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Learn Naturally The Beautiful Porguese Language With A Brazilian Native Speaker!

My teaching method is using the principle of Neural Linguistic Programming and, I believe that for one to learn a language well, it must be as natural as possible, just like in the way that we all learned our mother tongue.

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Let's learn and practice Portuguese? Have online classes with a Brazilian teacher.

I don't follow specific materials, and I don't use a single method. I base my classes on each student's needs, approaching each topic as necessary. Based on your level, I'll adapt our classes so you can make the best of them.

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Brazilian student gives Portuguese classes for anyone who lives in Guelph Canada

My teaching methods are based on grammar, practicing the basic skills to learn a new language, which are: speaking, writing, listening and reading. All the skills are very important and I focus on the main specific points to be fluent in Portuguese.

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Cours de portugais (pour débutant ou pour perfectionner) donné par un étudiant Brésilien à Montréal

Pour apprendre une langue, je trouve que c'est important qu'on explore la culture, car c'est grâce à cette dernière qu'on s'identifie à la langue. Selon moi, il est plus important de se fortifier les bases avant de complexifier la matière. La qualité avant la quantité.

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Portuguese lessons - I'm a brazilian international student in Canada providing portuguese tutoring - Português para estrangeiros

Easy portuguese tutoring for english speakers Learning vocabulary and basic portuguese grammar Methodology based on a combination of books - Portugues básico para estrangeiros (sylvio Monteiro 9a edição) - Falar, ler, escrever portugues (Emma Eberlein e Samira Iunes 4a edição) All levels accepted

Paula alexandra
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I am speak Portuguese as my native language, I have experience as teacher... I can teach adults or kids in Winnipeg, Manitoba

I teach if it's adult focus on the needs of the person, and if it's a child focus on the degree that should be or what parents want for their kid ... I can teach writing and oral and comprehension skills...

Paris 11e
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BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE COURSES - Adapted to your needs, interests and requests - Native teacher

Olá, I am Brazilian and I am a Portuguese teacher from Brazil! Graduated at the Center of Letters and Arts at UNIRIO University in Rio de Janeiro, I have more than 7 years experience teaching Portuguese as a foreign language. I offer you a dynamic course, with stimulating and contextualized activities, centered on conversation.

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Brazilian language teacher with years of experience offers Portuguese, English and Italian lessons in Berlin

Since the last 15 years I have worked as a language teacher in the languages ​​Portuguese, English and Italian. After London, Italy, New York and my home Belo Horizonte in Brazil, I am now working in Berlin. In the classroom, I use a method the value is up conversations and repetition. After your first class, you will already be able to speak your first sentences in the new language.

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Portuguese classes for Foreigners and Preparation CELPE-BRAS. Face to face or Online classes!

Hi! I am Roberto! I work with English, Spanish and Portuguese languages. I have been living and teaching in Florianópolis city - Brazil since 1996. Remove the time ha? I work with children, teens, young adults, university students and the elderly. My students range from 7 to 78 years old.

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Brazilian Portuguese tutor with 24 years of experience with all ages and business language as well. I cover london and do lessons online. References of students and schools are available on request.

A 23 year experienced self-motivated qualified teacher of Portuguese and English languages that delivers a high standard of teaching. An enthusiastic, patient and highly organized individual with a strong work ethic and a proven ability to provide personally tailored support for pupils to reach their potential. I cover london and do lessons online.

São Paulo
Lucas henz
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You Can Learn To Speak Portuguese With This Innovative Method In Less Than Six Months

No matter their age or nationality, everyone can learn a new language easily if the right method is followed. I spent 3 years in Australia and I have learned from people of different nationalities that the traditional method of teaching languages ​​is outdated. If you really want to learn a new language, you need to focus on what works.

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Brazilian Portuguese teacher, native language, with 10 years of experience, private or group classes.

I use different teaching methods that vary according to the needs of each student. That's why I do not adopt a specific book. The use of classroom material and home study will be defined during the lessons. This procedure allows me to leave the class more dynamic and closer to the student's reality.

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Brazilian born and raised. If you do not understand Portuguese, I can help you in English. :)

Hello! I have lived in Brazil my entire life and I have a neutral native brazilian accent. I love to travel, i´m currently learning english and I enjoy meeting people and learning about new cultures. I´m also patient, kind and feel happy helping people. I know that you have a goal in mind and a reason to learn portuguese. It definitely will improve your life or help you meet your goals.

