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Naturopath offers motivational coaching, vitality and joie de vivre and support with / prevention for problems of modern civilization


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About the lesson

Naturopathy is an art of living and taking care of oneself thanks to the power and benevolence of nature, of which we are part (although we often forget it ...). By supporting our vital energy with what nourishes it best and by removing disturbing elements, everyone can gain in quality of life. By applying mental and motivational techniques, we can also reach new objectivs in our life or even change completely direction, for more fulfillment. Naturopathy is based on the conquered person's willingness to become aware and responsible in order to fully commit to their path of well-being.


  • Nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Eating well
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    Sports nutrition



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About Nancy

Of German origin, I seized the opportunity to realize my dream of childhood and it is thus now that I live in France since 8 years already. After my career in Human Resources (Bachelor of Arts) in Emden in northern Germany - mainly focused on theories and techniques of communication and motivation - I studied for 4 years at the Hildegard Institute (Rennes / Saint Avé) to to obtain the skills in classical naturopathy, physio-pathology, nutrition, aromatology, phytology, plantar reflexology ... My school is affiliated with the FNA (French Federation of Naturopathic Schools). Currently I am starting a training in Sophrology at the SOHO school in order to be able to propose you some relaxation techniques, which will allow an even more complete approach.



  • 5 h: $324
  • 10 h: $648


  • $ 72/h


What I propose is very different from a traditional consultation of Naturopathy. As this is a coaching or coaching time that aims to teach you how to help yourself, the minimum course booking is a 4 hour series, spaced 1, 2 or 3 weeks apart, depending on the individual problem and the objective envisaged. If necessary, the accompaniment can of course extend over a denser and / or longer time. The coaching is done via skype / webcam and (+ documents by mail) or, if you live in Nantes, you can come on site to meet me.

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