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Richmond Hill
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Swimming instructor gives swimming lessons for kids of all ages in Toronto

As a swimming instructor for kids, I make sure to make the class a very fun experience for them. I play games with them that teach them all the techniques and the skills needed for swimming. I believe that technique is a very important part of swimming and thus i will make sure to teach them the right techniques for swimming so they can always be successful.

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Pre-Law student who can teach/coach swimming to all levels, from beginners to competitive.

My teaching methods are to get the foundation first. Once foundation is met, we move to technique and then endurance and finalize with intensity.

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Swimming lessons for all ages and abilities. From beginners to competitive swimmers. Let's achieve your goals together!

Every client is different and need specific teaching methods. There are different methods for beginners and advanced swimmers, for kids and adults. I always need to know your goals and according to them create your swimming program.

Bir kanwal
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Learned swimming 12 years back and still remember the first lap. Want to teach people in kitchener/waterloo.

I work really hard on basics. As once the basic actions are perfect, speed and performance improves automatically with endurance.

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High school student wanting to share her love for swimming with kids!

I like to work on things that people struggle with and also activities they enjoy and feel confident doing. I like starting simple and slowly building up to assure success in every part of the task.

Saint John
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I am giving classes for swimming as per your requirement for your better life

My basic training is to teach you how to make a perfect body without wasting less time for a more better future

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Willing to teach you about the sport. Believe me it's the coolest activity and exercise.

Every person is different in its own way and I would read him / her and act according to them and make them feel comfortable and confident

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Technician in Physical Sports Activities specialized in swimming, soccer, cycling and tennis

My Methodology is based on the values of each student, and their relationships with the outside world. the classes are adapted for each student and their socio-cultural circumstances. my learning is taught with good objectives and the smile is a trigger.

Saugeen Shores
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Swimming/Waterpolo - Port Elgin - Certified Swim 101/201 Coach and Waterpolo Enthusiast

From young to old, developing your swimming abilities can be as simple as learning how to put your face in the water without fear to swimming butterfly for x amount of meters. What do you want to learn? Going from what your expectations is key.

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Training swimming freestyle butterfly backstroke underwater breath techniques part time in brampton gta

I am Raju a new immigrant to Canada. I have been worked as a software developer with different levels for prominent organizations like Oracle and GE Digital. I would be privileged to get an offer and contribute to the role to the best of my technical ability with continuous learning to promote innovations.

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National Jordanian swimmer. Gives swimming classes for all ages in Vancouver. Flexible hours :)

My teaching methods include: 1) In person representation of new techniques 2) written down comments on what needs to be improved (just so you don’t forget) 3) overview on what we learnt during the previous class (at the beginning of each new session) 4) repetition when needed

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National level swimmer from Montreal. Been coaching for three years now. Able to teach all ages and levels.

I approach the sport based on technique more than power. I rather perfect the strokes in all it’s small aspects than focus on strength.

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Trained WSI certified with first aid ready to teach swim to people of all ages!

I like to cater to my students directly. Everybody has specific learning techniques that they find easiest to learn from. Listening to directions, seeing me do what I’m teaching, and getting in and trying it themselves, are all effective learning methods I promote.

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Teaching all university level Civil Engineering courses to undergraduate students in waterloo, ON

Based on the need of the students we can decide whether to work on a specific subject or the whole course

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University student gives swimming lessons for children and adults of all ages in Montreal

I approach swimming using specific exercises to achieve good technique. I try to find fun activities to make learning how to swim enjoyably. The classes I took can be applied to swimmers of any age. A typical class depends on what the student wishes to work on that day.

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[Berlin] Swim training from the European champion - no matter if beginner or professional I'll get you on course!

I greet you! My name is Lucas and I was a competitive athlete for 13 years swimming and was able to swim several European titles during this time. You would like to learn to swim, prepare for a specific goal or get controlled training from a professional? Then you are exactly right here. First, we determine your starting level and work together to set realistic goals for you.

(12 reviews)
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On demand expert swimming coach for every aspirant at their residence .

Can teach all swimming strokes from butterfly, breast stroke, back stroke and free style from beginner to professional. Age group: children (>8) - Adults (age is not a barrier). Classes will be on weekends in the morning from 9-12 am. Available for coaching at hotels with no foreign language barriers.

