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Life is stressful. Between work, school, and chores, there are simply too many things that need to get done in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, burnout is a very real problem in Canada today

There plenty of things that you can do to relax and recuperate from a tiring day. One of the best ways to alleviate stress is by taking up a creative outlet like learning to play the drums. There are many benefits to playing drums. This hobby can improve not only your mental health but also your physical health.

Benefits of Playing the Drums

Playing an instrument is a good hobby to take up. However, drums, in particular, have been proven to be beneficial in many ways.

Drumming for Cognitive Health

Believe it or not, drumming can make you smarter. According to research, playing the instrument plays a role in synchronising the left and right hemispheres. When your logical left brain and intuitive right brain work together, your intuition becomes stronger.

Drumming or just listening to drumming sounds also encourages the brain to create more neural connections. The more cognitive connections you have, the more self-aware you become.

Want that natural runner’s high without actually running? Playing the drums has a similar effect. The hobby can increase alpha waves which leads to that euphoric high.

Drumming for Confidence

Out of all the instruments, it is safe to say that the drums is amongst the most powerful. It takes a certain kind of confidence to play something loud and imposing.

Learning how to play the drums can allow you to develop the same kind of confidence that would translate in other parts of your life. There are certain aspects of drumming that are complex. Mastering them can give you the self-esteem boost you wouldn’t find in any other hobby.

Drumming for Improved Motor Skills

Drumming demands not only hand-eye coordination but also mind-muscle connection. It entails your hands to be synchronised with your eyes and brain. Studies have shown that people who know how to play the drums have better balanced, are more in control of their motor skills, and are in general more dextrous.

That being said, drumming is a good hobby for people with high-stress jobs that need to be precise with their hands.

Drumming for Fitness

Not everyone likes going to the gym. In fact for some people, nothing is more unappealing than spending an hour or two figuring out how a machine works. Thankfully, going to the gym isn’t the only way you can stay fit and active.

Playing the drums is an active physical activity. A drum session is a great way to start sweating while doing something you enjoy. Novice drummers can expect to burn a little more than 200 calories every session.

Drumming for Relaxation

Have you ever been so frustrated you want to scream? Learning how to play the drum can keep you from screaming especially if you are at your wit’s end. It is a form of self-expression that can help release negative feelings.

The physical act of drumming is a non-destructive way to deal with anger, frustration, stress, and sadness.

Tips for Learning to Play

As with most hobbies, learning how to play the drums take practice and patience. Below are a few tips to make the process enjoyable:

Learn the Lingo

It could be overwhelming to learn a completely new hobby. In fact, just going to the store to buy your very first set can be nerve-wracking. It is difficult to admit to anyone, much more a salesperson, that you don’t know anything about drumming.

Before venturing into the store, do your research. Learn the lingo and figure out the best set for a beginner like you.

Sit Up Your Man: Mind Your Posture

A lot about learning how to play the drums has to do with maintaining a good posture. Your speed, power, control, and technique are affected by how you sit. Even while practicing, it is best to sit properly. It is also a good idea to invest in a good chair as much as a good drum set.

Create a Space for Your Set

The drum is a loud instrument. Especially in the denser cities in Canada, if you live in close quarters with other people, practicing might get disruptive. You don’t want to be thrown out of your rental because of your new hobby. In order to develop confidence in playing properly, find yourself a safe space to practice.

Ask for Help

You can learn to play the drum on your own. However, it might take more time and effort for you to do so.

Employing the help of professional drum tutors is the best way for you to develop the right technique in playing the instrument.  They know how to teach you what you need to know at every skill level. A professional would be able to give you tips and tricks that might take your years to discover.

Finding the Right Tutor for Your New Hobby

Similar to finding your perfect drum set, the right tutor is not one-size-fits-all. There are several things that you should consider before employing the help of one:

Drumming Ability

A good rule of thumb in choosing private tutors for instruments is that you must like how they play. More often than not, the skills and techniques that they impart to you would be similar to their own style. If you don’t enjoy how they sound, you probably wouldn’t enjoy your own either.


Not everyone can be teachers and tutors. It takes a level of patience and perseverance to able to teach anyone a new skill. The private tutor that you employ should be in it for the long haul. They must be able to teach without pressure. After all, drumming should be a stress-free activity.

Passion for Drumming

Passion is contagious. Hiring a private tutor that loves what he or she does would make for very fun sessions. They would be able to infuse excitement in every lesson. Going to class would always be an enjoyable experience.

Excited to take on the drums? You don’t have to look any further in choosing the right private tutor for you. Superprof has cherry-picked the best drum teachers in Canada. Visit our website to learn how simple the process is.

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