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PhD student in Linguistics and BR-Portuguese native speaker to help you in Toronto

Natalia's teaching methodology varies according to her students' needs and personality. She is able to help students at any level, who will notice a real improvement after each class. Diversity of activities perhaps should be pointed out as one of her main teaching characteristics.

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Portuguese-English, English-Portuguese translations - Brazilian native in Canada. Marketing Professional with great experience in Business.

I would love to help your company produce great content in both English and Portuguese. I have comprehensive knowledge in developing Marketing collateral for several industries. Also, I've created and curated content for social media channels, websites and blogs throughout my career.

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Let's learn and practice Portuguese? Have online classes with a Brazilian teacher.

I don't follow specific materials, and I don't use a single method. I base my classes on each student's needs, approaching each topic as necessary. Based on your level, I'll adapt our classes so you can make the best of them.

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Brazilian student gives Portuguese classes for public within any age range in Toronto

My main goal is to engage, motivate and reach the students while making an apparently hard foreign language seam less complicated. I approach topics with flexibility, always open for sujestions on what the student's goal really is, be it daily use of the language or more advanced skills.

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Brazilian student gives Portuguese classes for anyone who lives in Guelph Canada

My teaching methods are based on grammar, practicing the basic skills to learn a new language, which are: speaking, writing, listening and reading. All the skills are very important and I focus on the main specific points to be fluent in Portuguese.

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Learn Naturally The Beautiful Porguese Language With A Brazilian Native Speaker!

My teaching method is using the principle of Neural Linguistic Programming and, I believe that for one to learn a language well, it must be as natural as possible, just like in the way that we all learned our mother tongue.

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Cours de portugais (pour débutant ou pour perfectionner) donné par un étudiant Brésilien à Montréal

Pour apprendre une langue, je trouve que c'est important qu'on explore la culture, car c'est grâce à cette dernière qu'on s'identifie à la langue. Selon moi, il est plus important de se fortifier les bases avant de complexifier la matière. La qualité avant la quantité.

Paula alexandra
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I am speak Portuguese as my native language, I have experience as teacher... I can teach adults or kids in Winnipeg, Manitoba

I teach if it's adult focus on the needs of the person, and if it's a child focus on the degree that should be or what parents want for their kid ... I can teach writing and oral and comprehension skills...

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Portuguese lessons - I'm a brazilian international student in Canada providing portuguese tutoring - Português para estrangeiros

Easy portuguese tutoring for english speakers Learning vocabulary and basic portuguese grammar Methodology based on a combination of books - Portugues básico para estrangeiros (sylvio Monteiro 9a edição) - Falar, ler, escrever portugues (Emma Eberlein e Samira Iunes 4a edição) All levels accepted

Paris 11e
(35 reviews)
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BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE COURSES - Adapted to your needs, interests and requests - Native teacher

Olá, I am Brazilian and I am a Portuguese teacher from Brazil! Graduated at the Center of Letters and Arts at UNIRIO University in Rio de Janeiro, I have more than 7 years experience teaching Portuguese as a foreign language. I offer you a dynamic course, with stimulating and contextualized activities, centered on conversation.

(18 reviews)
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Brazilian language teacher with years of experience offers Portuguese, English and Italian lessons in Berlin

Since the last 15 years I have worked as a language teacher in the languages ​​Portuguese, English and Italian. After London, Italy, New York and my home Belo Horizonte in Brazil, I am now working in Berlin. In the classroom, I use a method the value is up conversations and repetition. After your first class, you will already be able to speak your first sentences in the new language.

Gralha Azul
(13 reviews)
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98% English / Portuguese teacher. I seek to teach with flexibility and innovate in education!

I am currently working at a HR in a university in Curitiba and I try to link my practical knowledge of my profession with my love for the degree; The art of teaching! I want to propose a simple and agile methodology to help in its better development.

Parque Residencial Laranjeiras
(2 reviews)
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Portuguese Basic and Advanced - Serra / Vitória / Vila Velha - Trained Professor and Exclusive Methodology

All classes aim solely and exclusively at the student, thinking about the ways he can develop more in the subject in which he has difficulties, previous studies already carried out show that students can develop better in different ways, so it is impossible to tax a fixed form of teaching, considering the diversity of each individual, with the time of experience working with several students,...

(7 reviews)
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Course for those who go to Portugal or countries of Portuguese official language and wants to improve their skills or acquire others that they need

More than ten years of experience delivering face-to-face PLE classes at levels A1, A2 and B1, plus conversation classes in Caracas. In addition to private tutoring to strengthen the study of Portuguese and online courses. My students reach the level of proficiency to work in countries and institutions where the Portuguese language is a professional requirement.

(17 reviews)

Individual Portuguese classes for all levels, including Literacy and Language Teaching for Foreigners

I am graduated in International Relations from La Salle Canoas University. I have proficiency in English and Spanish. I worked for 5 years in a multinational of technology, which made me acquire international experience living in Panama for 1 year. In that country, I also had the opportunity to work voluntarily in an NGO teaching the Portuguese language to low-income children.

