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Luso Canadian language teacher with years of experience teaching abroad and at home

My courses for Portuguese are very light as most of the students are beginners to the language. The course begins with the most basic of vocabulary and phrases to get the student off on the right foot. My classes may be tailored for students who needs to learn for traveling to a Portuguese speaking country such as Brazil or Portugal.

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Native speaker with Msc in Communication gives Portuguese classes in Downtown Toronto or Online

My methodology is custom-tailored based on the students' needs and context. I always have a first chat with students to assess those and then propose the methods that will fit best. I may use different techniques that allow the student to explore the subject during the class and also on their own and suggest extra work that may help them progress faster.

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Portuguese native speaker teaching or translating english or canadian french. You chose!

I don't have a specific methodology. Each student or each class will be taught according to their needs, capacity and interests.

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Linguistics student gives German, Spanish and Portuguese lessons in Montreal for all ages!

My teaching methods are based on my students. I am very flexible and can adapt to all types of learners. I have worked with children as well as adults, which makes me a very polyvalent teacher. I am passionate of languages and have a very analytical view of them, and like to elucidate all mysteries and questions my students have.

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Translator of ING-ESP-PT and student of Portuguese for foreigners teaches Portuguese in Lisbon!

Being native of the Portuguese language I feel able to teach my language to speakers of Portuguese non-maternal language of any level. I would love to put into practice all the teaching methods I have learned in my course and to create my own techniques according to the student and their type of learning.

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Bom dia Paris! Young Portuguese photographer specializing in performing arts gives classes in Portuguese, English and photography.

I was born in Lisbon, where I lived 24 years and studied law. After I went to New York where I studied photography for a year and my last seven years were spent in London working with L communication and social media. I am in Paris since September 2016 to the communication (in English) in an art gallery.

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Portuguese girl teaches her native language for all levels (private or group) in Townsville

My teaching method is adaptive to my students' learning abilities! I tend to establish a trustworthy environment where the most effective learning tools for each individual student are explored and applied. I approach topics according to students' goals and priorities.

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Qualified translator and experienced teacher of Portuguese gives online instruction in Portuguese

In general, I like to work with a textbook, so that the students / participants have a common thread and can follow up the lessons and in case of doubt can look up. But I also go into the individual wishes of the students. Oral expression, reading and pronunciation training, vocabulary as well as the culture of Portugal and Brazil are focused in the classroom.

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Modern Foreign languages PGCE student teacher offering Portuguese lessons near Selby. Beginner to GCSE level.

My classes are based on the needs of the student. I ascertain what their goal is eg. improve speaking skills, or understanding the different between perfect and imperfect tenses, and plan sessions based on that. I use revision guides, online resources and my own lesson plans based on national curriculum schemes of work.

Ana beatriz
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Olá! I'm a Portuguese native speaker with an IELTS exam for English proficiency, I also have an intermediate knowledge of Spanish and basic French. I’m very excited to help you learn Portuguese at you

First, I would like to know the purpose of learning Portuguese, to properly assess the knowledge level and teaching method to reach that goal. Than, building on that, the lessons and the teaching will be suited to each person’s goal.

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Portuguese,French, Spanish, Russian, and English tutor, preparation for GCSE,A-Level, and international exams

I am an enthusiastic tutor who can make learning fun and relevant. I aim to make ideas clear to the student, in order that they can use them fluidly and flexibly, and to encourage genuine understanding. I enjoy teaching and believe learning starts with the learner, adapting ideas and course content to meet their interests and needs.

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Portuguese native, UNI Studies in Psychology in Lisbon. Lessons available in any area. Holidays, School, Relationships or just move to Portugal. I live in Andover/Hampshire, I can travel around my geo

My methodology is based on your doubts, quests, curiosity, and "needs to know". I will fulfill that. No boring books, but a lot of guidance and roads to go for you to learn how to find what you looking for without long hours under a candle but a very bright bulb over your head.

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Portuguese writer in England gives portuguese lessons: beginners, adults, kids - professional content if required

Learning a language without effort. Creative methods of teaching with simple, effective steps. Learn without any issues and become fluent and natural. Become a Portuguese Pro in any area - now! All the students will leave knowing how to speak portuguese, how to write portuguese. Looking back, they won’t feel the boredom of learning.

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Practice and boost your Portuguese with a Brazilian native speaker who also speaks English, Dutch and French.

I believe the best way to learn a language is to experience culture. So along side vocabulary and grammar, I like to bring in curiosities, facts and expressions that are typically Brazilian. I think learning languages is more of a subject than a strict teacher. Moreover, I like to mold the methodology to the student's objectives and preferences.

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Portuguese NATIVE SPEAKER based in Bath/Bristol. All abilities and ages. Get it touch!

Do you want to learn the language for pleasure? To travel? For business? Or for an exam? Here is how I can help. I plan the sessions based on your goals and learning needs, always trying to make it fun and diverse (informal discussions, readings, video narration, studies of music you like or a sports article, etc).

