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I can share my knowledge of c++, game development, math, and physics in Toronto.

I am teaching my students with logical approach to knowledge. I am patent teacher so i keep trying to make students understand what i am teaching. I can study and prepare what my students want to study and learn. I can teach anyone who is interested in learning c++.

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Computer Sciences graduate, teaches game development, java programming and basic computer skills

I gear my lessons to the needs of the student. Technically inclined students will receive a more in-depth theory and principles, whereas less technically inclined students will receive more of a how-to tutorial with less theory. Since everyone learns differently, I teach everyone differently, based on their learning style. I try to make the lesson fun and interactive.

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Video game Designer/developer with graphic design background looking to help beginners get started on building their own games.

Building games (and programming in general) is about finding solutions for problems. This will be a common theme across lessons. I like to start tutor sessions by giving a brief overview of the subjects to be discussed and then go into some more detail on those subjects.

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Statistics UW student giving math and CS lessons in Waterloo and remotely

I explain a basic concept and follow it up with a example to reinforce healthy learning that ensures that information is retained well.

Setor Jao
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I am a Unity Certified Developer and I teach classes for all levels of Game Dev, Unity and C #

My classes are designed according to the level and need of the student, always with dynamism, practical examples and using the tools and knowledge used by the industry. Practical and theoretical classes always aligned with some project (a mini-game or tool) that the student develops to evolve their skills. If you wish, I also provide advice if the student already has any project in progress.

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20 year Game Developer, teaching C++/C#, Java, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology In Brisbane and Gold Coast Region

I work on a mastery system. You have to master a section till you move on, a simple analopgy is If you built a house with say getting 75% right is that house going to be stable? No! Same for Math, Science and Programming you get it right and then you build on top of it.

Pascoe Vale
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Swinburne Computer Science Student gives programming lessons to high school or uni students, Melbourne

I believe in a practical approach and so I like my students to take the wheel and explore the content by creating mini-projects.

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Experienced developer giving development, webdev and programming courses by screenshare for all levels

When it comes to development, it is very important for the student to grasp the intuitions, and not to see learning as tedious cramming. For motivation to be present, I have students work on personal projects of their choice. I can also adapt to students who want a more structured method. In any case, I try to bring development and algorithmics in a fun way.

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Canberra based IT tutor happy to teach people of any age all thing computer related

I teach using a "from the ground up" method meaning that I will start with the most basic things in your desired area of technology and will then progressively teach more advanced stuff as the student's knowledge of the topic expands.

Bells Creek
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Professional Game Developer with over 5 years experience to give lessons to aspiring game developers.

My teaching method is to help guide the student to understand what they are doing and how it can be applied in other situations. I like to use a see what a student knows and can do, see where they lack and find the knowledge gap. I also like to take a show how the task could be approached and then question student how they would tackle the problem.

Schuylkill Haven
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Tutoring experience for 6 years now. With in different fields of teaching.

I am trying to help students who doesn't understand or know programming, computer gaming, or other fields. I would see where the student is struggling and try to focus on that area until the student has it down. My mythology is to see what the student likes and try to change some of the questions around so they can understand the question.

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Learn how to code in the go programming language and land a job at google straight out of high school.

My intention is to show people the easiest way to go about learning how to code. I started out trying to learn how to code the hard way and without any sort of real guidance.

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I've worked in game development. I can teach Unreal blueprints and engine as well as how to interface with Blender, Substance Designer, Speedtree and ZBrush. DirectX or OpenGL through C++.

I will teach subjects by whatever the student requests. If your stuck on something and want to learn something specific or just want to start at any point let me know. I'm available through Skype or Discord at almost any time.

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Top US college educated Computer Science major teaching programming skills & analytics in Adelaide

I approach teaching with a flexible mindset, as I understand that no two students learn the same. By connecting on a personal level and finding common interests, I can make course material relevant, engaging, and fun for both of us.

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Post-college graduate with over 10 years of studying the video game development process.

My teaching methodology is to let the student explore their creativity and apply their knowledge while remaining on track to reach our goal. For our tutoring sessions on game development, the goal is to develop a game.

Great Neck
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MIT Graduate with 20+ years of programming experience! Well reviewed on Chegg.

I teach online via chat. Students should have a computer and the relevant programming language installed and come prepared with some exercises or questions. I was a TA for Theory of Algorithms at MIT as well, but I prefer not to give lectures and to work out real problems.

