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Drumming lessons on the roll

Coming from a rich historical background that dates back to a thousand of years ago, the drums have become an infinite instrument that binds generations and cultures together. But in current times, it is a common deduction that the drums have become the single musical tool that instantly upgrades someone’s coolness factor up to the roof. 

The drums can be an enigmatic set of instruments. The debate over whether you could learn it in 30 minutes or you could spend your life trying varies per opinion and experience. The truth is, it is a bit of both. Understanding the basics of the famed percussion instrument can be manageable, but the catch is becoming versed in the craft and picking up your own style as you learn the ropes. 

Neil Peart, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Buddy Rich, Stewart Copeland, Dave Grohl, and Danny Carey are just some of the names that made trying to be a drummer a little too hard to happen. You often see these names on lists of bests and greatests for a particular reason-- these names are the gold standard of drumming; the gods to look up to and pray that you will be blessed with the hands that can play with the same greatness.

Instead of getting dispirited over your premature ability to play Neil Peart’s 2112 or employ Buddy Rich’s exemplary virtuoso and playing technique in jazz and jazz fusion or have Keith Moon’s flaming passion and angst to play the drums confidently, these drum gods should be able to inspire you to get on the saddle, pick up the sticks and start learning. Make your idols proud by overcoming your vexations of the craft. 

The best way to get over your frustration of learning how to play the drums is to seek the guidance of those who have already learned before you and have gained considerable experience at that. Superprof offers private lessons from top-notch and skilled drummers all over Vancouver. Learning the drums has just gotten easier for you.

Master the art of drumming to your own beat

Like any given instrument, learning how to play the drums can be demanding, if not all the more excruciating. One who decides to take the path of the drummer must be hungry to learn, extremely devoted to the drumming life, and humbled by lessons along the way.

If there is anything about starting with the drums, it is that doing it alone can be painstaking rather than independent. Taking private drumming lessons is highly encouraged due to the intense nature of discipline required. 

Develop basic musical skills. Before learning any type of instrument, it is important to touch on the foundations of music and music theory. Aside from helping the student read music, this also proves to be essential in writing their own music or finding their personal musical style. In drumming, it is highly crucial to develop your own approach to have a distinct sound. Through private lessons, you will be learning musical principles which can then help you find your own sound. 

Faster learning and improvement. With a private tutor whose attention is solely dedicated to teaching you and guiding you the best practices in playing the drums, your progress will be accelerated and in a span of a week, you will be able to play basic drumming techniques and fills.

Personalized lessons based on progress. Based on your learning capacity, your private teacher or tutor can adjust their way of teaching to accommodate how quick or how visual you learn. Rather than taking a class where the student cannot learn at their own rate and develop fully a certain skill, customized lessons via private tutors and teachers are intended to take into consideration the learning pace of the student, all the while giving them time to enhance and practice what they learned. This is also more rewarding, since private lessons often result in learning the craft in a shorter period of time.

Better response to criticism and stress. The best thing about taking private lessons is that your teacher will always bring out the best in you-- they will mention which parts of your playing need improvement and they will also highlight your advantages and what else it is that you are doing right. Apart from this, you will also develop other skills relative to success-- strong work ethics and goal setting plans among other things. By the end of your lessons, you will have come out a better person with a chance at drumming. 

An improved perception of identity. Taking private drumming lessons are also instrumental in helping students find themselves by carefully considering their choices and building self-confidence among them.

Graduate from the cowbell

Playing the drums can be hard at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be surprised at what your hands can do. So it’s time to forget the cowbell and move forward to the real thing. 

  • Music theory
  • Basic drumming strokes
  • Proper sticking techniques
  • Reading drumming notations
  • Playing Odd meter patterns and odd time signatures
  • Drum fills


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The average price of Drums  lessons is $38.

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