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Portuguese (Portugal) lessons taught by a native speaker and tutor in Bournemouth area

For me, the best way to learn is "playing", I mean, in a relaxed way, playing some games, doing some exercises, activities, projects, listening and translating music, without any pressure. I will have some materials ready for each lesson - different things and nothing heavy. Lessons need to be enjoyable if students are to learn quickly.

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University Student fluent in Portuguese (Portugal) offering Portuguese language teaching for anyone

My teaching method is based on discussion, and how I can help my students become more confident in speaking English/Portuguese. Usually I try to use as little books as possible, because I believe too many books confuse students who are trying to learn languages. I usually plan my lessons before hand, and organise them related to day to day teaching.

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Portuguese Native teacher in Adelaide. Learn to speak one of the most spoken languages in the world!

I tend to choose one of the most updated language teaching guides to construct my syllabus and so that the student has an exercise approved book. I add on real life, day to day inspired exercises to make the learning relevant for the student specifically.

Herne Bay
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Portuguese teacher with 19 years of experience gives MFL and ESOL lessons to primary, secondary and adults in Herne Bay and Canterbury areas.

I give foreign languages lessons to primary, secondary or adults that wish to learn and/or improve their skills in a foreign language. I can help you with any aspect of the language you need such as pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, syntax or cultural and literary aspects. My priority is to make sure you are confident with the subject.

Paris 19e
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language assistant native of Lisbon provides language courses to all levels and prepares you to BAC, language certificates and academic exams in Paris

Olá! I am a Language Assistant of Portuguese, native of Lisbon, and I give Portuguese classes in three Parisian schools from middle schools to high schools. I am also fluent in Spanish, English and French and I offer language courses for all levels, individual or in group.

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Native Portuguese fashion design student graduate offering Portuguese lessons in Southampton, UK

I can give lessons to people that have just started to learn Portuguese or that already have some knowledge of the language. Videos, apps and easy graphics are my preferable method of teaching. I'm a perfectionist and like to end everything I start, so I'll not rest until your goals have been achieved.

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1s year Psychology undergraduate student, offering psychology, sociology and portuguese a-level/GCSE classes

Presentations and summarising tasks along with essays and for portuguese, verbal/speaking lessons.

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Graduated in Literature with experience of teaching in the English language in language school, public and private school for a period of 3 years.

I give classes for students from intermediate to advanced level and I have Toefl ITP level B1 and B2. My classes are structured in a free way, because they have to be planned according to the needs of each student.

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Teaching Portuguese for foreigners, English and French (via Skype or in person)

The courses / classes are structured according to the needs of the student, the classes are based on topics and the approach is practical. The main purpose is to adapt the grammar / contents to the objectives of the student so that she/he can adjust the knowledge acquired to the personal and / or professional life.

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Making languages work for you. Native Portuguese teacher with an 18-year wide range experience. I understand the struggle and the joys of learning and I am here to walk the walk with you.

My focus is on making it work for you, leveraging on your existing skills, interests and motivations. Adapting the most recent research and tools to your learning preferences, so you don’t waste your time, money or energy. Fun, challenging, purposeful activities will get you engaged and happy about your progress.

Greater London
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Native portuguese speaker eager to share my knowledge! Living in East London, I'm willing to travel from zone 1 to 3! Passionate about languages l know the basics of Spanish and French. Currently lear

I am a very patient person so don't worry, you can get there! I base my classes on Live Chats; PowerPoint presentations; games; learning support via e-mail; online class discussions; simulations; if required, classes in person by the end of each level; others. I adapt the methods to the individual needs of each student.

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English and French billingual Brazil offers courses in English and Portuguese in Rueil Malmaison and surroundings

Born in Porto Alegre (state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil) and billingual English, I offer Portuguese and English courses to students of all levels: elementary school, high school, university and all those who wish to discover or improve any of these two languages. I offer courses tailored to the needs of the student according to his/her level.

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Portuguese female offering portuguese / english, english/portuguese lessons in swindon, wiltshire online or face to face :)

My teaching method is reading, learning with puzzles and other games, spelling, writing, describing situations , all depending what is the best for you to learn. All my techniques and methods of instruction depends of your stage of learning. I can teach you online or face to face at your own house, in your own comfort.

1st lesson is free!
1st lesson is free!

European Portuguese tutor with 25+ years of foreign language teaching experience, both in person and online.

I am a very patient, motivated, and enthusiastic teacher and I always adjust my teaching methods to the student's age, needs, and purpose. I never give up on a student and I am sure I can help him/her attain his/her full potential. I believe anyone can learn a new language but consistent repetition and refreshing before, during, and after class is needed.

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Perfect! The lessons/meetings thus far have been very helpful. Andreia has made herself available to accommodate my busy work schedule which is very helpful. She has answered all my questions and clarified all my doubts with confidence and with clear and...

James, Student
1 month ago

Perfect! A Cristiana é uma professora muito dinâmica, que te faz falar desde a primeira áula e com muitos recursos excelentes para a aprendizagem da língua portuguesa. É um gusto ter áula com ela! Muito recomendada!

José luis, Student
2 months ago
(19 reviews)

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