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I'm a History and Politics graduate based in Manchester. I'm an aspiring teacher who wants to prepare the next generation for success!

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I would prefer to teach A-level and secondary students, mostly because I aim to teach one of these age groups in the future. However I would be open to tutoring degree students whose modules match my areas of expertise.

My interests mostly lie in modern British History, although I do have substantial up-to-date knowledge of politics and society in Nazi Germany, Russian political History from the mid Eighteenth-century to the death of Joseph Stalin, the political, social and cultural history of Iran under the Qajar dynasty, and the history of the Black civil rights movement in the USA.

At University I focused primarily on British Political and Social history from 1850-present. I took a variety of modules ranging from 'Britain in the Long Twentieth-century' to "evolution". The former took the shape of a sweep through modern British History that placed emphasis on social and political shifts during the period. The latter, meanwhile, was a focused special subject that sought to develop an understanding of how different ideas about evolution have taken shape after Darwin's publication of the Origins. In-particular, we looked at whether scientific ideas during the time were truly independent or whether they were moulded by the social and political conditions of the time, or perhaps were attempts to confirm the pre-existing beliefs of their creators.

If this hasn't bored you senseless then you're in the right place.

My teaching style really isn't very hands-on. I don't think History students should merely absorb and repeat information. I focus heavily on encouraging critical thinking based on the information and historiographical perspectives available to us currently. As-such, my lessons will take the shape of a University seminar. In these "seminars" you will come prepared with questions, comments or issues relating to your particular area of tuition and we will attempt to work through these issues to begin with. This I expect will take around 10-15 minutes, allowing us plenty of time to focus on the core issues of each topic area for the bulk of the lesson. Following the style of a seminar, I will arrange a series of questions for you to discuss with me. The aim of this is that by challenging you to think for yourself you will start to think more critically not just about the content being given to you as part of your course, but about your own ideas. This will not only strengthen your ability to think critically, but should be particularly useful when it comes to writing essays and exam questions. The ability to think critically is the most important tool available to any historian. It not only sharpens your analytical mind, but affects the way you read and interpret data. My lessons will help make you an effective analytical thinker.


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About Nicholas

I graduated with a high 2:1 (68) in a History and Politics degree from the University of York this July. This October I'm relocating to China to teach English for twelve months. During this time I hope to develop my teaching acumen so that when I return to the UK to undertake teacher training, I will be the best teacher I can be going into the profession. Currently my experience of teaching is very limited and therefore I can boast no success of promoting high academic attainment in my students. However, I do have experience of mentoring my peers at my University Boxing club and as such I do understand some of the fundamental aspects of tutoring. Whilst there are more experienced tutors available, I bring calmness to my teaching and I place a strong emphasis on student-led learning, allowing you to take charge of your education with my supervision.



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Rates unlikely to vary, but since I am new to tutoring I will look at this on a case-by-case basis. However, I am not here to make as much money as possible. I am here to gain teaching experience primarily.

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