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Paris 7e
(10 reviews)

Classical / Modern Dance Teacher graduated from the VAGANOVA ACADEMY gives classes in dance / pilate / Stretch / Fitness / private coaching at home.

Classic Ballet Coaching and Stretching / Fitness, which emphasizes discipline, respect and self-improvement. My method is based on personalized dance and fitness classes, involving ground bar, pilates, stretches, relaxation, muscle building. Whether for a professional dance career or as an improvement to the overall progress of your fitness.

Anaïs #bynanalou
(10 reviews)

Pole Dance, dance Stretching or Contortion by Pole Dance Swiss Champion 2014 and semifinalist World Championship

Who does not dream of being flexible and flexible as a cat? Flexibility takes you relaxation, well-being and knowledge of yourself as well as your body everyday. The son of the course you will learn to listen and feel the inner you to have control over your physical and mental abilities.

(3 reviews)

Dance Classes in Medellin. Spanish, English and German. With somatic methodology. Salsa, bachata, contemporary, physical conditioning and stretching.

Always willing to listen to my students to develop personalized learning programs in order to achieve their goals efficiently. From the somatic approach the classes are varied, using resources such as: Imitation, voice-word, visual, imagination, among others. In addition to personalized classes, also learning programs for couples and groups.

Paris 18e
(4 reviews)
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Classical, contemporary and jazz dancer gives private bar class, up to three people in Paris in his apartment of the 18th or at home

During my classes I work posture, relaxation, tonicity, breathing and relaxation in music and mixing classical and contemporary technique. Degressive rates depending on the number of classes per week and the number of students, no more than three, to work in depth and make the necessary corrections to each to progress more quickly.

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Professional dancer based in Paris gives Ballet Class / Contemporary / Modern Jazz / Hip Hop / Choreography and Technique

Classically trained; I started dancing at the age of six years in an Italian school associated with the Royal Academy of Dance in London. After some years ; I developed my databases to how other styles of contemporary dance, modern jazz and hip hop. My passion is to travel and see the changes of dance from one culture to another.

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Israeli Professional dancer asks to privately teach for each age and level

The classical ballet is the basis for every dance style - whether modern jazz or others. Strength and stretching are quite important elements to consider in the context of musicality, rhythm and dynamic in healthy and intelligent presentation as the gate to dance.

(1 review)
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Private teacher of BARRE AUX SOL, gives classes in Paris and in the suburbs

In teaching I rely on my experience as a learner and dancer. During my classes I work on body awareness, quality of movement and breathing. All this in a pleasant atmosphere so that we can enjoy the pleasure that gives the movement. I adapt my courses to the physical needs and possibilities of my learners.

(1 review)
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I teach ballet, bar earth or yoga classes for all levels. I have been a dancer in the young company of Víctor Ullate and I am currently working in the dance company LaMov

I teach in a dynamic and active way, observing the student first and adapting to their level. I try to combine the best of technique without leaving aside the expression. I can teach at all levels, there is no need to have price contact with dance.

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Dance lessons by an ex-professional dancer of the Hamburg State Opera, also teaching HipHop, in Hamburg

I have a lot of experience in teaching - professionals, as well as laymen alike. Through my expertise, I can immediately classify my students' level and adjust my lesson content as well as the tempo accordingly. I have had over 20 years of intensive dance lessons. Therefore, I see exactly why, for example, a movement does not work or does not look good and can offer assistance in various ways.

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Dancer and choreographer give lessons to create your own choreography for events

Objective: to create your own choreography for a desired event or for the video. -create a sequence of movements from a theme, a character or music -implify your personality and translate your desires to put them on the stage -find exercises that develops humor, the student's creativity -make so that the student feels well to complicate the exos.

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Dance classes: warm + learning choreography and choreographic composition for specific events

home dance lessons: In a festive atmosphere, I learn to dance to the beats of your choice. I am your progress step by step. (Group Lessons available) The course takes place with a first warm-up game and a learning portion choreography. I adapt to your level. I also suggest you dial you your customized choreography for weddings or other special events.

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Ballet / Modern Dance / Character Dance Private lessons for children from 3 to 16 years in Munich

I work according to the well-known Vaganova principe. The training is as the students want it to be. I am responsible for their questions and problems with certain movements. Otherwise, if there are no questions, the lesson will be executed according to the normal procedure. Bar, middle, jumps or pointe maybe still variation, only if necessary.

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Berlin - Professional choreographer and dance teacher develops and refines your dance talent

I teach ballet, contemporary dance and improvisation for all levels as well as Tango Argentino for beginners. In dance education, I pay particular attention to anatomically correct work, and specifically address the physical conditions of each pupil. All levels are welcome.

Buenos Aires
Maria eugenia
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Student of musical theater gives classes of ballet and singing in person or virtual

I am a student of musical theater with advanced ballet study, participation in competitions of this discipline and constant training and training. The class develops in the following order: warming up in the bar, stretching, center and diagonals. There are also classes of barre a terre, which can be interspersed with conventional classes to achieve a better technique.

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Dancer, Bachelor in dance at the University Rey Juan Carlos, dynamic teaching experience, creative, all levels

I base my courses in the development of consciousness and the relationship with your body, and the development of creativity. Always in a sprit of physical and psicological care.

La Celle-Saint-Cloud
(5 reviews)
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Professional dancer and teacher of classical and neo-classical dance. Bilingual English and French

Former student at the Regional Conservatory of Boulogne Billancourt and Conservatoire National Superior of Dance and Music of Lyon and graduate. Recently worked with a professional company in the United States as a professional and versatile dancer, in parallel with the teaching of classical dance and creation of pieces.

(1 review)
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Professor of Pole Dance, flex and strengthened muscle strengthened ipsf on Paris

I am a Pole Dance teacher who has acquired training approved by the ipsf. With an adapted pedagogy, I pass on my passion to you in complete safety and precise technique, in order to develop you in this very complete sport of the initiation level, to which I take special care, down to the intermediate level.

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Student dance owner of the EAT jazz (Le mans + Paris)

The courses that I propose can be for you, to discover a new activity, to escape and to share. A basic course consists of a warm-up, exercises and a variation (choreography). I practice at high level, jazz dance, classical and modern.

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Student in dance at the Conservatory of Grand Poitiers (10 years of experience) teaches Classical, Contemporary, Barre au sol and Eveil enfant in Poitiers.

I am a contemporary dance teacher (CEPI) at the Conservatory of Poitiers, I also take classes in classical dance within this formation. I've been dancing for ten years. I have already given classes of awakening for the children, I teach them to move their bodies, at the beginning by games of every day bringing them gradually to the danced movement.

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Professor of classical dance, contemporary, modern! Trained at Rosella Hightower I had the chance to learn with internationally renowned professors. I look forward you everything q

Has formed Rosella Hightower in Cannes I had the chance to learn with internationally renowned faculty that is able to convey to me their passion and experience.

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Graduated in Professional Dance Teaching, she teaches classical and modern dance for all levels in Madrid

I am a student of Higher Degree of Dance, previously graduated in Professional Education. I teach dance classes, classical ballet or modern dance, at any level, from children to adults. I offer very dynamic classes in which you learn and have a good time, developing physical and artistic skills.

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Perfect! Samuel is very good at teaching mastering basic technique. He is very knowledgeable on alignment. Highly recommended. His ballet body class is also great for developing strength and flexibility.

Em, Student
1 month ago
(10 reviews)

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