCET student with a degree in Sports Coaching, offering coaching in Sunderland

I am at PCET student at Sunderland University and I have provided sports classes to an American summer camp for the past 3 years. I prefer to get involved with the sessions so I can have a hands on approach and stop specific situations to teach a better technique.

Uttar Pradesh
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B.pe.d from d.c.p.e I m professional volleyball player ever give specific training

Giving a knowledge from basic to professional level and its start from first day to last day with all scientific law,s and principal's under needs of students Teaching is also help student to Learn systematic skills and knowledege during class room and lecture methods

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T.g.t physical education and specialized coach like hockey, football volleyball and badminton. - 4 Yrs 6 Months experience

B.Ped From M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly Final Year's result awaited  Qualifying D license certi ficate caurse for professional coach of football. (AIFF)  Qualifying the exam of Hockey um pire conducted by U.

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