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Private swimming lessons to kids and adults of all levels in London

I've been swimming for 21 years and I've been involved in elite synchronized swimming in Europe. I'm passionate about swimming teaching, and I 'm constantly working towards gaining more knowledge and expertise on all things water. An expert in classic and synchronised swimming, I can help you achieve your goals from getting started to completing a triathlon.

Varsity Lakes
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Master of Sport Science Student give Swimming lessons to further Swim Instructors

My teaching method focuses on assess every single student (How to do it?). But the most important thing is for a future teacher is "How to teach". My aimfocuses not only on the content but also on different methodologies to approach the student.

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I have good training experience in the field of swimming training. I'm national medalist swimmer & triathlete. Here for offering personal swimming training to individual or a group.

Swimming is basically learnt by decreasing resistant & increasing proportion, so my approach for learning is based on this principal. I develop interest for the beginners and take out their fear from water by doing some water activities & games, i believe swimming is an art and needs dedication to learn it.

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Private Swimming Tuition, one to one swimming lessons in Barnet, London -

Swimming Classes UK is a professional institute for one to one swimming lesson & private swimming lessons in central London, Barnet and is being managed by a team of skilled swimmers. Each of the programs is expertly designed to provide you with an impeccable learning and greatly beneficial in improving skills.

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Professional Swim advice for pool, open water and triathlon. Improve your technique!

I'm obsessed with Front Crawl technique and found commonalities among the top swimmers. I'm intrigued by the comparison of the commonalities of most master's swimmers, and find that there is a correlation between some fundamental things top swimmers do that increase their speed and efficiency. My aim is to impart these characteristics to all swimmers.

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Have taught swimming for over thirty years, can teach all levels. Happy to teach groups as well as sinlges. Have also taught autistic kids.

Water confidence is a must to start with, so we would start with water confidence. then move on to basic breathing skills and stroke work. At all times working at your pace. I am easy going and patient, so happiness is also a key to helping you learn to swim. Then depending on your skill levels, would depend on what we would do next.

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Qualified and experienced swimming instructor open to wholeheartedly teaching any age wanting to learn!!

I base my classes on warmth and positive energy. I want to make sure every student and person I work with is completely comfortable with what we are working on. So speak up if we need to change or alter something, I'm open to feedback! Each lesson plan I create will solely be constructed upon the individual, establishing specifically what skills you need to obtain or improve.

High Wycombe
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Ex regional and county swimmer with experience in helping children and adults learn to swim, improve their technique or simply feel more comfortable in the water.

My teaching method is a casual and fun approach to learning whilst making sure that the students objectives for taking the lessons are being met - technique improvement or feeling comfortable in water. I try to make sure that students are enjoying themselves whilst learning and teach them not to be afraid of the water.

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Ex-swimmer with 10 years of training experience and 2 years of teaching experience offering swimming lessons

My teaching method is to tailor exercises to participant’s need. I’d love to show people how useful and enjoyable swimming might be. I can give you hints and tips what to do to improve your technique as well as endurance in swimming.

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Daryl - Beckenham - Swimming

I am a graduate in BSc Accounting and Finance and having benefited from a very good private education tutor an opportunity to use my talents to help others toward maximising their full potential and chances of success in any future endeavours. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Mathematics Statistics Finance Economics Accounting Business Related Subjects - Tell me about your qualifications.

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* Primary, Highschool, University * many subjects * Price negotiable* Curtin University Student who can teach progressive, productive, creative, engaging lessons across a range of subjects and learnin

I like taking an approach that is specific and dependant on each child meaning some lessons may be structured to the parents/guardians' judgement/desire, the child's immediate interest and my best judgement.

Banora Point
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Former competitive swimmer gives private and group swimming lessons to all ages

Whenever I teach I try to personalise my methodology as much as possible to the makeup of the class. Everybody is different and respond and learn from different types of stimuli, it's important to cater to differences otherwise proper learning will not be done.

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Highly experienced aquatic coach - Stroke technique, work out and seasonal planning

I am a Southern California native, where water and aqatis sports are a integral part of the lifestyle. I began competing in Swimming and Water Polo at the age of 13. I look for and focus on a swimmer's strengths and tailor my coaching to the individual.

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