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Game Designer with Indie Titles Under his Belt Wants to Work with You!

Collaboration! It is incredibly vital that we communication well and work on fusing ideas and concepts together to create a better experience and thereby a better game. We will work together on Concepts, Planning, Execution, and Scoping, all while keep the key ingredients of Technology, Aesthetics, Story, and Mechanics in mind.

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VR & VIDEO GAME Designer & Producer, 25y experience, multiple award-winning shipped titles

I base my classes on the experience gathered throughout my 25 years in the video game industry. My teaching style is very hands-on with frequent fun homework tasks and clear and defined milestones and objectives.

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I have a degree for teaching I was currently with Indiana digital learning school i've decided i wanted to spend more time at home and less time working away from home i think i could be amazing for y

I base my methodology in education terms because i was once a teacher so i learned the way to actually do things correctly in the way they should be taught.

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MMO Games-DCUO/ Sports-NBA2K / Shooters-FortNite. Over 30Year Exp. Staten Island Area.

My Level of gaming are for any age of people who are eager to learn. Patinece and time will make the progress a success.

Baulkham Hills
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Professional App Developer teaching Game Development in Unity or Unreal in Sydney

Without a doubt, the most important things for my classes are motivation and fun. Every class is focused not on a set lesson plan, but instead on what the student wants to achieve, tailoring the lessons personally and individually based on their needs. Every class is as hands-on as possible, and each student receives additional bonus credit work to attempt in their own time.

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Video Games Developer with Unity and C#. Belgium. Bachelor +3. Learn the basics of creating a video game to be able to learn by yourself.

I'm just finishing my 3 year Bachelor's degree as a Game-Video programmer. I will teach you the basics of Unity, a software allowing to access more easily the creation of video games.

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Inspiring Little Engineering Spirits. . Teachingt every drop of pre-computing with necessary Maths & Science.

I'm confident to say that I know how to inspire children with beautiful examples of computing concepts & happy programming lessons. I have interesting softwares, just for kids & based on their ages. Truly I am an engineering soul who strives to inspire little ones to see the beauty in computing.

Redwood City
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Software Engineer with 4.5 years of game industry experience - Bay Area

My core knowledge is in C++ but I can look up other syntaxes, C++ is just what I'm comfortable with. I'll try to start with the base concepts first, once those are grasped I find the rest comes easy. Once everything is planned out conceptually, building your design out in small, incremental pieces is usually the best approach in my experience.

Brayan steven
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University student of software engineering teaches in Palmira, Valle del Cauca Colombia, these classes contain knowledge about: HTML, CSS, advanced JAVASCRIPT and basic PHP.

My way of teaching how to program, or at least teach the basics to learn to learn to program is very simple, i'ts based on the no overload of the resources of the brain.

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Tiverton Devon GCSE A level computer science programming python games raspberry pi

feel comfortable and engage mind into learning. show learning intention( reason why we are learning it) and how it fits in the big picture of KUSQ (knowledge,Understanding, skills and Qualifications) See simple clear example/s (resource/s chunked up) , understand how it works (modelling)...

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Computer Science and Video Game Development Programming Tutor, in the Toowoomba Region

Generally work best in offering assistance and guidance when you already have some task that must be met. Excellent ability to track down and solve issues you may be having with an assignment you are stuck on and explaining where you went wrong to help you avoid that problem in the future.

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Computer Science Instructor making coding fun in Cleveland Ohio with 2 years experience in the classroom

The approach I most commonly used was a hybrid mixture of lectures in which students followed along at their own computers, and hands on self paced activities that students would complete individually as I moved around the room to provide assistance one on one.

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HI, My name Is Jaron I have been playing video games since I have been a Kid. I am very good at shooters and Battle royal games. I will teach you the basics and the aggressive tactics that I have lear

I like to start off with jumping straight into the fire of any game. I believe this is the quickest way for you to learn how to play any type of game. Once you get use to the speed of the game you will become accustom to taking on challenges that you once could not do. If you need the game to be slowed down and have me run through the basics I will be happy to help you out that way also.

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Industry Proven Software Engineer. C# / Game Development / HTML / CSS. Will Train you to be an Industry Leading Developer

My classes are remote, but I am always accessable with Skype / Discord always available to my students. There is a private Discord channel that we will set up and will allow you to collaberate with other students, and communicate with me directly.

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