(6 reviews)
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Brazilian Portuguese tutor with 24 years of experience with all ages and business language as well. I cover london and do lessons online. References of students and schools are available on request.

A 23 year experienced self-motivated qualified teacher of Portuguese and English languages that delivers a high standard of teaching. An enthusiastic, patient and highly organized individual with a strong work ethic and a proven ability to provide personally tailored support for pupils to reach their potential. I cover london and do lessons online.

São Paulo
Lucas henz
(1 review)
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You Can Learn To Speak Portuguese With This Innovative Method In Less Than Six Months

No matter their age or nationality, everyone can learn a new language easily if the right method is followed. I spent 3 years in Australia and I have learned from people of different nationalities that the traditional method of teaching languages ​​is outdated. If you really want to learn a new language, you need to focus on what works.

(6 reviews)
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Brazilian PhD student teaches Brazilian Portuguese course (expression and oral and written comprehension, translation, vocabulary, conversation) - affordable price!

Before deciding on the program, I assess the student's level (for example, during a conversation or editing a copy) and then plan the activities for specific purposes. I like working with news texts and videos rather than using grammar or spelling methods (though sometimes it's necessary). Finally, the whole program is organized according to the objectives envisaged by the student.

Parque Jose Alex Andre
(7 reviews)
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Help to improve the Portuguese language for foreigners with a simple and practical method for both basic and advanced levels.

Hello! My name is Julia and I'm glad you're here, let me help you! I took an English course and I am committed to helping struggling foreigners in the Portuguese language, but they want to learn in an easy, practical way to take on the day to day.

Rio de Janeiro
(5 reviews)
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Online or face-to-face super dynamic and objective conversation classes tailor made for you

I am an administrator with a postgraduate degree in English and Portuguese translation. I act as a volunteer translator for Global Voices. I had the opportunity to work in 3 multinationals and in one of the biggest events in the world: The Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Lawyer teaches Portuguese and English for all levels of education. Check it out.

I have always been passionate about the Portuguese language and grammar since school, especially now that I prepare for the government exams! Because of my current relationship, I improved my English about writing, listening and speaking. In this way, I know exactly what the challenges are for us Brazilians to improve our skills.

(4 reviews)
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Graduating in Architecture proposes lessons of PORTUGUESE in Bari and in the province

My approach to the subject is free. Start by evaluating the level of the pupil and then establish a gradual growth plan. My methodology is based on the acquisition of phonetics: when someone manages to repeat the sound produced in the other language, he is able to understand what he is told, to read a text aloud, and to write the words of I need. Work gradually on fluency and oral comprehension.

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Journalism student teaches Portuguese for foreigners in Salvador in Bahia! Please, Welcome

The classes are aimed at foreigners who want to become familiar with the language. The conversation will be in English and we will have practical classes of conversation and writing in Portuguese, besides providing programmatic content and didactic material.

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Brazilian language teacher offering Portuguese lessons and conversation classes in Greater Manchester

I base my classes on the needs of the individual, in order to help and encourage each student to develop his/her own potential. Depending on each goal, there are more vocabulary centered lessons, conversation classes or grammar studies. I'm able to teach beginners, intermediates, and advanced Portuguese Speakers, also working on formal and academic language.

São Paulo
Better call nanda
(2 reviews)
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In Language Trouble? Better Call Nanda! Skype lessons. Lawyer and certified language teacher. Learn Portuguese with movies, songs, geek culture and stand-up comedy!

Are you afraid of talking to native speakers? Do you think we talk too fast? Are you planning a trip abroad and intent to survive? In language trouble? Better Call Nanda! Hi guys! I am a lawyer and certified language teacher from São Paulo.

São Bernardo do Campo
(33 reviews)
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English and Spanish for foreigners who want to learn fast and efficiently.

Conversation is the basis for learning the language faster, however we also study grammar, listening and writing during the classes. The student is able to set the teacher the way the methodology is guided during the classes. The lesson is totally focused on the students' goals.

(6 reviews)
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Portuguese native gives Portuguese language lessons online or personally in Coventry city.

Every lesson I teach is completely bespoke - modeled precisely to the needs of the individual student. I specialise in helping students with whatever their ability is - they will find me comprehensive, challenging and full of helpful advice. My aim is to enable students achieve their goals and to give them genuine confidence in their own abilities.

(2 reviews)
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Brazilian gives lessons in Portuguese, expressions, slang, Portuguese for beginners, spoken and written

I do not have defined methodology, I simply adapt the study method according to the student's focus and profile, all done in an efficient and relaxed way, because there are different people and goals, some people learn easier in a way, etc.

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Native language . I work with Japanese, English and Portuguese languages! Come and join !

The lessons are tailored to the needs of the students, so there is no fixed method of teaching.

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Portuguese native, UNI Studies in Psychology in Lisbon. Lessons available in any area. Holidays, School, Relationships or just move to Portugal. I live in Andover/Hampshire, I can travel around my geo

My methodology is based on your doubts, quests, curiosity, and "needs to know". I will fulfill that. No boring books, but a lot of guidance and roads to go for you to learn how to find what you looking for without long hours under a candle but a very bright bulb over your head.

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