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I am passionate about Ruby on rails , Ahmedabad , Computer Engineer

I am an Computer Engineer and have specialized my skills in programming world in building websites for big firms and helping them with the best product, i can help you secure and learn new things with very easily and interactive way.

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IIMA & NIT Trichy (CSE) Alumnus gives tuitions in all topics related to computer science & business

My focus is to first solidify the fundamentals and then provide enough practice to master a given topic. To simplify concepts, I often make use of analogies or real-life contextual examples. For practice, I believe planned sessions with varying difficulty work best.

Saint Kilda
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RMIT Diploma of Information Technology Graduate in Melbourne, Australia in Computer Science

Looking for students who are struggling to get motivated in learning how to code and needing some assurance in a visual face-to-face environment, preferably meeting in a public space otherwise online learning may be possible.

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Software Developer giving Undergraduate/Job Preparation level programming classes to crack software companies interviews.

Hey, I did my B.Tech from IIT Guwahati and currently am working as a software developer in Hyderabad. I love data structures and algorithms, C/C++. And have experience in teaching similar courses. I can get your basics so strong that tackling any problem will be a piece of cake.

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Working Professional aiming to teach more student who aim to become Working Professional.

My teaching method will be starting each and every concept from the Scratch and moving towards the advanced concepts with ease. Learning from scratch helps to understand each and every concepts with ease. And if the basics are strong, anyone can ace anything.

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Computer Science Engineer with a passion to learn and spread that knowledge .believes in teaching by example and rather than mugging up concept

Basic and intermediate level with a lot of coding and learning by examples from real life .you will be doing most of the work and i will be just guiding you along the way .helping you learn from you own mistakes and experience by building something which you are going to love.

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Amazing teacher with skills and competitive Programmer by Passion. My perfection includes C/Python languages.

I believe Logic is important whether you choose to learning any language. So building logic will be carried to the next level in my class. You might choose/start from basic in either C or Python. My uniqueness is on my "practice while teaching style", because learning without practice is pointless, its like, learn to swim by just reading.

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Graduate student at the U of Sydney, Electrical & IT Engineering, I research on FPGA architectures and Machine learning

I will complete this part as soon as possible. I will complete this part as soon as possible. I will complete this part as soon as possible. I will complete this part as soon as possible. I will complete this part as soon as possible. I will complete this part as soon as possible. I will complete this part as soon as possible. I will complete this part as soon as possible.

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Computer Science graduate profiling in providing STEM tuitions and embracing students interests.

Taking tuitions since 2009, co-authored various technical books. Teach all subjects upto high school and STEM courses afterwards. Computer related courses as well to btech students. Teach guitar lessons as well. May take up ethical hacking courses and help in writing SOP.

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I think you will not find any better Computer Programming teacher better than a Student pursuing his Computer Science engineering from IIT Delhi .

-> I am final year computer science student at IIT Delhi. I have great knowledge of programming language like C, C++, Java, Python, R, HTML, CSS, Javascript . -> I will start your training with basic to advanced level along with interesting practical seasons. -> I will guide you about other IT cutting edge technologies.

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I've 4 years of experience in ROR and I'm here to give training on the same.

You can be part of different types of classes. Like if you already have basic knowledge of ROR then, I can help you in guiding or explaining particular things, which are a hurdle in achieving your target. OR I can guide/teach you for basic Ruby or Rails as per your requirement.

San Francisco
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HTML, CSS, Ruby, Ruby on rails. Easy Online class for beginner

I am Quentin, I moved to San Francisco in 2016 from France. Formerly a seasoned hospitality manager with a degree in Business Management. I proactively started my professional life in the US by founding my own small international marketing company. Though we were profitable I have always been interested in computers and programming.

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I m a professional system analyst and software developer do contact me

My methodology is to clear the basic concept and to take command of the syllables on fingertips with in time

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M.C.A & 15+ years of experience in software development and involved Design, Development, Management.

Classes can be taken over Skype or any other communication channels as preferred. Based on documented materials and with real time examples will start classes. Classes can be taken for beginners and Intermediate level students those who wants to extend their knowledge.

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Engineer professional will teach language ruby on rails, algorithm, basic concept etc

I will teach fundamental thing for programming language like Ruby on rails. Class can start from very basic to advance according to student requirement. If require we can explain how to make a blog to make a web application.

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I have 6 years of experience as a softwate developer in IT industry, you can learn practical implementation of programming language C, JAVA

You will basically get practical implementation of the problems. I will provide some assignments so you can easily get the understanding of any computer language.

New Delhi
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All technical course like sap,python all other technical and all deatail course

A highly qualified professional in computer programming and software development looking for challenging and respective career as a Sap Trainer to benefit the growth and expansion of the organization. Summary Of Qualifications A highly experienced and hardworking SAP Trainer with over 12 years in training and course development.

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Students in engineering will provide better education with the help of the latest technologies

My teaching method audio-visual effect in each course I have provide notes of each subject relating to course and related topics

Andhra Pradesh
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HTML is the standard markup language for creating Web pages.

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I am a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer with over 10 years. Also appreciate clean, beautiful codes and clear communication

I am a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer with over 10 years. Also appreciate clean, beautiful codes and clear communication When I get the project to work on so first of all I am trying to understand what is the buisiness goal of the project. What is the PAIN of my customer and how can I make his life easier with my skills.

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Get trained in computer Programmer languages and enjoy programming in life

I am a professional programmer so I am having the experience of learning any new language from the scratch to the advanced level. The content would be so basic that it would be easily understandable. you wont be bored by the content. It would be more interactive and activity-oriented.

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Ruby on rails Tutor, Bangalore, B.Tech with an experience of 5 Years

Myself Suresh.I am having 5 years of experience as ROR developer in IT industry. I can explain all the basics of Ruby on Rails with sample project. I will use simple english words while explaining the concepts of Ruby.

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar
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5.5 years, Professional experience, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Mysql, NoSql databases, Chandigarh, mohali

I always make our students connect the technologies with real world so that they relate the things and remember the concept for their whole life. Teaching with Fun will never be boring but there is always an excitement for the class to be started.

West Midlands
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I'm a computer science undergraduate tutoring in Computer Science, Programming Languages or related subjects, from Birmingham, West Midlands, UK.

I give lessons to students from primary school to university level. I teach by application, with step-by-step methods adapted for each student. I try to maintain interactivity, while making sure lessons don't get boring. My main aim is to make sure the student learns, and is interested while doing so.

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Ruby on rails, developer,bangalore,3years experience,c langauage, c # .net have experience.teach you any where

I've been working as a ruby rails developer, I have good experience in developing c and c# projects. I will teach every concept practically, I will teach you undergraduates, graduates, and plus 2 students. I will teach you in Skype And I will come to home.

Dan constantin
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Preparation for the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), learn advanced algorithms and data structures with Dan Spătărel: teacher & ex-competitor with 10+ years exp

Masters in Software Engineering (Oct, 2011 - Jul, 2013) from University of Bucharest - scored 10 Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (Oct, 2007 - Jun, 2010) from University of Bucharest

New York
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China GIVE computer sciense course in UESTC 15 years talent school

I'm a talent guy from UESTC university in China.I'm good at computer scinece, ep in HTML5, css3, javascript, i already have my own company by doing programming developing outsourcing since 2009, i can teach from beginner to pro , u can learn form basic html5 to threejs model and webar.

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