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Engineering student gives programming classes like C,C++,Java etc to their juniors .

My teaching method is very simple and practical based. First I teach to students theoretical concept after that show them some example on practical based on that particular concept. Next I give some task to them and all task complete perform by them.

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A PhD student (Information Technology) interested in teaching young minds and changing their world

let's discuss it and see what works best for you! a typical class is 40 min teaching follows by 45 hands-on practice to me. and you will be encouraged to ask questions.

Sruchan reddy
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An experienced engineering professional teaches math and physics classes for high school students in Toronto and GTA

My teaching methods are approaches that can truly enhance the learning process, I teach people about real world applications through innovative learning and attention-management techniques Hence , is a win-win for both students and teachers.

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Computer programming languages class by 6 years experienced software developer and Concordia university Master student

Without a strong base the buillding could collapse. I focus mainly to make the basics strong and would teach at the same time the importance of its application with real time scenarios. I would be stating all the samples related to my expertise which could help the student become competitive and ready to face similar situation when they are floored.

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Computer Engineer with 14 years of experience in educational organizations in Toronto

My teaching strategy is to easily explain concepts by dividing them into small, easy to understand points. Most importantly, I relate those concepts to real life and let you have hands on experience to strongly keep those concepts persist in your mind.

Paris 16e
(7 reviews)

Data Scientist Consultant gives Python, SQL and Machine Learning courses to students in Paris

I approach learning programming in a very fun way by working on several series of mini exercises. Each series of exercises is focused on a very specific theme, this allows the student to move quickly while consolidating its achievements. I also use quizzes with support bits of code to offer a different type of test but especially another way to learn.

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Private classes and in-company training of Data visualization with Power BI, Tableau, Qlik Sense

Hello everyone, The study methodology for Data Sciences can be both face-to-face or online. For small groups of students, or for business schools or in-company training, in an individual and personalized way. The data science course is quite complete, so you can contact me to send you the program and you decide which module to study or deepen.

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Experienced software developer offering to teach full stack web development using PHP

I am passionate about teaching and assisting a motivated student in achieving their academic goals. I obtained a Bachelors degree in Quantity Surveying and construction management from Sheffield Hallam University. During my studies, I conducted personal training for colleagues and juniors alike I love passing my experience and knowledge in mathematics, programming, networking etc.

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Back-end development crash course: PHP JSP/Servlet Python-Django at Carnegie library or Melbourne CBD

I believe experience is the best teacher, and there is no better way of learning than figuring out the solution to a problem. The steps I follow while teaching are: 1. Introduce a problem related to the topic. 2. Understand the problem. 3. Explain about the tools required for the solution. 4. Make the student find the solution. 5. Evaluate and explain the intricacies of the topic in question.

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Courses in computer science (algorithms and languages, Data Science, Data engineering) by engineer Mines Telecom (Data scientist) in Ile de France

I am engineer Mines Telecom (Data Scientist) following the preparatory classes at the grandes écoles Maths SUP / maths SPE. I offer tutoring in algorithms, programming languages ​​(Java, C, C-shel, Python, Scala) in Artificial Intelligence and many other IT topics.

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C# .Net, SQL, Web application Development, HTML , CSS, AJAX Training- one to one- BANGALORE

I could meet the student in person or contact online through screen sharing . I could share materials and guide the students to crack interviews so that the student is well prepared for a corporate expectations of skill sets and attitude.

Woodville South
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Enterprise Software Architect with more than 18 years of experience in designing, developing, testing and maintaining software solutions world wide.

Online - Using presentations, coding sessions and practice tests. Will train you until you are confident to proceed with and I am available at flexible timings. We can start by simple thinking process to detail best practices and slowly move to algorithms and then convert them to real code. Then master it as a pro and I am sure that you would love it.

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IT professional with 7+ year of experience gives computer classes from high school to college students in Hyderabad

1. I know what are the real difficulties computer science student used to face. I am focusing mainly on basic fundamental. 2. I usually first check student level than decide teaching methodology. It will very student to student. 3. I can still related my self as student so I can really help.

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IT Professional passionate about sharing knowledge and trying to make coding easier for everyone

I make sure that the students get the conceptual knowledge before heading to the complex parts. For that I provide examples during the session. I try to keep the class interactive and try to give real life examples wherever possible.

