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History is an essential part of learning in Canada, and is exciting as it is complex and controversial. Perhaps this is one of the reasons students tend to have a love/hate relationship with the subject: it entails an intense study of different theories, ideologies, and events. 

Combine the challenge of learning history with the long, explanatory essays students must often submit, and you have an a academic discipline only a true lover of history will carry throughout their university years. For these reasons, parents and students are constantly looking for ways to learn history easily and may even seek a tutor to ensure their grades are competitive.

If you’re looking to improve your history skills and knowledge faster for a mandatory high school credit or perhaps even a Canadian citizenship test, a tutor is an option worth seriously considering. Experienced history tutors put historical content into perspective for students and and teach the writing and communication skills needed to submit a great assignment or develop an answer. 

Let’s explore some of the key reasons why it may be worth it to invest in a history tutor. 

Canadian History is Important and Complex

Though Canadian history often gets described as uneventful or even boring, it is actually highly controversial and deeply connected to European, American, and Indigenous histories. You might consider the study of Canadian history a study of World history because of the country’s deep connections with other nations. For this reason, having a tutor to demystify the past can be game changing for students.

For example, let’s start with Canada’s connections to European colonisation. While the Vikings were the first recorded Europeans to have touched North American soil, the French and British made a major impact on the development of the country we know today. Drawn to Canada’s vast and unending supply of resources like fur and land, French and British explorers quickly established settlements in the 1600s that would eventually become part of a global battleground for wars originating in Europe. 

The European colonisation of North America also deeply disrupted the development of Indigenous communities already living in the country that would be known as Canada. French missionaries and explorers brought religion, weapons, alcohol, and disease to Indigenous peoples - creating a devastating impact that can still be seen today.

While the USA would choose their own revolutionary pathway to independence from the British in 1776, Canada instead took a slower pathway to confederation in 1867, and remains a part of the British Commonwealth to this day. Apart from a few border skirmishes in the 19th century, the border between the USA and Canada persists and a friendly relationship between the two countries has endured.

Of course, it would be impossible to understand all of Canadian history in a few short paragraphs, but getting the basics can go a long way in understanding how the country has evolved into its current state. For example, many ongoing tensions between the Canadian government and Indigenous peoples can be traced back to the colonisation of North America. The French language is an official language in Canada, thanks to the large migration of French settlers to Quebec in the 1600s. 

Tips for Studying History

Lucky for today’s student, numerous resources exist that make the study of history more accessible, fun, and engaging than listening to a long lecture or reading pages from a textbook. 

A quick internet search on any historical event will lead you to websites, timelines, videos, and pictures that bring history to life. If you happen to be studying Canadian history, sites like the CBC and the Canadian Encyclopaedia will lead you to text and video resources that address curriculum expectations students must meet in school.

And let’s not forget the slew of documentaries and films you can find on Netflix or with a quick search on Youtube. Though students need to remember that many of these movies are made for entertainment, having a visual dimension of a time period can do wonders for making history come to life. 

Finally, experiencing history through museums and geographical sites can give you a full sensory experience of an event. Head to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto for some incredible exhibits on human history, or explore the old walled areas of Quebec City for a glimpse into life in French Canada. Ottawa, the nation’s capital, is the home to numerous museums and historical sites like the National Gallery of Canada and the spectacular Parliament Hill.

Why Studying History is Important

Understanding Canadian history, and history in general, is important because so many of today’s current events are better understood with an understanding of the past. Being able to critically interpret and explain historical and current events is a skill that will help you if you choose a career pathway in law, politics, media, education or the social sciences.

Becoming a stronger history student also leads to building stronger reading and analytical skills, as the study of history compels students to assess primary documents, texts, images, and testimonies. Learning the perspectives and experiences of people in Canada and around the world is also incredibly rewarding, and helps students to understand their own role and identity in the world.

How a History Tutor Can Help

A history tutor can model analytical and communication skills for you, break down the catalysts and contexts of major wars and battles, and point you toward resources that are suitable for the skill level of the student. They can summarise historical events you are studying in familiar language, which is incredibly important if the student is learning English as a second language. A history tutor can guide students through a major term project, and support your efforts to ensure you are showing your best work. They will have useful organisers and templates for recording information, and will show you how to write effective answers for that upcoming exam.

Superprof is a great resource for connecting students and parents with quality, affordable tutors. Check out Superprof’s roster of excellent history tutors to find out if one-to-one instruction is right for you or your child. 


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