Rio de Janeiro
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Online or face-to-face super dynamic and objective conversation classes tailor made for you

I am an administrator with a postgraduate degree in English and Portuguese translation. I act as a volunteer translator for Global Voices. I had the opportunity to work in 3 multinationals and in one of the biggest events in the world: The Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Vila Nova de Gaia
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Portuguese teacher teaches Portuguese for foreigners in the city of Porto, Portugal

My methodology has to do with the level of the student, but I focus mainly on the four skills that the knowledge of a language requires: reading / writing / speaking / understanding. There will usually be written text and exercises (with an emphasis on grammar and vocabulary) but also oral exercises to exercise understanding and language production.

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Portuguese student, I teach Portuguese in Lisbon, I can help people with any type of level.

I'll do an initial analysis to see what the student's level is, and I'll adapt the rest of the explanations accordingly. I am open to understanding what kind of work the student prefers, but I will always try to challenge him a little. If possible, I would rather meet at Amoreiras.

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I am Professional Engineer with a Masters of EngSc at UNSW who is fascinated with the power of communication. I am looking forward to sharing my native knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese with those who

My teaching approach is student-focused method. I aim to promote in-depth understanding along with skill acquisition. Throughout my career, I have had the chance to get in contact with many languages and cultural backgrounds. Thus I realise that having a real contact and exposure helps students assimilate the languages. Therefore, the technique I use includes face-to-face and group activities.

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Individual Portuguese classes for all levels, including Literacy and Language Teaching for Foreigners

I am graduated in International Relations from La Salle Canoas University. I have proficiency in English and Spanish. I worked for 5 years in a multinational of technology, which made me acquire international experience living in Panama for 1 year. In that country, I also had the opportunity to work voluntarily in an NGO teaching the Portuguese language to low-income children.

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Journalism student teaches Portuguese for foreigners in Salvador in Bahia! Please, Welcome

The classes are aimed at foreigners who want to become familiar with the language. The conversation will be in English and we will have practical classes of conversation and writing in Portuguese, besides providing programmatic content and didactic material.

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Teacher and Translator Specialist in Portuguese and English with extensive professional experience

The classes are customized to meet the specific needs of each student, and can be in groups, individual or online. We seek to use the best materials available on the market and add customized materials to enhance the student experience. In addition, the simulation of everyday situations is very important for learning in a natural and relaxed way, stimulating assimilation.

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Brazilian gives lessons in Portuguese, expressions, slang, Portuguese for beginners, spoken and written

I do not have defined methodology, I simply adapt the study method according to the student's focus and profile, all done in an efficient and relaxed way, because there are different people and goals, some people learn easier in a way, etc.

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I'm Brazilian and interested in teaching Portuguese in Hervey Bay or Maryborough.

I base my classes on conversation and reading expressions and texts, promoting contact with Brazilian culture through dynamic activities such as gastronomy, music, movies and research on habits and cultural events, clarifying doubts and offering pertinent suggestions for the learning of the Portuguese language.

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Offering English lessons to Portuguese speakers, or vice versa, tutor fluent in both !

I like to adapt, to what level the students are at, and what level they expect to reach, regardless of it being a group or individual session I will adapt to the student’s level.

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Portuguese teacher and Researcher on Second Language Acquisition with 10 years of experience

The courses are adapted according to the needs of the students.

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I have been an English teacher for over 2 years, and I am studying English for 8 years. I graduated in Letters - English from La Salle University. My mother tongue is Portuguese, and I also give class

Method is focused on conversation, with lesson plan according to the student's level, and materials or exercises for him to practice at home. The material I use in class is from Cambridge, so it is possible that the student can take the exams he wishes. I also use other sources for the aid in explanations like videos, parts of films and extra materials that I myself elaborate.

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Aprenda inglês com uma mochileira, engenheira, que já foi pra 20 países e adora contar histórias!

My methodology is based on three pillars: first, you speak basics. Then, when you get confident with the language we add reading and writing.

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CLASS OF PORTUGUESE or FRENCH in CHAMBERYor Annemasse for all levels A1-B2

My teaching method is simple, you learn what really interests you, so I base my courses on your interests. Always dynamic.

Malvern East
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Tech/SAP Trainer available for Brazilian Portuguese language and culture exchange in Melbourne

I used technology to help us to interact better. Feedback is very important, communication is core, simplification is key. I like to use life experiences, practical examples and comparisons. Knowledge has different types and maturity levels, if we want to master any topic, we need to clearly understand our steps to achieve comprehension.

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Student of Letters teaches Portuguese in Divinópolis at my home or I will to your home.

My method consists of a detailed explanation of the subjects in which students seek to learn and, in order to consolidate content, I value the application of exercises. Through this methodology, my goal is to provide quality learning to students.

Mogi das Cruzes
Ana terra
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Do you really want to learn Portuguese? I'm definitely your best option!

My method is based on your routine and I use to teach things that you really like. I really believe that you learn when you like what you are learning.

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