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A Software engineer from Walmart Labs gives lessons on computer programming and software engineering, scope and in-depth analysis

I approach the topic by starting with the motivation how the topic evolved, why and who felt the need to research on the topic. My methodology is purely practical and I would prefer to explain practical code instead of just explaining the concept. I advice more personal efforts apart from guidance on my behalf.

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Software Engineer in Bangalore Can help in Java MS-Office Basic-Computers School-Maths IIB/WMB/ESQL

I will observe the receiver's mindset and goes on. As a recent student I know how a student will expect from a teacher and so I can teach in that way. And I explain with real time examples so one can understand easily.

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Industry professional offering web development and UX design lessons up to university level in London

I use student centred professional approach if it is group or single student. Always emphasising a fun and curious learning approach to make them lifelong learners, which is especially needed in IT industry and will compliment my teaching with guidance with my personal industry experience.

New Delhi
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Java , selenium and SQL Trainer with 10 years of strong experience in India

I believe to teach all basic and advance topic in depth practically. And any person from any background( non technical as well) can learn technology . If any person join with me, then i will teach him till he/she will not have expertise.

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A master in programming gives tution in almost all Programming Languages and Web Development.

My teaching method is to start with the very basic of the topic... first I make the basic of the subject very clear so that student can go further and face very difficult thing easily. I will make sure that every student in my class will become a very good web developer and programmer.

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I can teach to students by easy methods and simply understand method.by telling simple example I can reach,due to this students can easily understand

I am a very calm and composed person. Kids love me always. It's more of a habit to be nice with kids. To make them comfortable and provide a good learning experience. Since childhood I've handled so many kids that it has become part of my life now. Enjoy teaching and being with kids.

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Software Developer in MNC tutoring computer science theories,algorithms and related basics .

I take topics from basic and reach to the maximum that is required by the student or its course. I have taken class in high schools and for degree students. My process include doubt sessions and one to one interaction with students.

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Working professional in a software company and gives tution during spare time

My teaching would start from basics for beginners or based on the experience of the students it can be picked up. Basics, code syntax and then usages Sample code I take up classes for any level for whom these languages are required in their curriculum.

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Java & J2EE professional trainer with real time projects experience with big companies

Job oriented training for those who want a good job in a good company. My teaching will make you crake technical interviews in any company. Real-time project experience will provide you enough confidence while you face interview and even while performing your job duties.

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B.tech in IT with five plus years of experience as PHP Web Developer

Hello All, I am working as a Senior PHP Developer in one of the reputed IT company. I have five plus years of experience in web development. I love to give classes for all levels of candidate . I can also provide classes for Codeignitor, Wordpress.

T mohan
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An IT professional, a trainer, a motivator and an innovator. I would like to take classes of C,C++,C#, SQL database and Mathematics(10+2) online.

My teaching methodology is to make the students understand the basics first. If the basics of a student is strong then they can learn any advance topics easily. I encourage my students to learn the basics and focus on the approach to solve a problem rather to come up with a accurate answer of the problem.

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Pay after you got knowledge, only hardwork required, and patience also, 100% you will get benfitted

My teaching methods are related with realtime examples like i will deal with computer with realtime objects and its kind of interesting demo's, which help to remember very long time, no pressure while reading, i can proudly saying that every one will get 25% more knowledge what they before

(2 reviews)
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An engineer gives C, C++ tutions in Delhi. If you feel computer language is not your cup of tea give it a try once again with me.

My main focus is on helping my students to to understand logics and algorithms rather than mugging up theory. The tuition is available for class 11 and 12 as well as engineering students who want to clear their concepts about C, C++.

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Best Web Developer Private tutor for Computer Science subjects in Kengeri !

My method of teaching is dynamic. I first gauge the student(s) ability to understand a topic and then provide live or modern examples that children are influenced with in today's world to help understand the subject. I then Provided notes for memorization and to get clearer understanding of the topic.

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Aerospace Engineer Offering Tutoring Service for Mathematics, Engineering Studies, Physics. Our teaching methods are adaptive to the student's learning style.

Setting clear objectives for every lesson. All theories are accompanied with detailed examples from basic to advanced. As we truly believe the best way to learn is through examples.

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Third year University student with experience in industry offering personalised lessons/revision in computer science and c#

In my lessons, I go over how the concept works and when it should be used, then go over some examples to help the student better understand the concept. If the student does not understand anything at any point in the lesson I am fine with going over what they did not understand again.

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